Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

Hold onto your Christmas stockings everyone, Furreal Friends released a non-traditional interactive plush toy in their lineup – and it’s BIG NEWS.

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this post as part of my affiliation with the brand, yet as always, all opinions are my own.

When I learned that the ever popular Furreal Friends had a Star Wars interactive toy in their popular and vast lineup, I was excited. I mean, as much as myself and my girls love Furreal Friends pets – STAR WARS!

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

STAR WARS Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie is just awesome. Not only is it a plush friend and a much-loved loyal friend and co-pilot to Han Solo, but he also has 100+ sound-and-motion combinations, including arm-raising roars!

Literally HASBRO brought Chewbacca to life, complete with facial expressions. I think he just might be the star of the Furreal lineup for 2018. Check him out in action:

To raise the impressiveness bar even more, he not only reacts whenever he’s in motion or by sound, yet he also responds to Wookie language!

With posable arms and a soft body for snuggling, send him off to sleep or pretend to fly him through the air. As much as he loves action and adventure, he is also a trusted friend to sit and converse with.

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca is most likely the ultimate in animatronic plush friend, and ideal for the kids {aged 4+} to adult STAR WARS fan for Christmas 2018. Proving he’s the best best friend on any planet, this is one FUN toy that could very well produce more STAR WARS fans than there are right now.

As much as Furreal Chewbacca is a kids toy from HASBRO, I very well may claim Chewie as my own. And keep forever. Shhh, don’t tell the kids.

Also, the amounts of bold lettering and exclamations in this post is quite high, yet I’m pretty stoked about this release, and know it’ll be a HOT toy for 2018. So grab yours now, it might be one of those toys that are so popular they become hard to find!

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca

Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca can be purchased at major retailers all across Canada, such as Walmart, and has an ARV of $149.99.




  1. My cousins sons would love this, they are coming here for Christmas this year so it would be nice to have a gift for them.

  2. Honestly, I’d give it to my husband for Christmas! We’re huge geeks and haven’t missed a Clagary Comic Expo in the past 5 years so he’d LOVE this lol!

  3. If I was lucky enough to win this, it would be for my son. I think he would really like it!

  4. My grandson is a huge Star Wars fan and he would LOVE the Furreal Friends Star Wars Chewbacca!

  5. Our whole family would enjoy this. we are all star wars lovers! but my 5 year old would probably get the most use out of it!

  6. Actually my granddaughter and her dad would totally love to have this guy, the makers did an awesome job at making this Chewy!!

  7. Oh my goodness my kids would be soooo excited to have this!! And truthfully, my husband and I would probably be just as excited…!!

  8. My niece is a big Star Wars and anything sci-fi space genre. She would be so happy to get this for the holidays.

  9. My hubby and kids would have to flip coins to take turns playing with Chewie 🙂

  10. My Nephew would go crazy for Chewie! Thanks for the chance. I would be the Best Auntie Ever

  11. This is freaking amazing! Bella would just love this, and so would her cousins when they come to visit. We may have to hide it from my brother though LOL!

  12. This has got to be the best thing I have seen in a long time. The fact that it’s Chewie just makes it all the more awesome

  13. My youngest son is seven years old and he would absolutely love this! He’s a big Star Wars fan – his room is painted Yoda green and he has Star Wars bedding and decor. He’s also a big softie and he loves to nurture so he’d love Chewie!

  14. My son would absolutely love this because he’s a huge Star Wars fan and loves Chewie!

  15. I have a couple of nephews that are big star wars fans….either one would love this!

  16. There is a little guy in my Sunday school class you I would just love to gift this to.

  17. Oh my gosh this is the cutest!! I love the facial expressions! Id love to win this for my son, but im sure we will all get a kick out of him

  18. My 8 year old niece would flip for this! I’ll be the coolest Aunty if I get it for her! (And she has a lot of aunts!)

  19. My nephew is a Star Wars fan & he would go crazy for this, that Chewbacca has come to life, so to speak! Very cool new toy.

  20. I love this! My nephew would love it, too! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  21. My son has never had a furreal friend. He would absolutely LOVE this. Thanks for the chance!

  22. I have a 2 year old great nephew name Marciano who would so love this!! Would so love to win this for him and put it under the tree for him to open on Christmas day. Thank you for the chance.

  23. Our family are huge Star War fans and we also are Fur Real fans. This is both in one great toy! We all would enjoy the Wookie!

  24. My granddaughters would like this especially the oldest who is a bit of a collector.

  25. My hubby would love this the most, but my daughter is totally his kid and would be all over it too.

  26. I would love this for my son, he is a huge star wars fan and i know he would love this

  27. My five year old son, who is really into Star Wars – he’s only played the Lego xbox game, and never seen the movies (yet) ha ha! He LOVES Chewie!

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