First Day of School {Wordless Wednesday with Linky}


Today my oldest started Grade 3 and the Twins attended their first day of preschool. Yay!

All went very well, yet setting that alarm was painful. I am really not looking forward to many months of that!

Hope all students have a great year ahead of them! How did your kids do, are they back to school as well?






    1. Thanks Christine, they are looking more and more alike with each passing year!
      Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    1. They love you too Grandma! And yes, let’s slow down their growing a bit, shall we?

  1. Awwww, all ready for back to school. Mine have been back for 2 weeks, and it is still painful hearing that alarm in the morning!

    1. It never gets easier, right? Come Winter when it’s -40C, that’s when it’s the hardest! I believe I hibernated in a past life…

  2. Those are great shots. I just love the first days of school – the clean, fresh notebooks and supplies, the expectations….

    1. yes, even though my oldest already pointed out how she hates waking up so early. One day! Get used to it hunny!! lol

    1. Thanks Karina! Pre-K here is only twice a week, for less than 2 hrs. So, it’s a bit of a break, and I’ll take it!

  3. Do I sense a little “yahoo” in your tone…LOL! Bittersweet I’m sure…they grow so fast!

  4. So cute! Yes waking up is hard to do. Especially since it’s been getting dark here earlier.

    Mica’s been back for a few weeks. He’s lovin’ it. Isaak was supposed to start preschool today, but we got a call last night that both teachers are sick. 🙁

    1. Already sick? wow! Actually, my kids always get cold within the first week of school, I’m waiting for it!
      And I agree, waking up in January is much harder than it is now, considering the sun sets before dinner! Blah!

  5. YAY! Happy 1st day of school. Isn’t it amazing that we had to put jackets on this morning? I guess it really is fall!

    What pretty girls you have, Tammi!!! Like there mama!

    1. You are so sweet, woman!!
      Seriously, where’s Fall? Isabelle’s b-day party is in a few weeks and I’m pretty certain it won’t be an outdoor party!

  6. My kids started back on Aug. 14th and I too hate hearing that alarm in the morning. All is good though after they are off to school….mommy time! 😉

    Wow….I was shocked to see your girls in jackets. I can’t imagine wearing jackets right now!! I wish it would get cool here but sometimes it seems we have an endless summer.

    Your girls look so cute on their first day!!

    1. I know, what’s with the jackets?! It was much warmer after school, but we already have risks of frost every night. Wouldn’t be surprised if it snows within the next month already!

  7. You got some really great photos! Mine weren’t so great 🙁 My 17 yr old daughter was in a big hurry, and my 8 yr old was crying. Talk about a difficult morning.

    Happy WW!

  8. I hear you on the painful alarm! I really, really don’t like getting up so early (I have to wake up at 5:40 for my high schooler. Ugh!). Your kids look super cute on the first day!

  9. It looks cold there… we can still get away with 1-shirts and a small sweater in the morning.

  10. Cuties! Looks like the weather was chilly! My 4.5 year old started 3 weeks ago in pre-K though she’s a big bored since she is older than most of her classmates.

    1. Thanks Kris, they don’t normally wear matching clothes but they tend to fight over wearing the same thing, so sometimes 2 of their faves are easier!! 😉
      How was back-to-school for you?

      1. Well, I have no little ones of my own…I work for a school. It’s fun having the families back…the summer, while busy, isn’t the same without them. Families – and students in particular – really do make up the heart of a school.

  11. First day of school is very bittersweet, one hand is happy they’re out the door and the other is lonely and missing them !

  12. I adore those pigtails! I can’t wait until my baby girl grows some hair for those!! I’m a new follower!

  13. Wow, the twins are in preschool. That’s amazing. The girls look like they were ready to have a great first day!

  14. Great pictures. My older one goes back today (for a whole hour and 35 minutes) into Grade 5! His sister is all out of sorts today with him gone. Lastyear she had a schedule where she would wait until he got home to have her nap. We try not to let her nap now so will see how it goes.

    She will be back for her second year of preschool next week starting with gradual entry for the new kids. Don’t want to think about sending her off to Kindergarten next year….

  15. I didn’t get a first day of school pic 🙁 The night before we got a flat tire then the sewer backed up into our basement at 10 at night. Our whole morning was dealing with those 2 issues that we kind of ran him to the bus and got back home to finish dealing with everything. I fee like a bad mom.

    1. Well, you could do it anytime and no-ones the wiser! 😉
      I hear ya though, I see so many photos around with the kids holding signs of what Grade they are in, I have always meant to do that – that way you know which year it was!! Alas, another year and I didn’t do it… Oh well!
      Hope the week is going better for you now!

  16. Tuesday September 4th took my son to his elementary school to commence Grade 4. As a proud Mom, out came the camera and SNAP CLICK SNAP CLICK. My 8 yr old Evan looked so cute and mature *gulp*, had to return home wiping tears as they streamed down my face. No longer a little boy but a little man. I applaud the fact that you take such pride in your children’s big milestones – because they are. They are beautiful little ladies – my mom use to tell me kids grow soooo fast, now I’m a mom and I truly understand and respect those words. Lovely PICS.

  17. My little guy started GR 3 this year as well! I can’t believe how quickly time flies! Kindergarten seems like yesterday! Enjoy every first that our children get to have! My heart is so very heavy today b/c of the tragedy in CT yesterday. My love and prayers go out to the families and the community! I came home last night and held my little boy so close and told my husband how much I adored him! God bless!

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