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I have a confession…

I just used the BBQ for the first time {by myself} a couple days ago. That’s right, pick your jaw up off the floor. For the first time, I grilled meat. Up until now, my husband always cooked solely on the BBQ {when he was home from work, that is}. Which equals not too much grilled food for us.

The reasons why I hadn’t ventured into the grilled world up until now? Well, we have a pretty old BBQ and it’s very finicky. The igniter ceased to work long ago, so a person has to manually light it. And, I have a fear of propane and open flame. Take it one step farther, lighting it manually sometimes doesn’t work at all. So, I just never bothered.

Yet, with the heat in this house, and being in such a cooking rut – I took matters into my own hands and attempted to BBQ. And I did! I actually cooked some delicious chicken breasts! Now, when my husband BBQ’s, he also takes over the prep and cleanup too. So, I was very unfamiliar with the whole process. My question – why didn’t anyone tell me how easy the cleanup was?!!

Grilling – where have you been my whole life?

Seriously, no pots and pans to scrub…I am in love!

Pass me a babe in a bikini apron and slap me happy – this is great!

I now know that it’s possible for me to grill, even though I need the practice to get used to cook times and temperature. This new way of cooking has me delirious with excitement {sad, huh?}. It’s revived my cooking rut, and I’m eager to experiment and dabble in all things grilling!!

Each day I eagerly rub my hands together and wonder which dead animal I can grill next. Oh yes, it’s like having a new {delicious} toy!

So, readers – I need your help!

What do you love to grill?
What do you suggest I try?

Gimme those recipes!
{but please remember I’m a newbie!!}



  1. You can amaze your husband by making BBQ Dessert!! Try this out (oh..its REAL easy too)

    BBQ Banana’s with Honey Rum Glaze

    Take banana’s and cut off top and bottom. Then slice lengthwise, leaving flesh and skin together.

    Mix together equal parts of dark rum and honey (amount can vary, but 1/3 cup each is a good start). Then add ground cinnammon to taste.

    When grills are medium to medium-cool place banana’s on grill flesh side down for about 2 minutes. Flip to flesh side up and then apply glaze to bananas. After about another 2 minutes the skin and flesh should start to separate. Remove bananas when this happens.

    Take 2 banana halves and place them in a pasta bowl with a scoop of chocolate ice cream in the middle. Pour excess glaze over ice cream and bananas and….ENJOY!!! (You’ve never had anything like it and sooooooo good!)

    1. Eric, you have made.my.day!!
      I love fruit, but I also love rum.
      Oh yes, bananas will be bought tomorrow {Ahem…already have the rum}

      THANK YOU!

      1. My pleasure Tammi! I think the best part about this BBQ recipe is that if you have people over for a BBQ, this is quite unexpected. Every time I’ve done this for others they are amazed by it.

        How about taking a picture of the final results when you’ve made it…as well as the expression on your face when you dig in!

  2. Serves 1 (but marinade can accommodate up to 12 chicken wings)

    * 6 assorted chicken wings & drumsticks
    * 1 cup soy sauce
    * 1 cup brown sugar
    * ½ cup maple syrup
    * 1 tsp paprika


    1. In a bowl, whisk together soy sauce, brown sugar, maple syrup and paprika. Submerge chicken in the marinade, cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate 8 hours to allow chicken to absorb flavors
    2. Heat a cleaned, seasoned grill to medium-high (for gas grill). Once grill has reached proper temperature, situate chicken (placing wing pieces skin-side down). Grill first side 5 minutes, flip, grill other side 5 additional minutes (with the grill cover closed)
    3. Meanwhile, place a small saucepan over hottest part of the grill. Once pan is hot, add marinade. Close grill cover to bring to a rolling simmer. Heat marinade for 6-8 minutes
    4. Transfer chicken to the top rack of the grill. Close the grill cover and allow the chicken to rest 1-2 minutes to finish cooking. Remove saucepan (with potholders!) and transfer to serving dish to cool slightly while chicken finishes cooking
    5. Remove chicken from grill. Plate and enjoy, using the heated marinade for dipping

    I got this from my favorite food how to site. How2Heroes . There is a great section just on grilling basics too. It is a must go to site.

    Also Adam Perry’s BBQ 25 is the best bbq cookbook ever! These are just recommendations, I don’t work or know these people personally. Just trying to give you some tips that helped me.


    1. Cheryl,
      Thanks for the recipe and the link to the site – I’ll be checking that out for sure. This is one I think the kids would like too. Thank You!

  3. I always marinate the meat few hours before (1 hour for shrimp) in a ziploc. I put all seasoning I like except SALT (it draws moisture out from meat) until grilling time. Add 1 – 2 tablespoonful (depends how much meat you have) of veg oil in ziploc once the meat is mixed with marinate – it eliminates sticking to grill.

    I like to grill chicken, lamb, shrimp.
    chicken – marinate with mince garlic, lemon juice, chopped basil leaves , pepper (mince hot pepper optional) + veg oil
    lamb chop – I first a tenderize the chop (meat tenderizer) – marinate with mince garlic, chopped mint leave, oregano, pepper (mince hot pepper optional) + veg oil
    shrimp – mince garlic, pepper (mince hot pepper optional) + veg oil

    Season with salt while grilling.

    1. Hi Emma!
      I need a 101 class on spices, I know the basics but would love to know the technique of spicing. Seriously, pepper and steak seasoning….
      wait, I do garlic and sometimes oregano too. Thanks for the suggestions.
      I’ve sauced, I’ll try a marinade!

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  5. Hmmm I will put some thought into this for you. Have you ever tried Chaka’s MMMMM Sauce? It is SO GOOD on chicken.

  6. We love the asian flank steak recipe from the Today’s Parent website, I marinate it overnight, and exchange the sherry with apple juice, but if you marinate in a ziploc bag there is pretty much no clean up. My kids love it.

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