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For 6 years now my oldest has been a competitive cheerleader, and my other two children are now as well. Know what that means? I’ve spent a great deal of combined time driving, countless hours in practice, numerous competitions both in province and out of country – and tons of fundraising.

Whether it’s for school, teams or churches – we all know the fundraising game. We’ve all either had to sell everything from soaps to chocolates, and we’ve all had to ask others to buy them. Most likely you’ve been on both sides of this equation. Selling enough to make that goal is difficult, and I always feel so guilty asking others to buy items which aren’t practical. Yet if you bypass trying to sell, it’s missed funds to support which are very much needed.

Recently I’ve noticed one additional issue with the common fundraiser, my call-outs seem to draw more interest from those not in the immediate area. This is mainly because when advertised on social media, people are from all over, but typical fundraisers are limited to those we have access to in person. This really limits the potential success of a goal!

Solving this particular issue, and so many other common roadblocks to fundraising is – FundScrip!

FundScrip is a easy Canadian fundraising program in which group supporters buy gift cards from retailers a donation {from 2% to 10%} to the group is made for every gift card purchased. Groups across Canada have raised over $18M in funds since 2004, just by using FundScrip.

I’ve always loved gift card selling as a fundraising idea, because they made excellent gifts and because everyone uses them. Each and every person has to shop to some degree whether it’s for groceries, gas, home and garden, entertainment, restaurants etc. It would be no change to the shopper to instead use a gift card for all these common purchases, and if each use automatically came with a donation – this is an incredibly easy way to fundraise.

FundScrip makes it easy for the group as they manage and coordinate with the companies, all you have to do is spread the word near {and far!}, for supporters to purchase. This means that even a Facebook friend 4 provinces away can support your efforts.

A gift card purchase to be used instead of other payment methods {because do we really need another box of greeting cards?}, means a donation to the cause and the purchaser isn’t ‘out’ anything or is left with something they might not need. They can shop where they normally would! Like where?

There are over 220 retailers to choose from, including popular national brands from categories such as apparel, department stores, children’s toys, electronics, grocery, entertainment, travel and more. Gift cards purchased are shipped directly to the buyer from the retailers themselves with no expiry and no extra hassle.

With FundScrip you can forget begging local friends only to buy frozen cookie dough, there’s way more chance of success by fundraising this way.

If you or anyone got into the habit of changing your purchase pattern to always use gift cards, think of how much simple fundraising this does – without effort!

Best of all, it’s free to sign up to FundScrip and there’s three different program types to choose from. Check out the options for setting up your campaign.



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  1. This is a great idea for fundraising! Most of my family and friends live in other provinces from us, so fundraising is hard considering we live in a town of 600 people (over 200 of which are students) so everyone knows the same people! I’m a huge shopper for the same small town reason, so that’s where I would use my card!

  2. I had looked into something like this before when I needed to organize a fundraiser but wasn’t sure about this idea. Thanks for the info! I’ll keep in mind for future fundraiser!

  3. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to your cause, when using fundscrip. They don’t have to buy things they don’t want.
    I would get the Hudson’s bay card

  4. My barbershop chorus fund raises for various trips/music etc. This would be a much easier sell, as people can support us by buying cards for places they shop every day. I’d get a Homesense card if I win.

  5. This would be such an easy fundraiser to get parents to sign up for. Everyone uses gift cards so it would be simple. I would pick the staples card since i really need an office chair.

  6. It makes it easier cause people are getting something that they will use; so it’s an easier sell. I’d choose the Sephora card!

  7. I think FundScrip could make my fundraising easier because people could get something they really wanted.I would choose Amazon gift card for if i won?

  8. FundScrip could make my fundraising easier because giftcards are easier to sell than other items. They are practical and last longer and people will buy more than if they were buying a box of cookies. They can buy the giftcards for gift giving for the holidays or special occasions or even for use for their own regular shopping. I would get the Walmart giftcard..

  9. Gift cards would make fund raising so much easier as there would be no organizing of things purchased and bagging them for distribution. I like the idea of a Superstore or Shoppers card.

  10. This would make fundraising easier, because it’s not hard for people to participate (everyone’s gotta buy stuff!). I would choose Shell because I go there often 😉

  11. I think this would be great to open up fundraisers options for people who don’t want to so the typical fundraiser. Thanks!

  12. I would choose Walmart, I really think Fundscrip is a good idea I would much prefer this over asking people to buy stuff that they do not really want

  13. This seems a lot more easier than running around begging people to donate then organizing/delivering all their purchases. I would choose a superstore gift card.

  14. Oh gosh this would be a HUGE help this year. I would choose Dominion so I could get some extra groceries for christmas!

  15. This sure beats trying to sell chocolate bars for my daughter’s school. Everyone I knew gained weight because they bought bars. I’d choose the gift card for Tim Hortons.

  16. Our school used Fundscrip once before and it made fundraising easier because it has something for everyone instead of trying to figure out how to make yet another cookie dough work for everyone. I would choose the Indigo Gift Card.

  17. This would make fundraising easier because I think it would get more people interested in donating since you can always use a gift card! I would pick the Home Depot if I won.

  18. FundScrip could make fundraising easier because who doesn’t use gift card and the choice of gift card is amazing! I would choose The Keg Steakhouse because it would be a really nice treat!

  19. This sounds like the perfect fundraiser for schools. My kids are usually asked to sell junk food but this would be so much better. Everyone loves gift cards! I would like a Walmart card if I won

  20. I think FundScrip could make my fundraising easier because I only need to use gift cards to raise money and there’s nothing easier than that. I would choose the for my gift card.

  21. I think fundscript would be a faster way to make donations, and buying gift card ost people do that anyways, I would choose a walmart card

  22. This service would make donating to a cause quick, efficient and reliable. I would choose a Wal-Mart gift card.

  23. This would make fundraising much easier because almost everyone likes and uses gift cards and there is a huge selection of gift card to choose from. I would choose Walmart if I won. Thank you.

  24. I think it would make fundraising easier as gift cards are something everyone can use. I’d choose Canadian Tire.

  25. FundScrip could make my fundraising easier because lets face it, everyone loves gift cards! I would choose a Canadian Tire one.

  26. Fundscrip would make my fundraising easier because everyone could find a gift card they want or need while doing some good in the process. If I won, I’d love a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card.

  27. I think it would make it easier because you can have supporters do everything online.
    I would like a real Canadian superstore gift card.

  28. This way of fundraising would be so much better as people are not buying products they do not want and are actually buying a product which they will use as they always shop at whichever one they wish to choose.
    I would choose a Shopper’s Drug Mart card.

  29. I would choose Walmart if I won. I think this program would be easy to sell. They are donating by just getting what they really would like.

  30. Thank you for this opportunity!
    We would definitely get the Cineplex gift card. this is a great idea!

  31. FundScrip definitely makes long distance fundraising support much easier! And combines fundraising support using purchases/services/retailers that people are already using day-to-day anyway, just in the form of gift cards – this definitely makes fundraising easier too, as people will be more likely to support! I think I would choose the walmart or amazon gift card, thank you for the chance! 🙂

  32. I would chose a Shell Gas Card. This would make fundraising so easy as people would purchase the gift cards as gifts – or it is money they would of spent anyways and the team would make a profit on it. The cards would actually be used and you wouldn’t be pressured to purchase something that you don’t want anyways.

  33. This sounds like an awesome fundraiser it’s a win win all around for everyone involved, I would choose Staples gift card!

  34. Both of my sons are in cadets which is always fundraising. Since gift cards are something that almost everyone buys, especially during the holidays, it would be an easy way to raise money.

    I’d pick the card.

  35. This would make fundraising easier because ordering a gift card for somewhere you already shop is a no brainer! Would be so simple to get people I know involved. I would choose a card from Superstore….where I spend most of my $$ 🙂

  36. FundScrip would make our fundraising so much easier because gift cards are something people would actually want to buy, and actually use! And I love that even our family across Canada could help support – can’t sell them buckets of cookie dough, but gift cards would work!! We could use this to fundraise for school activities, my daughter’s basketball team, choir etc.

    I would choose a Winners gift card because I love the selection there.

  37. This would have been much healthier than buying and eating all the fundraiser chocolate bars my children brought home! With so many gift cards to choose from, there’s something almost everyone could use. If I win I’d choose a Subway gift card.

  38. I think fundscript would be perfect for my son’s school PAC fundraising! I would choose a Best Buy card – perfect for holiday gifts!

  39. I think it will ensure that people get what they want instead of things they don’t. I would get the Walmart gift card

  40. It could make fundraising easier by not asking people to buy items they don’t really want. They could buy from brands they already buy from. I would choose a walmart gc if i won.

  41. Usually fundraising means selling things to people that they perhaps don’t need or even want to raise funds! And it’s not always easy to ask friends/family/co-workers to do that, it makes me feel guilty. So this just feels good in the way they can buy a gift card they would already use with no loss to them! I would choose a Walmart card.

  42. I can’t wait to tell our local school about FundScrip as I have never heard about it before so I don’ think they know. Living in a rural community this could be a game changer because every relative far & wide can now contribute. Grandmas that we never see but for a few times a year can now feel involved. This is so cool

  43. Makes fundraising easy because everyone loves giftcards and having the selection and able to fund raise is an incentive. I would choose Walmart!

  44. FundScrip could make my fundraising easier because selling gift cards are something that people will actually use and includes stores that many of us shop at already. I would love to have a Walmart gift card.

  45. I was talking to my daughter about this fundraising method. My granddaughters dance and they are always selling chocolate bars or some other overpriced items. I buy them to support the girls but I get tired of these overpriced items that I really don’t need. Everyone buys groceries, goes out to eat, and buys things in stores so getting a gift card lets you choose what you want while supporting the fund raising efforts. I would probably pick a gift card for No Frills.

  46. I think this would be great for my son’s church preschool – easy to do online and every one loves gift cards.

  47. My granddaught is in a choir and they go to other cities. This would be great for their fund raiser. I would pick a walmart card. Thanks!

  48. I would choose Stokes and this would be so much better than trying to sell hockey tickets for school fundraising!

  49. What a great idea for fundraising! We’re always looking for new ways to fundraise for my daughter’s school and I will definitely bring this up.
    I would chose Cineplex as my family loves to go to the movies during the holiday period.

  50. FundScrip would make fundraising for my disease more fun because there’s something for everyone. I think I would choose Home Depot.

  51. I love how it’s so easy to donate! You buy a gift for someone or yourself and it automatically includes a donation. You don’t have to spend any extra!! I love this! I would choose a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card.

  52. We use something like this for my daughter’s school and it’s a great way to raise money! I’d choose Home Depot – we always need things from there!

  53. I think it’d help by being so convenient for other people to use. (Although, personally I would like to buy the frozen cookie dough lol)

  54. It would make it easier because doing groceries or filling gas is a necessity and the program would benefit a fundraising program.

  55. I’d pick Cineplex so we could have some fun movie nights or our teen could meet up with friends for some fun outings.

  56. Gift card fundraisers are so great, especially before the holidays when everyone is buying cards. I would choose Amazon.

  57. I like that I can share online and have friends/family in other provinces be able to support my child’s fundraiser!

  58. It would be a great and easy way to raise money for the minor hockey team. I would choose Loblaws!!

  59. Wow, Fundscrip is great for everyone for each groups needs! I always donate and help out our city’s food kitchen. Not only we help out with food but also any house item. I love Amazon for shopping for my family out of town!

  60. I like that it helps raise money for public play centres in town. I buy the loblaws cards.

  61. Fundscrip makes fundraising easier as it offers many gift cards that people would buy. I would choose Old Navy.

  62. I would get a winner gift card, and this would be amazing to help raise some $ for our local charities.
    I am definitely going to talk to my son’s principal about this site!

  63. i would get a starbucks card. I love this fundraiser, my sons school participates. a few years ago they had more incentives to participate, like kernels would give a free popcorn, wish they still did this

  64. my wife loves trying to raise $ for some local animal shelters so i’m going to tell her about this

  65. They did this where I work and it was amazing because it was so easy! I think I’d pick winners but it is really hard to choose!

  66. I would like to use Fundscrip for fundraising for an animal shelter. And I would a Real Canadian Superstore gift card.

  67. this would really help relive stress of getting people to donate., did a lot of bugging people to donate when my girls were in their activities i found it very stressful.

  68. Funscrip would make it easier for people to donate, and I’d love a Walmart gift card!

  69. This makes it so easy because everybody can use a gift card what an ingenious idea. I would select a Walmart gift card.

  70. This would make my fundraising easier because of the gift card choices available for purchase and it’s online. I would pick a card from The Gap.

  71. This would make fund raising easier because people could support the effort by buying cards to places they usually shop. I would get an old navy card!

  72. This would be great for our youth group at church for fundraising. I would choose Superstore or Subway. Thank you

  73. This would be a super easy way for us to raise funds for our school.. we recently built our playground now we need some benches!! I would pick a gift card to Real Canadian Superstore

  74. We actually use Fundscrip for some fundraising at our school. It is a great way to earn funds. I would choose a gift card for Indigo

  75. I think FundScrip could make fundraising easier because people wouldn’t have to think about donating – the donation would go through every time they used their gift card. I would get a gift card from Homesense.

  76. I’ve started the signup process since reading about this great way to fundraise. Our little school will really benefit from this program. I would choose the Loblaws gc if I win.

  77. What a great program, buying cards then spending on things as you normally would but to the benefit of the charity, love it! I would choose Walmart because they have groceries, toys, etc.

  78. Each purchase automatically includes a donation to your cause, when using fundscrip and I would like Canadian Tire.

  79. I think this could make fundraising easier because it’s actually stuff that people want to buy! If I won, I’d choose Marshalls

  80. My daughter’s class is fundraising for a school trip and I think Fundscrip would be an efficient way to fundraise especially because the holidays are coming up (and gift cards are a convenient holiday present) and because Fundscrip assigns a fundraising coach. I would select an Amazon giftcard if I was chosen as the winner.

  81. This would definitely make fundraising easier by being able to use social media to reach out to more people . My favourite gift cards are for Walmart.

  82. Thankfully I am out of the fundraising stage for my sons as they are grown up but this would have been amazing when they were younger. I would love Petro Canada cards

  83. I love that a percentage is donated from every gift card that is purchased! I would choose Walmart

  84. This would be an easier sell then chocolates that everyone seems to do. I would get a card for chapters I think!

  85. I would probably choose Walmart if I won this giveaway. FundScrip could make our fundraising easier by providing more options in our fundraising.

  86. this would be a great way to raise funds for our school and would love a gc to walmart

  87. This is a terrific way to fund raise, because it’s done on-line and you can friends on Facebook to participate. I would chose the Walmart Gift Card.

  88. This makes fundraising easier since what people are getting are gift cards they could use to get what they normally need anyways, and at the same time help out with a cause. I would get the Superstore giftcard.

  89. I love this idea! Fundscrip would definitely make any fundraising more easier for everyone.
    I would choose a Walmart Gift Card 🙂

  90. I would get a Real Canadian Superstore gift card. I absolutely love this idea for fundraising! I’m so sick of the wreaths and cookie dough and chicken and chocolate bars…
    Seriously if someone did this for a fundraiser I could buy enough in superstore gift cards to do my whole shop.

  91. Everyone can use gift cards so this is an innovative way to fund raise. Great win-win idea. I would pick Superstore.

  92. This would make fundraising much easier with it being offered in many provinces cross Canada! I would choose NHl card

  93. This would make fundraising easier because everyone uses gift cards around Christmas! I would want a Walmart gift card!

  94. Fund raising would be easy with Fundscrip because you are going to buy gas and groceries anyways.

  95. Fundraising would be so much easier no matter who wants to donate!!
    I would pick a petro canada gift card.

  96. i love that when you’re making a purchase a donation is also made…and i would love a shoppers drug mart gift card

  97. FundScrip would be great for me to use for fundraising as most of my family and friends are scattered across the country. I’d love a Subway Gift Card.

  98. I think this would be a fundraiser that would be easier to raise funds with. People don’t like to buy things they don’t need, but a gift card can always be used. It’s very win win. If I won I would either choose a wendys or tim hortons gift card. We love to treat ourselves to lunch now and then.

  99. It would be easier to do fundraising with my nonlocalized family and friends. I would choose Canadian tire

  100. It would be easier because there are a lot of gift cards to choose from and people can always use gift card (instead of getting them to buy things that they don’t eat or use). I would choose Winners gift card

  101. Fundscrip would make fundraising for our society super easy to do, people are shopping anyway so they could effortlessly help us out with raising money. I would choose Canadian Tire or Superstore gift card.

  102. Fundscrip looks like a really easy platform for fundraising. I am going to suggest it to our grandson’s hockey team. I think I would choose the Irving gift card. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity.

  103. This would make fundraising easier because during this time of year everyone buys gift cards and great to have charities benefit. I think a Tim Hortons card would be awesome to have

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