Fick er Feet!

As my Twins would scream at every turn, “Fick er Feet!!!

My two Unicorns and Witch had a blast going door to door, despite the bitter cold weather. Which is why I opted for buying such warm Halloween Costumes for the Twins this year. Side bonus? They glowed in the dark!

And yes, they really do fart rainbows. In Unison!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

… and is sitting by a warm fire and sneaking treats from the kids’ bags. Not that I’m not or anything.

Yes I am!



  1. Beautiful girls! Thankfully we only had light rain here in TO. I still always choose costumes that are either warm themselves, or can go over fleece layers. I think I am scarred from my St. John’s trick or treating in snow and sleet storms as a child 🙂 Glad they didn’t let the snow stop them!!

    1. I can’t imagine what it’s like NOT to layer. It would be nice one year to not have freezing weather, just to see what its like. And, I always laugh at all the costumes obviously made for hot climates. Our selection sure is limited due to weather!

  2. love the glow in the dark on the costumes! they look nice and warm too. thanks for sharing

  3. Very Cute! My daughter was in a fairy costume that light up at night. Definitely a bonus for the extra light int eh dark. I wish I could have gotten my boys to glow too!

    Wow, i look at your pictures and think just how blessed we were this year. Normally we are under even more snow than that in our area for Halloween, but this year we really lucked out and we had a warm spurt that melted all the snow and was a nice 60 degrees for trick or treating. Today though it’s bitterly cold and we have more snow on the way.

    1. Last winter was pretty mild, I count blessings for that – and keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t come 10-fold this year! lol

    1. I know, right?! You’d think Mother Nature would know that by now. It’s NOT supposed to be Winter yet!!

  4. So freaking cute. I was happy to man the door again this year for all those little ones that were struggling with the “Trick or Treat”s and “Thank You”s. Just adorable!

  5. They are so cute 🙂
    I don’t even bother with the thin ,doesn’t keep them warm costumes.

  6. Wonderful photo of your children. My brother has 3 girls with twins in the mix too! Don’t envy the snow though…lol.

  7. So adorable! I have 10 year old twins and an almost 6 year old. They absolutely LOVE all things horse, unicorn or pegasus.

  8. It was terribly cold here for halloween as well but that didnt stop my little scooby-doo and big zombie from running door to door 🙂

  9. wow snow on halloween that is not good but you dress them up warm i had twin boy and girl and they had a blal when they were litttle

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