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If there ever is a constant grumble among everyone – it’s gas prices. This seems to be even more evident in the summer months as people travel more and pull trailers and boats.
Ford Motor Company has taken it upon themselves to improve fuel efficiency in their vehicles with the introduction of the EcoBoost engine. Customers seen the introduction of EcoBoost in the 2011 models of the F-150, Edge, Explorer, Flex, Taurus and the Lincoln MKT, MKX and MKS. EcoBoost will be found soon in the 2012 Focus and the Explorer {with 2 versions of Eco Boost options}.

When the EcoBoost news hit, it definitely caused ears to perk up here in Alberta. Even I had heard all about EcoBoost, a huge topic of conversation with my husband, who is a long time Ford truck customer. Since he puts a massive amount of KM’s on his truck each year and is always on top of ‘Ford news’, EcoBoost certainly caught his attention.

What is an EcoBoost engine?

Basically, by directly injecting fuel into the cylinder and turbo-charging/compressing the air that’s coming in gives it more power. This allows the use of smaller engines with the power of larger engines.

In other words, the EcoBoost V6 has the same power as a regular V8 engine, but with two less cylinders and better fuel economy. EcoBoost engines save fuel partly because they burn less fuel {10% to 20% less}, yet they also weigh less than the larger engines. Keep in mind that they still packa punch when it comes towing capacity. For those eco-savvy drivers, EcoBoost also produces 15% less emissions as well!

Right now my family is test driving the 2011 Ford F150 Platinum truck, with this Ecoboost engine. Like I said, we are long-time customers of the F series trucks from Ford {my hubby’s first vehicle was a F150 in his teens. He still talks about that truck!} So, unfamiliar with Ford trucks we are not. But, we have new interest in the EcoBoost engine as well as the new features and options found in the 2011 model. I’ll be back with my full review on the 2011 Ford F150 Platinum truck. But for now, I drive!!

Chicks in trucks do rock, don’t they?

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  1. our friends just bought this truck and it is a BEAUTIFUL truck!!!! I’ve been wanting a Honda Pilot for years now…but the Eco Boost Explorer may just be rivaling this plan….it would be amazing!

  2. Oh, that is a nice truck! I miss having a truck around, and this one sure looks nice. With gas being so expensive, we haven’t even considered anything bigger than our mini-van right now, but with this new technology we might be able to change that! Thanks for the info.

  3. Bought a new Ford150 inAug. IT has ecbo with a315 ratio axle. Went from Edmonton Ab. to Vancouver, B.C. and back Averaged 20.5 mpg with an empty truck, was not too impressed with that kind of fuel milege. Hope it gets better but I’m not holding my breath.

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