Frecklebox is company that offers wonderful personalized products. Through this company, you are able to get kids’ products, which are customized just for them. And these are products that they can use themselves, and learn from. The result is great entertainment for them, and a little bit of good ‘ol education.

The site is so easy to navigate and view the available items. I love that you are able to pick a product, choose the name of the intended recipient, and view it in entirety before purchase. This allows you to see the finished product before making that commitment. Especially great for those whos names have unique spelling.

My daughter got a Princess coloring book, which she in fact picked out. Customized with ‘Isabelle on every page, she was excited to see it in print and proudly showed it off. “See Mom, I am a princess, the book says so”. She enjoys coloring just like most kids, but when a coloring book is made just for her, it has extra special meaning.

The 3 girls each received their own hardcover personalized books. Isabelle got ‘Isabelle and the Unicorn’, a lovely story of Isabelle meeting a magic unicorn name Misty. She likes this fairy tale, and is proud that it includes her in the story line. Isabelle loves to have it read to her at night, and happily points out her name in the book.
‘Hiphop Howie and his pal Sophia’ is a story of a frog who befriends Sophia and together they discover rhyming words. This book is wonderful for word exploration and learning rhymes.
And finally, ‘My Name is Katelyn’ a beautiful book about the seasons, nature and animals.
All 3 books are colorful and of great quality, they incorporate the child into the story and has valuable lessons. And, for a special touch, you can personalize the cover page. I chose, “For a very special girl, Love Mommy and Daddy”.

Isabelle and I each got our own puzzle as well, they are a new product to the site. Both puzzles feature ‘Horses’, great for the animal lover. Made from quality board, these puzzles are thick and built to last. Isabelle has fun building the puzzle, and then realizes that she managed to ‘spell her name’ too. Again, the learning theme is apparent in this product as well.

I have found my experience with Frecklebox a very pleasant one. They are great products which my kids love and will be able to enjoy and cherish for years. I like the books the best, just as they will become wonderful keepsakes for them.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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