Furreal Friends

When my Twins first saw Furreal Friends in stores, their excitement was most likely heard across the store. Cute, snuggly, animals, interactive – these toys combine all the loves and wishes for any toddler, and they made their interest very known. This Mom noted how they reacted and the affordable price. So, it’s no wonder that the Twins got some FURREAL friends for their birthday this past summer. And, months later, they are still loved and played with daily – so you know it’s a toy that is going to last. There are a couple of varieties when it comes to purchasing HASBRO’S FURREAL Friends, make note that they come in all sorts of animals, unique features, sizes and prices. These choices make it a great gift this year, as they suit any interest, age and affordability.

Furreal Friends Newborns

All the lovable pets in the FURREAL FRIENDS NEWBORNS assortment come with their own nurturing accessory and adoption certificate. This year, the FURREAL FRIENDS NEWBORNS assortment welcomes a Newborn PENGUIN to the family, and my daughter got one for review. This penguin flaps it’s wings and opens it’s mouth for it’s bottle. When the bottle is placed into it’s mouth, you hear drinking sounds. “Baby Pangin” as my Twins call it provide lots of nurturing play and care. It’s so sweet to see them care for this penguin just like a baby. The FURREAL Friends Newborn line includes a BIRD, CHIMP, BEAR CUB, PUPPY and KITTEN. Each newborn pet is sold separately and requires three “AAA” batteries, which are {Ya!} included.

FURREAL Friends Snuggimals

These little guys are so adorable you’ll want to take them home. Smaller than the FURREAL Friends Newborns, the Snuggimals fit into the cupped hand. This makes them a great toy to take anywhere. And I mean that, I often find a puppy in my girls’ coat pockets! This rust and chocolate colored Snuggimals Puppy, wags his tail and nods his head when his back is touched. Though the collection features these puppies as well as kittens and bunnies, there are actually over 20 different Snuggimals pets. Again, each Snuggimal is sold seperately and also includes the required “AA” batteries.

FURREAL Friends are found at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com. The Newborn Friends are approximately $20 CAD and the Snuggimals come at an approximate retail price of $10 CAD. This is great, since they can make a great gift an an affordable stocking stuffer. For loads of fun, role play, and lasting use – these will be one hot and wanted toy this Christmas!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.



  1. Just the other day my daughter said she’d love to have the SNUGGIMALS Cocker Spaniel

  2. FURREAL FRIENDS SNUGGIMALS Puppy (Rust and Chocolate) i think its cute

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  4. well we have many of these lovable toys…but i think the baby penguin in my fav!

  5. The Furreal Friend that is the cutest to me is Senorita Scamps!!!

  6. I think the SNUGGIMALS Puppy (Rust and Chocolate) is the cutest!
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  7. We love the FURREAL FRIENDS SNUGGIMALS Puppy (Long Basset Hound). Thanks for the great giveaway!
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  8. My favorite is the the bunny Flurry In A Hurry. The Penguin is cute too.

  9. Really hard to choose just one, but I think Newborn Lamb is super cute!

  10. I think Zambi the Baby Elephant is adorable!
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  14. i think the cuddle chimp is the cutest

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  16. My daughter would love the FURREAL FRIENDS Newborn Yellow Duckling

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  18. I love Zippy β€œZip” McNutty


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  21. It’s too hard to choose between the panda and the chimp!


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  24. My daughter is in love with these in fact my mother in law bought her the go go pup for christmas, shed love to have a friend for him πŸ™‚ we love the puppies because she is allergic to real ones we love on fake ones πŸ™‚

  25. That penguin is adorable! My daughter would like the FURREAL FRIENDS SNUGGIMALS Kitten Black and White.

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  26. I think the Furreal Friend Newborn Piglet is the Cutest

  27. Hi!
    My favorite is the Chimpanzee !
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  30. the cutest to me is the FURREAL FRIENDS Newborn Baby Cub (White Tiger)

  31. The cutiest is the newborn yellow duckling.


  32. I want the FURREAL FRIENDS Newborn Chipmunk so bad.He is so cute.Thanks!

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  39. Was a tough decision but Cuddle Chimp is cute. Thanks for the chance at winning.

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