Foxy Mineral Makeup

Foxy Mineral Makeup was founded by Mompreneur Kim Granger. Her sensitive skin didn’t like even the leading brands of mineral makeup, so she developed her own (Brave girl!). The secret to her fabulous line? Foxy Mineral Makeup contains no bimuth oxychloride, an ingredient that is found in most other mineral makeups. With an eye on beauty and developing the perfect shade, Kim soon mastered her line of affordable and a universal mineral makeup.

There are many wonderful products that I would love to tell you about, in my ventures around the Foxy site. But, when you look yourself, you will see such a variety of products and shades available. I love the bold and bright colors of the eye shadows. It made me realize that I use way too many neutral shades! One particular item that caught my eye is the Airbrush, ” It is the perfect finishing touch to give your makeup a flawless airbrushed appearance”. Is this the must-have item I have been waiting on for years?! But, I don’t have to commit to purchasing the entire product in order to find out. Foxy Mineral Makeup offers Samples at a low cost of $2 each. A small price to pay to discover what you have always been on the hunt for!

I was able to try the Lavender-Chamomile-Peppermint Lip Balm. This balm is made with jojoba oil, olive oil, VIt E, rosehip seed oil and other oils as well. I have to say, the Foxy Lip Balm came at a perfect time for this product reviewer. I had been struggling with dry lips for almost 3 weeks. The tightness, the peeling,the pain! I had tried about 6 balms on the market and nothing was helping. (even trying to exfoliate and sleep with Vaseline…ya, didn’t help) And after that many attempts, I thought nothing would soothe and heal my lips. This balm came in the morning, and i kid you not – by the next day, the chapped lips were gone. Honestly! I have been singing this balms praises ever since. A great lip conditioner that I KNOW I will be going back for more of.

Because my new and improved lips needed some showing off (they spent way too much time in ICU), I also got the Adorable Gloss. I like that this gloss doesn’t go on all gloppy and messy. A nice light hint of pink sheen and shine, without the ‘covered in butter’ look. I like how it applies and also the great color of it. Since I am a lipstick person in the winter and a gloss gal in the summer, Foxy for Lips is certainly on my must-haves list for summer.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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