Furry Houseguest {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}


Our first ‘baby’ was Harley, we loved him so. Isabelle learned how to sit up, reach and eventually crawl and walk because of Harley. She always had to be near him.

Yet, we had to give him to a friend in 2006 and thereafter he’s lived with her family {such a long, painful story}. Yet, she’s away on vacation and our first furbaby is staying with us this week. Though we visit often at his new home, it’s so nice to have him here again, even if it’s just for a while.

Older and wiser, he’s still a cutie! Everyone, Meet Harley!





  1. Glad you can have him in your home again (even if it’s just for a short while). I love my little Chilli but I may have to give him up soon (which would break our hearts).

  2. I heart heart heart big puffy heart this – adorable – been too long since I left a comment – funny how there is never EVER a wordless Wednesday that is actually wordless isn’t it? God bless you and each of yours Tammi.

    1. Thanks so much Craig, your comment really made me smile! I can never be truly wordless, I think I was once – and it took everything in me.
      So happy you visited again!!

  3. That’s fun he gets to visit once again!

    My parents had to get rid of their two dogs because of me. 🙁 I was so allergic, I kept getting sick.

    1. Awe – it’s hard to give up a lifelong friend, but it happens so much when you have kids. I’m just glad we get visitation rights! 🙂

  4. how wonderful though that Harley went to an amazing home and is still having a great life!!!

  5. Both of them are so adorable. You must love your dog so much especially that he had help your family in a lot of ways.. You’re lucky to have Harley.. and he is to with you! 🙂

    Happy WW! 🙂

  6. I’m sorry he can’t be with you more but he really is adorable and I’m happy for you spending some time with him

  7. Love it Tammi – Fur babies are a huge part of our lives. Glad to get to have him back for a little while 🙂 Enjoy

  8. He’s adorable, I’m glad you have him back for a visit 🙂
    My kids are now older and I would love to have a dog, is he a type of terrier?

  9. Awww he is a sweet doggie! Glad you can have fun with him!

  10. Hi Tammi, As I sit here blubberring and will have a thousand spelling mistakes with no spell check on I see that sweet little angel and so glad he went to a good home to someone you know who treats him well, 6 yrs ago we adopted a dog that was beaten and used for breeding only, he was a shiht zu, having no kids he was our only baby, we taught him to play, go outside for business and never left him for even one night, sadly he died 3 weeks ago and I am so heartbroken, can’t seem to get over him,had dogs before but he was a good adorable dog! So I know how tough it must have been for you to let him go, but at least you get visitation:) Thanks for sharing your other adorable baby!

    1. Doris – I just seen this comment, so sorry I caught it so late!!
      Hugs to you, so sorry for your loss.

  11. The picture of the two of them is soooo cute!!!! It’s so nice the little guy can visit for a while… It’s also great that you were able to give him to a good family and can visit him often. It’s always so hard to give up a loved pet, but it makes it easier when you can find good friends that will take them.

  12. This is so adorable I have a pic like this of my first born and our dog gazelle. I love pictures like this! Dogs are a great motivation to get babies to do things.

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