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With my girls, I have no choice but to be very picky with their bath products. Their sensitive skin, eczema and the rashes that result cause me to use only the safest and gentlest products on their skin. Thanks to the Family Review Network, I was introduced to a company called Fresh Organics. The company was created by Jeff, a father who’s son had many skin allergies {dairy, soy, most synthetic fragrances, petroleum products and sodium laureth sulfate to be exact!}. So, out of desperation and determination {and a few hard-working years of development}, Jeff created a line of allergen-free products that was safe for his son {and everyone else} to use. The products at Fresh Organics are free of dairy, eggs, gluten, soy and nuts. They also contain No Sodium Lauryl, parabens, petroleum, artificial colors or fragrances. Since my children need to steer clear from nut products, I know how hard it is to find bath products {especially lotions}
that are guaranteed nut-free.

Fresh Organics sent me a couple of products to try out. The first is the Shampoo/Body Wash, which is like a gel and has very little fragrance to it. If you smell anything at all {I did a little but others I asked didn’t}, I think it’s the organic aloe vera that I am picking up. It’s 100% allergen free and tear-free. It lathers nicely and does a great job at getting the girls clean. Best of all, it was super
gentle on their skin.

I also got the Velvety Soft Babee Lotion, which contains avocado and jojoba oils, organic aloe vera, and shea butter. It also contains organic white tea and vitamin E. I found this lotion to be a nice consistency, and it dried to a nice softness. Since it’s getting colder {the cold wind does a number on us all}, I have been actually using this lotion on all 3 girls as well as myself. I like the way it feels on the skin and does a fine job at hydrating and protecting the skin. And, it’s great to know that it’s completely safe for us to use.

For those with allergies or just those that like a great organic and all-natural product, Fresh Organics is a wonderful choice. The price of the items are very comparable to other products that I currently have. So, getting such a quality product doesn’t come at a financial strain. As well as baby products, Fresh Organics also has products for moms and dads! There’s even some nice gift sets
and travel packs.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own




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