My Organized Life – Printable 2016 Calendar

As we head into a new year, many of you {like me} have big plans to stay organized in 2016. One of my biggest secrets for success in staying on top of all the chaos, is to schedule. Schedule all the things!

Really, if it needs to be done, I have it written down – right down to the simplest of things. Scheduling isn’t just for appointments and activities, having an organized life means scheduling phone calls, shopping, lists and everything that needs to be done each day. It truly is the best way to stay organized. 

my organized life printable 2016 calendar

This Printable 2016 Calendar will help you live an organized life, so you can tackle all the to-do’s like a boss.

This complete set of Printable 2016 Calendars is just the first in a fabulous My Organized life printable series – watch for more handy tools tips and tricks coming your way soon!






  1. I too schedule. It’s the only way to ensure that things don’t get forgotten or gosh forbid double booked!

  2. Fantastic post ! I am thankful for the info – Does someone know where my business would be able to acquire a fillable Calendar form to use ?

  3. Looking for to get a planner put together and hints and tips on how to do this please thank you bye.

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