Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

I love the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera! Being a person that is always a camera in hand, it’s no surprise that the girls have a strong attraction to taking photos themselves {or rather, maybe they are sick of being in front of the lens}. I am constantly asked by all 3 of my girls, if they can use my DSPR. “Not a chance darlin’, there’s some things that Mommy doesn’t share. Coffee is one and my camera is the other”. I can clearly understand their want to take photos of everything around them, and I want to facilitate and encourage their desire. That’s where the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera comes in. And, thanks to being a #FisherPriceMom, my twins each got their own Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Cameras!
 Unlike the many other cameras that Mommy owns, the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is child friendly. Meaning, it can be dropped, kicked and thrown without harm {well, at least to the camera, that is}. It’s very sturdy for little clumsy hands, and durability is one of the top aspects when looking for a toy for children. Easy grip, two-eye double viewfinder and big easy-to-push buttons make this a great first camera for toddlers as well.

My twin toddlers run around the house, capturing photos of anything and everything they see. Which makes me recall my own first photos of my dollhouse and toys – crucial subjects, you know. And, whether I’m prepared or not, many times I turn around to the shutter sound and little giggles as they scamper away. Ok, photo of Mom in her housecoat. I guess that’s payback for all those pic of my kids in their diapers. Worse yet, bare bummed babies. Mental note, lock door while in bathroom, Mom!

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera stores over 2,000 pictures with it’s 256 MB built-in memory. That means plenty of room before you start erasing. Also nice for the older shutterbugs {more of a popular feature with my 7yo versus my 3yo twins} is the Kid-Tough digital studio, an editing program to frame, add effects and silly-up the photos.

I gave my oldest a Fisher Price Digital Camera 4 years ago and that thing is still kicking and clicking shots around the house to this day. It’s nice to now have 3 in the house, one for all my 3 girls. yet, I do notice great improvements in the Fisher Price Digital Camera of before to the Kid Tough new version. The viewing screen is clearer and results in much better photos. Plus, the Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera is a 4X zoom! I’m not surprised that the older Fisher Price Digital Camera still works as well as it does, yet it’s great to see so many improvements to keep the line of products up-to-date.


Disclosure: I’m part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and am a proud #FisherPriceMom.
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  1. It looks like a cool toy! Or is it a toy?… Kids have everything of their own this days 🙂

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