What Dad Really Wants: HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 All-in-One printer


Father’s Day will soon be here, what would Dad really want?

Maybe need new shave cream, possibly a tool or two. Yet to really impress and make that jaw-drop when opened – Tech! It’s all about the gadgets people, items that will allow that special man in your life to play, work, multitask, communicate and connect all at once. Something that tackles daily life in one fail swoop, since Dad’s do so much!

I cannot think of a better all-in-one gift that does all of this and more than the fine items at HP. Specifically, that wondrous and all-doing shiny work of art called the HP ENVY x2. It’s a laptop, it’s a tablet – whoa, it’s both! Pair that with the HP ENVY 120 All-in-One printer and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Tech heaven.

You can catch up on my reviews of the HP ENVY x2 as my thoughts on the HP ENVY 120 all-in-one Printer at the links. Impressive tech items, they certainly are!

Yet before I tell you the really good news {ahem.. giveaway}, let me tell you a few ways that these 2 items can not only make great gifts, but also HELP you when it comes to gifting for Father’s Day.

Printable Father’s Day Cards – Easy and done right from home thanks to a little site I recently found.

printable fathers day cards

This site is wonderful! Just choose your template, upload a photo {or more}, play around with desired fonts and colors – then print! Easy as that. With no trip to the store or added costs. Plus, handmade always impresses since ‘you take the time and energy’. Don’t worry, I won’t tell how easy that was to create!

Printable Father’s Day Crown – why not actually crown Dad for his special day? When I saw this printable online, I knew the kids would be all over it. Sure enough, everything needed was printed with one click of the button, and the twins set to work coloring immediately.

HP printable fathers day craft

This craft and gift idea is so simple, yet will make a big impact. Let’s face it, in a house with 4 girls, my husband is always outnumbered and usually outvoted. It’s the one day a year he gets total choice in activities and meals etc. So, crown him this year, we shall!

fathers day printable crown

Also, there’s the pride in the kids’ involvement. They actually clicked the print button, colored the crown, cut it out and glued it together. This is totally at their hand and much pride results. They will beam with the biggest smiles when they give him this crown that they made start to finish. I know that will make hubby’s Father’s Day all the better.

Printable Tool Box Gift Card Holder – Maybe you are giving Dad a gift card this year. Popular choice, I know. Yet, you can take that one step further and present the card in a clever way that is different from the expected.

fathers day hp giveaway myorgnaizedchaos

This craft is again a simple print, cut and glue. Though my twins at 4 are too young to do this work, my oldest daughter {8} can. A thoughtful way of giving that card, it’s easy and impressive as well.

fathers day gift card holder hp myorgnaizedchaos

Guess what?

All these easy Father’s Day Crafts can be made using BOTH the HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 All-in-One printer. You guessed it, it’s the thoughtful {and much wanted} tech gift that keeps on giving. It helps you create much loved keepsakes for every occasion imaginable.

Do you know a special Dad out there that would LOVE some fantastic tech?


HP giveaway myorganizedchaos


WIN IT: It’s true, it’s true! To celebrate Dads this June the generous people at HP has offered up one Canadian My Organized Chaos reader …. {drumroll} ….

  • HP ENVY x2 Laptop/Tablet {$850.00}
  • HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One printer {$250.00}
  • High- capacity Original HP XL Ink cartridges that save up to 40% on your printing. Colours included: Black and Tri-color
  • HP Bright White Inkjet Paper {sustainably-sourced, FSC- certified paper with ColorLok technology for brighter colours, fewer smears and bolder blacks}
  • HP Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy, 4″ x 6″


** The first and mandatory entry is to comment on this post with ONE of the following:

  1. HP Loves Dads: In a comment below, Nominate a special father in your life and share why this dad should receive a new HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day. If the nominated dad were to win, explain how this father would use the new PC and printer in their everyday life to balance being productive and staying connected with their loved ones.
  2. Dad’s First Gadget: Share what this special father’s first tech gadget was and what it meant to them.
  3. Keep Calm and Craft On: Design a unique, personalized, DIY Father’s Day gift. In your comment, share step-by-step instructions on how to create the project in a comment below. Feel free to share this photo on FB and tag My Organized Chaos so that we can see it and have it displayed on our Fanpage wall.

NOW :  Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries, there’s bonus entries for more chances to win!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I nominate my father, he has been through a lot this year finding out he has PVD and might have to have his leg amputated. His computer is old and on her last legs, so this would be an awesome prize for him. He would be able to print off so many things to keep him busy, and not think about what has happened to him, or what is going to happen. Thank you so much for the chance.

  2. ok going for number one, who my husband and father to my two girls, why because he works extremely long hours and drives a longer distance to workto give us the house we wanted and so our girls can have the advantages to help them get ahead in life. He traded in his favorite toy car so our daughter could have a safe vehicle to drive to university and work. I could go on and on how he sacrifices for his girls he is amazing. and if he won he would be using it to print off pictures, to write emails to the girls, he would use it for work. keeping the finances in tact everything.

  3. I nominate my husband Kris:) He works so hard to support our family. I am a stay-at-home Mom and only having one income means that we have to really stretch our finances. We haven’t had a holiday in 2 years and my husband and I don’t buy things for ourselves or even go on dates because our two kids are our priority.

  4. I’d Nominate My Own Childrens Father/Step – Father Earl – He took on my son at 4 yrs Old & Then we had our little Girl together 3 Years ago, He is amazing with them both, He works Hard, anywhere from 10-15 hours a Day, sometimes not getting a day off for over a week or it could be weeks on end, but when he is home, Our 2 Kids are his life. He likes Taking them Fishing, Working on Cars with our son & just Enjoying outdoors when he can with them, even on Rainy Days He Will Do Crafts, play computer Games. He doesnt Own a printer & he has an old computer that is pretty slow So I know he could use these things to aid Being a Pretty Awesome Dad!

  5. I nominate my Husband. He works long days and comes home to spend time with our son. He really doesn’t get much time for himself especially online. His computer is old and slow but since it still works he won’t replace it. Our son loves spending time with Daddy especially playing games online. I’m sure they would both enjoy a more up to date computer to play their favorite games on and print off little art projects

  6. I nominate my brother-in-law. He’s an amazing father to 4 wonderful kids and really deserves to have (a) printer as they don’t have one. That way he can print off those silly backyard shenanigan pics and share them as gifts for the family at Christmas time as well as print off printable coupons to help support the family in fiscal savings.

  7. I nominate my father. He has a bubble computer from 2000 AND the oldest printer ever, you know with the paper and sides with holes you have to tear off….,they’re both incredibly slow. He’s big into fly tying and fly fishing, having something like the HP Envy would let him easily look up patterns AND print them out without having to wait forever. He could share his patterns online with friends, families, and fellow fishermen…AND he can actually connect with myself and his grand babies!. This would be the perfect gift for him! Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. If my fathers wins he would use this to check out the weather network, old tractors, farm machinery. He is a 75 yr old farmer who doesn t own ANY computer equipment but likes to look at items brought up by family on their pcs. My mother would help him since she has a limited knowledge of computers ( she is a retired nurse). . This would be hours of enjoyment for both of them in the winter when they don t venture very far on the roads.

  9. My Dad’s (RIP) first tech gadget was when he bought his car the year he passed away, it came with an alarm system and a remote that would unlock the trunk and the doors. It was like watching a little kid on Christmas. He passed away about 7 months after buying that car, but I am so glad that he bought it because he really loved it.

  10. I’m nominating my husband – he was downsized 3 years ago due to a company merger and has had the hardest time finding a job. 🙁 He would like to become a consultant, and a laptop and printer would be the boost he needs to get started in his own business which has been his lifelong dream. We have four kids 13, 12, 5 and almost 3 – and it has been really tough financially. Nevertheless, he’s been a real trooper at home – he cooks, cleans, you name it, he does it. I’d love to win this for him so he can catch up on technology and skills that have changed light-years from three years ago so he can get his feet back into the game.

  11. I nominate my hubby for this. He has never had a computer of his own, he always has had to share with the family so it would be nice for him to have one of his own.

  12. I nominate my husband Luke. He is a tireless, awesome Dad to our six kids and has so much patience for the noise and chaos they create even after a long day at work! He works f/t shift work and also does concrete work on his days off. The fabulous prize would help keep his side jobs organized as well as help with his billing and invoicing. He is currently doing his book work in writing and at times it’s hard to make heads or tails of it! As he is busy and gone quite a bit of the time, he could use the computer to stay in touch with the rest of us at home when he isn’t able to be here.

  13. I would like to nominate my hubby. He has never had a computer of his own, he has always had to share so it would be nice for him to have one of his own

    1. My hubby’s children are grown and he had fallen out of touch with them for several years but has now reconnected. He would be able to use it to email, skype etc to catch up on missed years and to get to know his grandchildren better.

  14. My fiances first tech gadget was a computer that he built himself. His parents would not buy him one, so he got spare parts and built his own. He then taught himself basic programming skills and solidified his love for all things techy! I would love to win this for him because he is a great dad!!

  15. hubby definitely deserves this! hes been amazing in my daughters first year. as a teacher he could use this for work which would save him time so he had more time w dd

  16. I nominate my husband as we are expecting our first child this fall and I know he will be a great father since he is a loving and caring husband. My husband deserves to win this because he works hard and would love to use this for his work and now for his newborn!

  17. My husband deserves this as he works so hard and supports my decision to be a stay at home mom. He was one of the many many government employees let go (right before our second child was born) so he has turned all his attention on making his business successful and being his own boss. He manages to balance his new company and family time wonderfully and has so much love for his children! He deserves something fantastic for fathers day and this would really be something he loves that he could use for business or personal use!

  18. I nominate my hubby, since my accident, he has been working hard to keep up with the loss of income I incurred. he works very hard to support our family, which has him away from home more often than none, but when he comes home, he is always catching up on everything that needs to be done around the house. He is a gadget guy and would love this prize pack.

  19. I nominate my father as he just started his own business and right now my mother and him are doing everything OLD school lol. I would love to surprise him with this, although he is computer illiterate, this would give us a chance for father/daughter time as I show him how it all works 🙂 Great prize and thanks for the chance 😀

  20. I’d nominate my own father because he has always been hesitant to purchase new technology for himself, while making sure his kids have the best of everything. He could definitely use a new computer, as his current one runs incredibly slowly, and it would help him do everything faster, including video chat with his family via Skype.

  21. I would nominate my little girl’s Daddy, because he would use the laptop too communicate with his Daughter while he is in England. He travels back and fourth to see his family all the way from England!! He could print out special pictures of his daughter. He could also use the laptop too communicate while he is away from us. He is a very special dad who has his priorities straight. These are special circumstances unlike no other.
    Thank You for this awesome contest idea!

  22. I nominate my dad, Robin. He is the most giving person I know and turns every experience into a learning one. My dad would use this often in his every day life. He’d use it to stay connected with myself and daughter as we don’t live in the same city as him as well as to help his young children with their school work and print different crafts to do with them

  23. my dads first tech gadget was the onstar system in his mini van, he was like a little kid and everytime he got into it he has to ask them for directions, but he knew where he was going, he just wanted to see if onstar knew lol

  24. The first tech gadget I remember him being excited about was a thing called Palm. He loved it to no extend and I hated it, because you can hardly read anything from it. Luckily I rarely had a need for it 🙂 And that thing is still plugged into the outlet today.

  25. I would nominate my husband Bill, he is the most awesome Dad to our 3 girls, he works away and is gone 3-4 weeks at a time. He would use the computer to keep in touch with his girls….he is using a pretty old laptop at the moment so we could have the better one at home. He would love to print off pictures of the girls and scan their artwork so he can have it with him.

  26. My father’s first tech gadget was a GPS! It was a gift to him and he was really thrilled that he could rely on a GPS to get him anywhere!

  27. I nominate my husband – he already had his 1st gadget when we started dating – a cell phone back in the days when they had to be wired into your car & cost a fortune.

  28. My dads first Gadget was a VCR player. I was the very first model to come out and it was huge. I was in the late 70’s I think and he was given it through his business and I think at the time they were very pricey , over $1000 lol He was very excited about it as hardly anyone had one at the time . I think he still has it lol. I think for him it meant he was modern and cool (as we were all tweens then so he wanted to impress us lol ) and I think it also meant he was successful in his business.

  29. I nominate my Father in Law. At the age of 85 he has started taking computer classes at the library and is learning how to use new technology.

  30. I would love to win this for my father. He is 71 yrs old and has been living alone since my mom passed away in 2009. Dad has never, ever, ever had a computer of any kind!! He’s always so intrigued with mine but I can’t convince him to get one for himself. He has family overseas and it would be so wonderful for him to Skype with his siblings, and other family, in the States, in the UK and on the mainland of Canada!

    He’s very involved with a seniors group here in town that have regular dinners and dances and he’d be able to make such wonderful invitations/notices to distribute in the neighbourhood. I know he would be thrilled once he got his “hands wet” with this fantastic computer and printer! I’d love to see him active and more productive!


  31. I def nominate my dad. He doesn’t have a laptop of his own besides his old company one, so he’s forever hogging the family desktop, which drives my mom crazy. If he had this laptop, he’d finally be able to play Solitaire and send emails whenever/wherever he wanted, and my mom would be able to use the desktop. Also, our printer is broken, so this new printer would be perfect.


  32. I nominate my husband, Tim. He works so hard to support our family which allows me to stay at home with our kids. I have always been so grateful for this gift he has given me and I would love to gift him with something awesome. We moved to Alberta 11 years ago to make a better life for our family so this would really help him stay in touch with his parents, granny, sister and his other friends and relatives who are all still in NS. It would also help him with his upcoming transition at work from tradesman to management. He is required to take some courses to make the transition and the HP Envy x2 would be great for him to take to classes.

  33. My hubby was in Bosnia with the Canadian military in 1995. We already had a computer, but the military set us up with the internet and it meant everything to hubby to be able to send and receive emails from our sons and I. A little piece of home during such a rough time.

  34. The best gadget I have given to my dad is a cell phone with a QWERT keyboard – he is now a texting maniac! 🙂 haha It’s great for him to keep in touch with my sis and I

  35. Steve had an Acorn Atom – he loved it. He could do word processing and it had a spreadsheet. It was incredible technology back then –

  36. I nominate my dad. My dad has been the best dad I could have ever wished for. He was the one to always take me places and do things. Believe it or not, he was the stay at home parent. My dad would use this for the usual stuff like emails, and also for using kijiji (his favourite website) to buy and sell things for his car. I think he deserves this prize because his laptop he uses quite a bit is very, very old and slow, and also without the cord it dies immediately which is a pain. He deserves the best because I love him!

  37. We got my Dad a MITS Altair 8800 kit so he could make his own computer. He was just delighted – and the assembled kit worked! It was a source of entertainment for years.

  38. I nominate my Hubby… he’s been using my hand me downs for years and I would love him to have a brand new set up for whatever he does on it, LOL. 🙂

  39. I nominate my husband, Malcolm. He was laid off six hours before I went into labour with our son, and spent months out of work. It was a mixed blessing, because all though we were very broke and stressed, he got to know our son and how to be a new dad really well. He’s been back at work now for months, and he comes home every day and makes us dinner! (This mama doesn’t cook) And every single Saturday, he takes our son out for a boys only day to give me a break. He’s a wonderful, encouraging, fantastic husband and father, we’re lucky to have him. This laptop would be really nice for him to win because his grandfather recently passed away without getting the chance to meet our boy… he’s really disappointed by that and wants to start skyping with his grandmother across the country, but our computer is pretty slow and doesn’t maintain a great connection. It’d be wonderful for him to have a new laptop to do that on!

  40. I’d nominate my dad who has always been a great model to me throughout my life and have always supported me in whatever I do. He is not very tech saavy and he’s always used a desktop computer at home. It’s time that he has a new HP laptop so that he can easily carry with him wherever he goes and when he is travelling. He can use the laptop to upload and share photos he took, and get in touch with his family and friends. The printer would be an added bonus for him since his old one is getting quite noisy and slow. He can start printing out photos and create a family album (or rather, I can help him do that)!!!

  41. I would nominate my father in law to receive the HP Envy X2 and printer because he has kids and grandkids all over North America. He always has the desire to keep in touch with all his kids and wish he had more chances to see and watch his grandkids grow up, including our kids. Nothing makes this old man smiles more than seeing the faces of his grandchildren!
    If he won this bundle, he would probably use it to keep in touch with the entire family and I would be surprised if he used the printer to print pictures of his family and maybe even make birthday cards with the Envy.
    My father in law is an incredible man. He does so much for his family and his only wish is to see them more often, even if it is through a computer screen!

  42. I nominate my dad because he has worked hard all his life, always taking care of others and not caring about himself. If he had this computer he would use it to keep in touch with us kids + grandchildren as well as using it to access news.

  43. Our family Dad’s First Gadget: Share what this special father’s first tech gadget was his big old skool cell phone and it meant he didn’t have to wear a pager for business and work anymore!

  44. I nominate my husband. I wanted to have 2 kids close together so at our daughters first birthday we decided to try for number two, by the next month we were pregnant with twins. He was my rock during my pregnancy, doing almost everything during it for me and our 1 year old. He has absolutely no time for himself and yet he coaches their T-Ball and soccer teams.

  45. My husbands first tech gadget was his blackberry. He was totally addicted to that bouncing ball game, and drove me nuts playing it all the time. Love him though:)

  46. My husbands first tech gadget was his blackberry. He was addicted to that bouncing ball game, and drove me nuts playing it all the time. Love him though:)

  47. My dad’s first tech gadget was a GPS that we gave him for fathers day 4 years ago and now he loves it, my dad is now retired and would have the time to learn how to use a computer. He never has owned anything with technology because he said he didn’t have time to learn it.

  48. I nominate my father in law – he’s an amazing man & just became grandfather to his 2nd grandkid yesterday, my nephew (& a first grand SON for him) I would love for him to win this finally have an excuse to learn how to use a computer and be able to see his kids/grandkids more often thru photos and video chat with us. I think with how easy the tablet and printer seem to use, he would have no problem picking up the new technology

  49. I nominate my husband, who’s the greatest dad. He’s been very patiently driving our daughter to and from work, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes late at night, until she got her driver’s licence…and now that she drives herself he stays up waiting for her to get home. He could use this printer to distract him from worry!

  50. I nominate my husband. He is in the military and works hard all the time and this would be great for him to have . The laptop/tablet would be fantastic . He could bring it with him when he is away from home so he can chat with us and chat his parents who are in an other Province.The printer he could use at home to print off work related papers that he needs.

  51. His first gadget was a digital camera, he carries it with him all the time so he can get pictures of what he sees on the road and on vacation, takes lots of pictures of the grand kids and the rest of the family. He loves getting that perfect shot. I know he would love being able to print his pictures to make hard copies to give as gifts and I know he wants to do albums up for each of his grand kids..

  52. I nominate my husband Rick. He would use the printer for his projects that he does around the house. He always makes plans and like to have everything printed out. He would also use it to get pictures of our boys so we could display in our home.

  53. First tech gadget was an external hard drive. That was several years ago, and he LOVED it! Of course it’s full now, so he wants one with more storage capacity. 🙂

  54. My husbands first tech gadget was a personal hand held organizer. It kept all his phone numbers, calendar and notes. He loved that thing, it went everywhere with him. This was before cell phone could do this; times have changed.

  55. I nominate my father to win. He lost his hearing when he was 8 years old after having an illness. As a result, he wasn’t able to continue with his education afterwards since there were no schools in our area to accommodate deaf children.

    Having this computer would mean that he could communicate with his siblings. He is the only one out of all 8 children that doesn’t have a computer. He was very close to my grandmother who passed last year, and it would mean the world to him to be able to communicate with his brothers and sisters. Most of them live off the island. He can’t talk to them over the phone due to being deaf. The computer will also allow him to finally get the education he has always wanted. It would also help him with his handy-man side business he has. He could do up the invoices and print them off with receipts for customers.

  56. I will opt for HP Loves Dads: 1 I choose my Husband as he is a great Dad and my boys always go to him. He does a lot for the kids and I. He is the one that takes them back and forth from school to when young even daycare. Helps them in every day things. He could use this to help do things with kids from projects for school to having just fun and playing games with our youngest. Just being able to do daily tasks.

    Thank you

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  57. I lost my dad last Christmas, or he would definitely be who I would nominate as he was such a creative and crafty guy. I just know that he would love to make stuff for my niece, who is just 18 months old. My brother-in-law (My niece’s father) could carry on this legacy if he had this, so I would like to nominate him.

  58. I will nominate my husband. This is his first father’s day with our beautiful daughter, Emily. It is great that the HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer can easily make craft projects — my husband is not the most creative guy. These new HP products will help my husband be more a hands-on dad, by offering him a quick and easy way to participate in craft projects with my daughter.

  59. I am nominating my father. My dad and I are very close, and he deserves this prize pack because he has an old laptop and no printer. He would love to have the laptop and printer so that he can print out all the pictures from the computer of his grand kids (my son and daughter) and put them up all over his house.

  60. The item I bought my dad that is remembered the most is a lamp that clear glass and filled with golf tees. I was probably 14 when I got it for him on fathers day and he loved it more than anything he has ever gotten. I am 40 and he still displays it proudly on his golf shelf

  61. I nominate my husband. he is a great dad in every way! he would use the HP Envy to stay in touch with the kids via email and Skype. and I know he would use the printer to print family photos!

  62. #2 – My dads first tech gadget was an iPhone cell phone. He had a lot of issues with trying to use it at first but now he won’t be without it. It now means that he can check email and facebook on the go, email me pictures that he takes on the go (as he lives a ways away from me) and we can video chat via facetime as well. It keeps us closer.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  63. My husband is a wonderful, stay-at-home Dad to our two little boys. He makes lunches, drives our oldest to school in the morning, goes to the park, does the laundry and cooks dinner. He is always on the go, and I think that once in awhile, between going to the school and playing at the park and going to the Laundromat, he might like the ability to be on the go and still be connected – whether it’s being in the kitchen and pulling a recipe, or skyping with our family with the boys (as our desktop computer does not have a microphone or camera). He is always wanting to print something out for the kids (coloring pages) or looking for directions to get to the nearest place and be able to print them (our garage-sale printer is pretty hit or miss). He loves new gadgets and playing with them, and I think that this would occupy him for awhile (and the kids too), and bring him a little more joy 🙂

  64. #1
    My husband is a fantastic father to our daughter. As she gets older, their bond is amazing to watch. They are like best friends, and their conversations are intriguing. They share a love of photography and the printer would be great for processing quick images.

  65. That would be second option:
    My husband has never really been a gadget man, but he does get excited when he gets a new computer OR a game system.

  66. I’d like to nominate my husband. Since we only have one desktop in our house, my husband very seldom gets to use the computer. Usually our two teen sons are on the computer doing homework or contacting friends. If my husband were to win, he would be able to better organize our finaces. It would be easier for him to pay bills and it would be wonderful for him to be able to create letters and be able to print them and mail them out. Much easier then his current system of handwriting mostly everything. It would really simplify his life. Thanks so much.

  67. My step father is a special father to me. I was almost 40 when he and my mom married. I was living in the states at the time and just returned to Canada 18 months ago, which was when I first met Bret. Since then, he’s been a ‘father’ to me in every way a man can be and he’s the same age as my husband. When my grandbaby was born Bret did not hesitate in taking time off work to take us to Sick Kids in Toronto for MRI’s and brain surgery… many many months of tests/blood work/appointments. For 6 months he was off work at least 1ce a week to take Mayson to an appt. When Mayson passed away of SIDS in November, Bret became a pillar of support to not just my mom, but our entire family. Mayson was the 1st great grandchild for him and my Mom.

  68. My fathers first gadget so to speak was the electronic garage door opener. Wow what a day it was. First it had to be installed (wont even get into that ) and then trying to figure out how to use the darn thing..The instructions on how to use somehow ended up lost so trial and error it was. It was a funny great day and he ended up loving his new fathers day present /first gadget.

  69. I would like to nominate my father. He is an incredible man who is always there to help anyone who needs it. He is in his late 70’s but likes to try and keep up with the newer technology. He has an old desktop that is very slow but he keeps plugging away with it. He would use this package for surfing the internet and printing off pictures of his 3 grandsons who he is so proud of.

  70. 2) My Dad is not a very tech savvy man. Three years ago for Father’s Day we got him his first laptop computer. He has since joined Facebook and is able to access his email with very little assistance! LOL Having the laptop has given him the opportunity to stay in touch with his friends and my sister and her family who live 10 hours away from us. It’s also given him a lot more access to playing games. He can play Minesweeper for hours!

  71. my hubby Mike, for being awesome. He lost his wife to cancer and had 3 teenagers to care for till we met and
    got married.
    He is computer savvy and downloads books he buys and prints off manuals for different tools he buys so this printer
    would be super for him. He prints off movie rental forms for my boss at work, etc. He sure could use this.

  72. I nominate my amazing dad because he is such a wonderful and caring man. He just retired a year ago and is in need of a hobby since he has so much down time now. He has never used a computer and it would be great for him to win this hp envy so he can learn how to use one. It would be great to see him use facebook to keep up with family and old friends, keep up on the news, play a few games and maybe use the net to find a few other hobbies as well

  73. I nominate my husband because he is such a wonderful father to our kids. He takes the time after work to play with the kids and has such a wonderful bond with both, he is also an awesome husband. He would love the HP ENVY x2 Laptop/Tablet because his computer is old and he loves to do online sports fantasy pools..

  74. I nominate my brother-in-law. He’ll be a new dad this fall (and I’ll be a new aunt! :D). This printer would be great for custom birth announcements!

  75. The Palm Pilot was his first gadget – he’d take it everywhere with him & was constantly entering data with the stylus. I still remember the tap tap tap noise it made.

  76. My hubby’s first tech gadget was a Commodore Vic 20 and for him that meant – pushing the machine to it’s limits then tearing it apart to make it do more. I’m sure if I look in the basement I’ll find his notes from this early project. Guess that’s what lead him to be a software developer!

  77. My fathers pass away 5 years ago so I will nominate my loving husband father of our two wonderful children. My husband was stop from working by is doctors 3 months ago because of heart failure. He work physically hard all is life but always have time for our son and daughter. They couldn’t have ask for a better father. Now I think he is a little board with not working. He loves taking pictures of our 6 months old grand daughters and everything. He’s pretty good with is hands and would like to build our 6 months grand daughter a doll house…lol already. He also going to built a few bird houses. The HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer would make it possible for him to find pattern and print them. Also he could print all the pictures he love taking. I think it would be a good pass time for him and keep him occupied while he wait for surgery.

  78. I nominate my husband, the father of 3 girls, he is an amazing Dad and husband, he’s such a hard worker, everyone who meets him are the first the say to me how much my husband works hard and does great work, above all he’s honest and caring.

  79. My stepfather Mike should win a new HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day because last father’s day he was in the hospital after being hit while riding his motorcycle and losing his leg. His recovery over the last year has been hard but he’s kept a positive attitude and is now doing almost everything he could before the accident.

    1. He would use the new PC and printer in his everyday life to connect with others who have experienced similar obstacles, research topics related to making the most of his life with one leg and stay in touch with people who he doesn’t see as often because it’s difficult for him to travel.

  80. I nominate my husband, would be great for him to have a computer all to himself for a change. He is so patient in waiting for us all to finish up what we’re doing so he can have some computer time…ie: pay the bills online. He could use this new HP ENVY to stay in touch with his only sibling, his sister who lives in another province and he could go on Facebook maybe more than once a week. The printer would be great because our printer is old and slow so if he has to print stuff he does it from work and pays something towards the ink at work. He never complains much about anything, he always says “hey it’s my job to take care of you guys”. He’s a wonderful Dad to three, a super uncle to 13 and does his best to make time for all of them…. Would be awesome to win this to give to him!!

  81. I nominate my step father who is an amazing and inspiring role model for everyone he meets. He has always been there for all of us and is always able to spread his love around to all 7 of us evenly. He accepted my mom and us 4 children into his life and treats us no differntly than his 3 biological children. To this day he is always here for us all. This gift would mean the world to him. He would be able to keep in tough with all 7 of us so much easier, since we all live in different areas across Canada. He is the most influential male role model that I have ever had in my life! ~Crystal

  82. My dad’s first high tech device is his digital camera. He has always had an interest in photography and has the patience to wait for just the right picture. It is so great that he has this awesome camera to take quality pictures. If he won he would use this to email pictures etc to his friends and family and to print off his pictures. He gets me to do this for him so it would be great for him to have the freedom and independence to do it on his own, I think he would also go online to learn more about different techniques and methods to capture that perfect shot.

  83. I would nominate my husband (who is the father of my three children). He is an amazing father who loves teaching our kids about technology. I know he would come up with all kinds of projects to work on with our boys (our daughter is a bit of a technophobe).

  84. I remember when my Dad got his first cell phone. He was so amazed and thrilled with the technology.

  85. I nominate my wonderful husband and father to our two little girls. He is always there for us and works hard for our family.
    My husband is on the road for work alot and this would help to stay in contact with him over skype. My girls would love to talk to daddy and see him at the same time.

  86. I nominate my husband. I work at home and work like crazy, so he’s always here to help me with the kids and therefore he’s stuck “working” as well. But this would give him a time for some play too 🙂

  87. I’d nominate myself. Not out of vanity or being vain but because I am not close to my real father and I feel I would be the father my children would nominate. So I nominate myself on behalf of my children. I am always teaching my children, doing things with them and enjoying special moments with them. As an example, this year we are going to Ontario for one week to do Marineland, African Lion Safari, Niagara Falls and a bunch of other things. Then in August, my oldest daughter who is 18 is coming out to spend a week with her step siblings.

  88. I nominate My Nephew Thomas ,He is a great Father to His Daughter ,He works long hours but always makes sure He puts His baby to bed first and when He’s not working He is always chasing after Her and He would use His new PC (if he won) to upload the many pictures He takes of Her and print them out to share with everyone

  89. Dad works a lot of long hours and is on the move a lot, having the detachable laptop will be so great for the nights in the hotel and on the planes.

  90. my dad’s first gadget was the house alarm it would go off like all the time he loved the idea he could protect us and he had some kind of radio in the trunk that lead to the glove box now i no it was a cd changer ya good old days it meant everything to him

  91. My Dad’s First Gadget was a 35mm SLR. Coming from a poor background, and from an era where photography was for the rich, this was his only extravagance which he used to capture images of his new family and the life he was building.

  92. I nominate my husband who is a wonderful dad to our daughters and a new computer would help him keep in touch with his mum who lives far away.

  93. Upgraded dad’s 32″ tube tv to a 42″ lcd tv. Dad’s eyesight isn’t that great so the bigger screen was much appreciated.

  94. Would nominate my husband who always takes time for each of his three children even though he works almost everyday. He supported the family financially and emotionally while I was fighting cancer a few years ago. I had surgery, was in hospital, radioactive during treatment, and a danger to the family, so he had to live elsewhere with the children for 2 weeks, while I was sick at home. The cancer drained us financially, but he never let the stress impact the children. He is trying to build his consultant business and really needs a laptop. We always put the kids first so not in the budget. This laptop would be put to good use to build a business which, in the long run, would help the family thrive.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  95. I nominate my amazing Dad. He loves gadgets and his last printer broke a while back, he hasn’t purchased a replacement yet but he usually complains about not being able to print what he needs. This would be the perfect gift for him! He would use it to print his work related e-mails and travel itineraries etc.

  96. I nominate my husband, an amazing father to our two little girls. He loves to bring presents home for his girls, but he rarely gets presents for himself. He deserves to win this! He could use the HP Envy x2 to take care of his work responsibilities in the living room. That way he could finish his work and still spend time with the family. He could Skype with family up North and use it for recipes while he’s making dinner.

  97. I nominate my Husband. He has taken on ALOT with moving up here, going back to school, etc. Right now, he has really hit a rough spot and can’t finish his program this year as expected. He could definitely use this fabulous printer for his resumes, as well as for crafts for our children!!!!!

  98. I nominate my grandfather. My father has never been in my life and my mother has raised me as a single mother. At the time when I was expected, his youngest was 10 yrs old, so well out of the baby stage. He, and my grandmother, stepped up to help my mother raise me and has been father figure my whole life. We lived with them until I was 8 but moved back in myself when I was 16. He should win this because they sacrificed their time to help parent a 5th child, and that’s how he’s always made me feel, so I was never lacking without a father. He would use this to skype with us and the rest of his family, as we all live scattered now, and he’s constantly printing out pictures I send him of my kids. He’s had his current laptop and printer for several years now and I know he’s been having some issues with them lately, so I would love to win this for him.

  99. HP loves Dad – as does Mommy/Evan. My husband George is an exemplary man – selfless, hard working and the sole provider for this household. The long hours and grueling work starting to take its’ toll on him physically – now suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Never been a man to complain – he endures on for the sake of his family. Our son Evan, is a computer whiz – which is a good thing because Daddy is computer illiterate – just got a smartphone 4 months back and has been tinkering with it since – with instruction from our son. Evan is bringing Daddy into the 20th century, I must admit he is coaching me too. lol. To close the distance we send pictures daily so that he can still feel connected to our family – having a laptop to honour him would be STELLAR. One income/one kid – no frills just day to day…so being fortunate to win this would be the icing on the cake and one heck of a Father’s Day Gift to honour a man who says little – but in his heart it speaks volumes. Tried to be brief, in closing thanks for the opportunity.

  100. I nominate my hubby to win a HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day! He travels across the country to work for months at a time,leaving his family and he misses us very much. This would be just great for him,to stay connected to his family while he was gone. He works in the woods,and doesnt have a laptop,tablet or anything,so this would be a nice way to stay connected with us while he is away working for months at a time! He totally deserves it,thanks!!

  101. I nominate my father who would use the all-in-one to scan old photos and the x2 to have fun (a tech toy for someone who normally doesn’t have tech toys).

  102. His first tech gadget was an iPad…he loves to read the newspapers & blogs and he can now do it comfortably in bed or on the couch!

  103. I nominate my Father in Law. He has 2 grandchildren, both in Alberta, and he is here in Ontario. His grandchildren are his life, and as much as I know he loves being here in Ontario close to our family.. being far away from the other grandchildren breaks his heart. If he won, he would be able to use the new PC and printer to keep in contact with them, chat via webcam with his family in Alberta.. maybe be included in special days such as birthdays, holidays, etc. It would be a lovely gift for him for many many reason. 🙂

  104. My dad’s first tech gadget was the original Nintendo (NES). I still remember how excited he was that Christmas when he received it from “Santa”, he couldn’t get over how pressing a couple of buttons on the controller would move the little man (Mario) on the screen. I remember him staying up until 3 in the morning playing that game. Now he’s much older and works crazy hours so he doesn’t have the time to play video games but I can just imagine how much fun he’d have playing the game systems that are available now a days

  105. My Dad’s first tech gadget was a universal remote that worked the VCR TV DVD. He loved all the buttons and the fact that he now had total control from his chair.

  106. I nominate my father.

    Growing up as a kid my father was never the type of person who showed his emotions or expressed them into words, but instead he showed it through his actions. Everything my father does has always been for the family, he’s rarely ever taken a day off or splurged on items he wanted just for himself. He’s very frugal and not really a materialistic person, heck he just got his first cell phone a couple years ago (really old outdated Nokia phone)

    Spending time with him is all he generally wanted, he would reject any expensive gifts(though I’m pretty sure he would accept this :P) I gave him as he would rather me save the money (hard man to buy gifts for!)

    I take a lot after my dad, so looking back at my childhood I can understand and appreciate all the things he did for me. Everything from making sure I was happy and having everything I wanted as a kid to picking\dropping me off anywhere I needed to be. I could\can always depend on him to help me without fail.

    He’s still using the same desktop computer that I built him back in 2007, so having a FASTER PC would be beneficial to him, the portability would just be an added bonus. He would use everything from video chat (7 siblings) to using the printer to print out photos of his garden.

    I’ve learnt so many important life lessons from him, I’m very lucky to be his son. So now that you know a little bit about my father, I would love to surprise him by giving him some cool new tech hardware!

  107. I would nominate my father. He owns a small business and he would use the printer in his everyday life by bringing and using the printer at work,

  108. I nominate my Husband. Our Daughter was born last year and my Husband has been working 12 hour shifts at work since. He always makes time for his little girl and she simply adores him. It has been a tough yet rewarding year for him. My Husband loves to take many photos of our baby so this printer would be well used by him to print his numerous photos.

  109. My Dad’s First Gadget was a recording device as he studied at the U and needed something to record the lectures, it was very cool.

  110. My Dad is such a wonderful man! He’s raised my sister and I on his own since we were 16 and 11 which was no easy feat! And he’s been a wonderful granddad to our 3 daughters in total. I joke that he answers his phone EVERY time for us even though he has call display. He still works, at the same place after 50 years. Doesn’t have to, wants to. A great work ethic all his life. He takes care of his elderly Aunt as well. He just had his COUGH COUGH birthday,, he’d kill me if I said the #! lol HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Al Hirsch and an even better Father’s Day!!
    This would definitely help with his office work, and he could make copies of photos of his kids and grand kids to show off like he loves to do!

  111. My husband first tech gadget was his 365 computer. Nothing special expect he wanted to play video games. My dad first tech gadget is his cell phone. He just wanted one.

  112. My Dad’s First Gadget was a mobile phone. It was 1996, the phone was still big & heavy then.
    Dad used/kept it for 6 months & found he didn’t ‘need’ one. It passed along to my younger brother.
    But the past 10 years, phone has been compact. He had one (along with mom) that he could call each other when picking up different grandkid from different school. Also, we could call him all the time.

  113. My dad’s first major tech gadget was his iPad… which he has used to become an online shopping addict, buying guitar stuff and Taylor hats to feed his music passion. Also watching music videos on YouTube and trying to learn to play along on his Fender. Now he has moved on to a cell phone and is texting and he’s got his ipod to listen to in his work truck haha

  114. I nominate my husband as he is selfless both at home and at work. He gives us all unconditional acceptance and is always volunteering for our community. He would use the HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 to print out flyers for our community events, for organizing his charities and for creative cards and calenders!

  115. I would like to nominate my son in law Cevon. He is a wonderful father to my 2 grandchildren. I love being a granny and he is a great son in law. Only one problem…..they have moved away to a different city and their old laptop has seen better days and isn’t up to skype. We keep in touch by phone and email but being able to skype would be amazing….there is nothing like seeing faces to make it seem like you are together. The kids change so much between visitis. I wish I could afford to buy them a new computer. I know that winning this would bring our family even closer. With two growing kids and lots of project, the new laptop and printer would come in handy for homework, correspondence and productivity.

  116. i nominate my husband to win, he would use this to get work done at home without having to take computer turns with the kids

  117. Option #2 – We just got my father his first smart phone – an iPhone 4. It allows him to keep in contact with my brother and I via text and email a lot better than on a regular flip phone which he found it very hard to text

  118. My dad works long hours and is very selfless. He is a gadget freak but would never treat himself to this so hopefully he wins this.

  119. I would like to nominate my daughter’s godfather. He is an amazing man that has provided a positive role model for her because we don’t have a “father” figure in our lives.

  120. my dad’s first gadget was a GPS that we got him for fathers day. he loves it. My mom says he sits on the couch and just plays around with it. They went to Hawaii last year and he took it with him. He’s just amazed at all the features

  121. My Dad’s first tech gadget was a cell phone, I got him one when he was 74. It was a treat watching him use his phone, although he called everyone ten times a day at first. He thought that he had to talk louder because the phone was so small..now he is on his 3rd phone, the iPhone 4s and he’s a pro. Now he wants to skype with my sister who lives in another province, my Dad is the best!!

  122. Dad’s First Gadget: my dad first gadget was his radio and he can’t throw it away. he still has it even though it’s been 30 years! that radio is still there in the living room…

  123. I nominate my grandpa. This prize pack would help him keep in touch with me and his future great grandchild and print pictures of the whole family!

  124. My husband, who is an amazing man and father, picked up his first “gadget” at a second-hand store, paid $150 for a massive old thing that had a boot disc and was DOS based! This was a good 15 years ago at least, and had Word Perfect on it. Now my tablet can probably do twice as much as that hunk of junk, and in 1/10th of the space 😉

    1. However, he was so proud of it and was so excited to have a computer to do his schoolwork on.

  125. My fathers first gadget was a video recorder 🙂 he loved taking videos of the family gatherings

  126. My Dad’s first tech gift was a really, really basic calculator which he got from a sales rep. This was back before the days of LCD displays, and it had that wonderful glowing red LEDs like the earliest digital watches. Plus it was huge. And took a 9 volt battery. I should see if I can find it this weekend in one of the many boxes of his stuff…

  127. Nominating my hubby! His entire family lives in the States. (MI) so he’d use the HP Envy x2 for keeping intouch with those people via FB, Skype, email. :). The printer would be used for printing off pics of said loved ones!

  128. I would nominate my souldmate and father of our children, Marc. He works very hard at his job everyday for us to live comfortably in our home and for me to be able to take care of our children as a stay at home Mom. Only recently he has been becoming more and more tech savvy so I think this prize would be perfect for him to stay connected with his family (who lives far away) and by using the printer to print pictures and colouring pages for our girls! 🙂 Love you hunnie! xoxo

  129. My Dad’s first tech gift that I remeber is the VCR. He had so much fun playing with it and figuring out how to program it to tape.

  130. My husbands first real “tech” gadget was a digital picture frame. He loves keeping it on his desk at work so he can always update it with pictures of our sons and our family outings. His face lights up when people comment on our kids, he of course, thinks they’re the best in the world.

  131. My dad deserves this, he sacrified a lot for his family and its time he got all the good things.

  132. my craft project for Dad or Daddy at our house is to buy a decorate it yourself travel mug and create a college of the kids pictures all over it. We do the same gift every couple of years with updated pictures and the new babies 🙂 as my hubby said he didn’t want to add or change the one he got before..it was perfect! He has two now and with two new boy in the last 1.5 years he needs a new one 🙂

  133. I nominate my husband who is a wonderful father/step-father. He needs a laptop and he would use it to keep in touch with the kids. He does art and he could take pics and email them to the kids.

  134. my Dad introduced us to computers almost 30 years ago. I remember the clunky Commodore 64 and the cassettes that used to load up the games. We would also type computer programs in the hopes of running a new game which involved pages of typing!

  135. My dad, works during the week and then on his own buisness on weekends, anything we can do for him we love to do.

  136. I can remember when my 91 year old Grandpa got his first computer about 10 years ago. He was so frusterated with it because he couldn’t find the power button. He didn’t understand it at all but he was determined to learn.

  137. I nominate my dad. He used to work long tough 12 hour days just to be able to put food on the table when I was little. He would come home tired from work and still made time to help me out with my homework. Right now, dad is using a really old Epson printer and desperately needs to upgrade! He’s using a terrible Vaio which constantly gets hit by aggressive viruses and this has resulted in our Skype sessions becoming less frequent. I only get to see my dad once a year so Skyping is very important to us. If he were lucky enough to win this, he would use it to stay in touch with his family as we are scattered all over the world. Being able to present this to him would be so so so worth it!

  138. My husband got his first gadget from his boys -a multi screwdriver.
    It sure comes in handy and was a great fathers day gift from them.
    Great giveaway to the special man in my life.

  139. I would nominate my Hubby who is a wonderful father. He is generous of his time, and tries to do differnt activities with his boys including remote control planes, and cars, building and launchiing rockets, walks to the river, and long adventure bike rides. He helps with science and math homework and my youngest (teen) told me yesterday each time he tries to think of something his Dad can’t answer or help with or do …he comes up blank. This is a Dad that drove 2400 KM so his kids could see the 2nd last space shuttle launch and then drove back 2400 KM in a 6 days so they won’t miss too much school. He is the best!
    My Hubby and my kids Dad seldom takes personal time for himself and this would be perfect for him to do some of the things on his list. Whether that be watch a movie or work on some of the many neglected “tech” tihngs he would like to do but never gets around to.
    In our life we have the time but not the money Or the money but not the time. If he won this he would have the $ part taken care of and I would take care of the time, making sure he could enjoy this for himself and in his own way.

  140. I would like to nominate my husband because he is such a wonderful father and husband. If he won he would share it with his family since we love to make crafts He would also use it to work and to keep in touch with his family who live across Canada :).

  141. Whew – this is a hard one. Naturally, I nominate my father, but he is 81, so the closest tech gadget he has possessed is an old cell phone (like 2007 old) and he’s quite proud of it and refuses to upgrade. My mom is the the wizard behind the curtains when it comes to tech stuff.

  142. My dad’s first gadget was his ipad he received on his 57th birthday. Previous to this he had no idea how to do anything relating to technology, and did not understand how anything worked. He can now use social media to connect with old friends and really enjoys youtube to find his favorite bands and videos of them he had never seen before. The use of technology now means the world to him and I think he deserves a technological gift this fathers day because he needs to be spoiled for all his hard work!

  143. My dad’s first gadget was probably his cellphone as it allowed him to communicate with his clients in a swift manner for the first time!

  144. when I first met this dad his little gadget at the time and he thought it was the greatest thing ever was something I believe called a palm pilot. it had a little pen for typing on the screen and I remember him showing it off to me and thinking why don’t you just get a calendar and use a reg pen and he said cuz this thing he could put in apt and reminders and it would beep at him.

  145. My father’s first tech gadget was an alarm system for his first store which was located in a house in a narrow street of an old town in Europe. Being an early riser, he managed to weak up halt the town on an ongoing basis while setting off the alarm. He could he heard shouting apologies (and a few swear words) until he managed to disarm the system, no doubt waking the rest of the town while doing so.

  146. My husband’s favorite gadget is his drill (is that a gadget? for him it is…) He loves putting up shades and shelves and everything in between…

  147. I pick option #2 and I nominate my Dad. His first tech gadget goes back a long way to the 70’s when I was born. He had a Super 8 home movie camera with projector and he babied it like you wouldn’t believe. He loved catching us doing all our silly things like dancing and making faces. It was so exciting growing up when my Dad would have a home movie night . It felt like it took hours for him to get everything set up and he really made a big deal about it lol. But we loved watching the silent videos and we still do on occasion although they kind of make us all tear up a bit now.

  148. Probably not my husband’s first tech gadget, but the one that I remember the most was a remote for his stereo. The sounds changed constantly all day, along with the music being played.

  149. I nominate my husband who is an excellent father and grandfather. He has worked hard providing for his family gone from home two weeks every month but he made up for it on his two weeks off spending most of his time with the kids and bringing them to hockey, soccer, swimming or baseball. As a working mom I looked forward to those two weeks also for a break. He even helped with the household chores and cooking.

  150. Michael’s first tech gadget was his blackberry. He loves it…sort of…it is for work only.

  151. My dad’s first tech gadget was a cellphone. He love been able to keep in touch or if he had a question when he was out. But it took awhile for him to remember to take it with him when he goes out or to keep it charged.

  152. As soon as I saw your blog post about this fantastic opportunity to give a very deserving dad a brand new HP Envy x2 + Printer, I knew I had to jump at this.
    Let me tell you why I nominate my husband and why I strongly he is the perfect candidate.
    Of course, any good and loving wife will say all good things about her husband but these words are nothing short of honest to goodness truth and pure admiration.

    For the past 4 1/2 years that I made the tough decision to stay home and leave my career to raise my children (after a tough time conceiving), my husband has not only stood by my side, but supported me all the way.
    This was not easy because one income with our financial obligations made it extremely difficult for us to enjoy life (outside of our responsibilities).

    During that time at home, I then started my own business from home, this then led to my blogging and finally social media work (digital work from home) — Thank goodness for that!
    However, having said all that, we only have one laptop in this home (we’ve always only had one of everything), which I use the majority of the time for work purposes.

    My husband this year has decided to continue his studies in hopes of achieving better job opportunities in his field. I support him 100% but the big issue now is that sharing one laptop amongst the demands of my work, blogging, his studies and just our own personal time browsing the web, watching netflix, etc. will prove to be super difficult!
    He has been so *patient*, super supportive and caring throughout the years that I sat in front of a screen working on my artistry of writing and working online, even if that meant he had very little time with our laptop.

    He spends most of his web surfing and online leisure time using his smartphone.
    Really… that’s not fair at all. 🙁

    I feel so bad and I really can’t think of a father so deserving (that on top of his patience and support also bathes and cares for the kids while mommy finishes up ad-hoc work requests, and published posts etc.) than my husband.
    He has had a rough time with branching out of his career rut and now making the strategic and bold move to continue his work to support his family AND continue his studies in such a tough competitive field that he’s in… he could really, REALLY use this HP Envy x2 and Printer. And he so very much deserves it.

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

  153. I would nominate my Father. He should get it because his current computer and printer are rather old…about 8 years old. He constantly has problems with the computer. This new computer and printer would let him stay in touch with the extended family much more easily. He would also be able to use it to keep up with business as he is self employed.

  154. I nominate my father because he always introduces new technology to me – actually, i am not even joking, but he surprised me with a new Philips alarm clock/ipod docking system today. He is always giving us the technology, so it would be so fun to give something back to him!

  155. My husbands first high tech gadget was a blackberry – I had to teach him how to use it lol He does pretty well on our OLD desktop but doesn’t want to replace it because it still works – we have never had a printer which we could really use (he prints stuff we need off at work, and it would be wonderful if he could do it at home. Thanks for the chance to get a really techy computer that I would bond with my hubby while teaching him how to use it!

  156. I nominate the father of my children, Carlis. the first electronic he ever got was a nintendo (the old school ones) that he had to use his own money from his paper route to buy for himself. He has always had to work to get anything he wanted and to this day working hard to get the things his kids want.

  157. I nominate my Dad for this prize. He has never had a computer in his life but it is never too late to learn. If he could learn the basics it would be a great way for him to keep in touch with the family. I know that my Mom would be interested in learning some basics on the computer as well.

  158. 1.) I nominate my husband. He is an amazing father to our two boys. He has to work long days and only sees the boys for an hour or so in the evenings during his shift so he always does the reading of the bedtime story and checking the room for scary monsters. My sons love having that quality time with their dad and I know he loves it too.

    If my husband won then this would give him his own laptop and he wouldn’t be taking mine all the time lol. The printer would be awesome to have as well since we moved back in February and didn’t have enough room for our printer. 🙁

    Thank You!!

  159. I nominate my hubby! He’s not really tech savvy but if he were to win this I’m sure he would learn real fast! I know he would get lots of use out of it for the simple fact that I know he would love that he can use it as a tablet or laptop and that the possibilities are endless! He is such an awesome Daddy to our 4 yr old son always doing some kind of fun activity with him so just imagine how much fun they can both have and still have lots of daddy and son bonding time!

  160. This year for the dad in our house, we created two hand-made cards. The first has our boys’ handprints (ages 2 3/4 and 6 months). We turned the paper upside down and wrote “You’re the best dad – HANDS DOWN!” Then we placed footprints on another card and wrote, “We’re proud to follow in your footsteps, dad!” — Also a DIY project I did this year … I created a video of photos in iMovie to show how our boys have grown over the past year. My plan is to make one each year so we have a lasting momento of all of my husband’s father’s days! We are very excited to share our creations on Sunday!

  161. My husband’s first tech gadget was probably his HTC smart phone. He uses it every day for personal and business use.

  162. My dads first gadget was digital watch. He loved that it display the day, month and year besides the time. His watch was also water proof. He loved to fish and frequently ruined a watch getting it wet. He really loved this watch.

  163. if I won tis my dad would love me even more!!!!! he would aways be playing games online!!!!!!!!

  164. I still recall my father’s first computer. The TI-99 by Texas Instruments. He got it when I was a kid. I remember us both playing the crazy cartridge games that it had, and him showing me how to hook up the cassette player to play games that were on cassette (yes, I’m old enough to remember when cassettes were used for data as well).

  165. I nominate my brother; I raised my kids as a single mom and he not only took care of his kids, but was there for mine as well; they all call him “DADA” — he is always working on special projects with them for school; if I would win this for him, it would be more helpful to be more involved in many more upcoming projects. Thank you for the chance.

  166. I nominate my husband because he has Cerebal Palsy and is an inspiration to everyone who meets him.He always steps up to help others.

  167. My first fatherly tech gadget was a smartphone- it meant I could be reached whenever there was a “dad emergency” like a cut, scrape, or bruise.

  168. I think ,my brother in law deserves this computer. He works hard to support his family and could use this computer to help his kids out with their homework.

  169. Wow first tech gadget would be a xbox, lol – phone would be included but I cant honestly remember the first! All Dads love their gadgets so Im sure there was many

  170. His first tech gadget was a GPS system for the car and he enjoyed punching in the info and getting the directions told to him. It really seemed to impress him how it would tell him where to turn etc.

  171. I nominate my dad. He spoils me rotten, so I’d love to win him something nice. He would love a printer. 🙂

  172. I nominate myself, a father, who always believes in his son. I’m the person who allows him to take risks, and if he fails… I will be there to pick him up, brush him off, and let him try it again. Because like Muhammad Ali once said, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

  173. I nominate my fiance. He is currently umemployed but is going to school. He wants to get a great job to support us. This printer would help a lot. He loves spending time with his son, playing games, going outside and reading books.

  174. I would nominate my husband for raising eight kids and all are boys and one girl. He always took them places and would make tons of pizzas, the best lasagnas. He never minded all of their friends being over and having to feed them or the noise. They are all grown and on their own now and doing well.

    1. I forgot to say why he would want to win this. It would be to keep in touch with all the kids and pictures of them and our grand kids. He would use it for his work.

  175. My dad’s first Tech gadget was his cell phone. My mom bought it for him for Christmas a couple of years ago and it opened up a whole new world for him. It probably meant as much to me as it did for him, we live on opposite sides of the country and this enables us to have a wonderful relationship. we text several times a day just to let each other know what we are doing, he is an amazing man.

  176. Good evening!

    I’d like to share our idea for the Keep Calm and Craft On option.

    To begin with, you’ll need the following supplies:
    1. Large jar with snap lid or twist lid. Any size will do but it will depend on how much work you want to put into it.
    2.Multi-coloured markers
    3. Self-adhesive labels or dots
    4.Construction Paper
    6.Chocolate or pre-wrapped candy
    7.Frame (optional)

    Using the self-adhesive labels or dots and coloured markers begin writing inspirational things about Dad. Get the kids involved in this as their opinions are so important. Let them pick their favourite colour marker but you may need to write the actual words because the labels are kind of small.

    Stick the labels onto each piece of chocolate and place them into the jar. Fill the jar as high as it will go! When it is full, seal the lid and hide the jar until it’s ready to be given out.

    On Fathers’ Day, give Dad the Jar! Keep the construction paper handy so as Dad (and the Kids) read off the stickers….and eat the chocolates they can stick the stickers onto the construction paper to preserve the messages. Keep Kleenex handy because there are bound to be some tears. I know there was for us!

    For an added touch add some ribbon and bows and/or place it in a frame for future viewing!

    I hope you enjoy the idea. I had so much fun making it with our

  177. My Dad’s first gadget gift was an Ipod! He loves the newest things, but never really understands them . My brother and I got our Dad and Ipod a few years ago, and he was so excited! He went right online, installed Itunes and away he went. Still, I get a call from him from time to time with him telling me his recent purchase..”Can you believe I got 50 Elvis songs for $10?!?” – See more at: http://myweeview.com/2013/06/hp-envy-sleekbook-6-hp-envy-120-e-all-in-one-printer/#sthash.fO0yXgzt.dpuf

  178. My dad’s first gadget was a webam several years ago…at first, it was so funny having a chat with my parents through it ( we don’t live in the same city), and now it’s just an essential gadget for us!

  179. I nominate my husband. He is always so patient with our 2 children as they were growing up. I’m surprised he has any hair left after teaching them both to drive. We now have 2 grandsons who are the apple of his eye and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them. If won, he would use the HP Envy to keep in touch with our son who lives and works in another country and of course send interesting things to our grandsons. He would use the printer to print pictures of our grandsons to frame and have by his HP Envy so he could see them when he’s thinking about them

    1. Computer glitch – I transmitted my and then my computer kicked me out – so commenting to get an entry

  180. My dad’s first tech gadget was a palm pilot, which he loved! It really played into his organization skills.

  181. I would like to nominate my husband, who is the father to our 4 children. He would use this computer for helping me with homeschooling lessons and going back to college. This would be amazing for him as we all share 1 computer right now.

  182. I nominate my wonderful husband who helps take care of our house and kids and takes care of all the bills. It would be nice for him to have a laptop so he doesn’t have to share the computer with the kids who sometimes crash it and lose all his information. A printer would be nice for paper backup and I’m sure the kids would love it

  183. I nominate my better half and husband. Father of our two young adult children. And although he is rather tech challenged, we all love him for how hard he tries to keep with the every changing technology. This would be a great win for him and something to call his own. (he is so afraid of messing up our computers/laptops etc ) We would even throw in a few lessons at the community center.

  184. I’d nominate my kid’s dad (hubby) for this printer, so he can print out photos for our family album. They all are great memories of what an awesome dad and role model he is.

  185. My husband’s first gadget was a radio with cassette which is huge as he grew up in communist Romania where such items were hard to come by!

  186. I think my Dads first real tech gadget he got was an adaptor for his bass so that he could play without having to be connected to his amp.

  187. My husband received an Asus Transformer for our first Fathers Day together and I swear that he was going to faint on the floorl

  188. I nominate my hubby who is a real tech fan. His hobby is photography, so if he won this prize, he would use the laptop/tablet to design photographic creations and use the printer, inks and photo paper to print his finished product .He would include the whole family step by step in the creative process and at the end, print each person a copy of the shared creation . The team effort with him and the family would bring us all closer together as a family !

  189. I would have to go with my ex, as his job takes him on the road more than the kids would like, and its hard to keep in contact with all three of them, so this laptop would allow him to keep in better contact with the kids when he is gone. Plus the girls would love the printer for doing crafts at his house

  190. My dad loved his computer, he never thought he would use it. then he got it and was always sending me something new he had found to do on it.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  191. My husband, He is a great father for our 3 kids. He works hard for us. The kids love doing things with him on the computer, making special art projects. He does everything for us, would be great to give him something back.

  192. My husband’s first gadget was a Sega Saturn which was a big deal because was among the first to own one.

  193. My husbands first tech gadget, if I remember correctly, was a remote control car as a kid 🙂 He still loves those things even today!

  194. I nominate my Dad. He is the one who brings home the bacon. He has worked hard to make ends meat for our family of 5, and one income family. He is a hardworking man on a few hours rest, rarely takes a day off. He has always been there for me when I need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or just for a daddy daughter day.

  195. My Dad’ first “gadget” was actually a bithday gift he bought for my Mother – a gold watch with DIGITAL READOUT (OOOOOOOOH!). We were all so excited when he gave it to her.

  196. My hubby’s first tech gadget was a cell phone when they first came out. He tells me all the time it was like a brick it was so big. It’s funny how far we’ve come from that ’til now where it’s unheard of if you don’t have a cell phone.

  197. My dad’s first tech gadget was an old laptop computer….big, bulky, slow….but he loved it and felt so tech savvy when he got it. He is so cute. 🙂 Thank you.

  198. Hubby’s first father’s day gadget was a car stand for his iphone. He absolutely loved it 🙂

  199. My grandfather deserves to win this printer. He loves pictures and would love to print them.

  200. Recently, my husband, myself and our 12 yr old son moved in with my father in law as his health was seriously declining and he was no longer safe alone. We sold our home and up and moved in to avoid him needing to go to a nursing home. My husband had to leave his job as he became the primary caregiver for his father. I am a community nurse and I have remained working. It has been a tough transition for my husband and he is struggling with feeling so isolated being his father’s caregiver and not being able to do the things he used to. It is for this reason that I nominate him as I know that winning such a great prize would go a long way to ease his isolation. He does not have a computer of his own and mine is old and slow. He would be able to contact friends and family with a new computer, organize his father’s appointments, and even surf the net to help him pass the time when his Dad is asleep etc. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a fantastic prize!

  201. 2. My dad always used to talk about his portable Cd player – when he was younger those were still a pretty high tech device and he thought it was the coolest thing ever!

  202. For #3, we took wooden picture frames from the craft store (at $1 each) and covered them with all different colors of duct tape. We were careful to leave the opening for the picture free of tape so that it wouldn’t ruin the photo. We used permanent markers and bolts/washers to further decorate it, then they drew pictures for their dads and put them inside. Very personalized (each one was very different) and the dads loved them!

  203. I nominate my Husband as he works so hard and was recently laid off, the laptop we have is pretty bad with tape holding it together and just plain awful so winning this for him he would be able to get on and search for a job and print off his resume. We do not have a printer so he is at the library everyday tryiing to get a job in which he spends time away from the family. We have 2 girls and they adore and love him so much and this would just be a awesome gift for him.

  204. This would go to my wonderful husband and father of my four children. He works long and hard hours and has very little free time. One of his favorite things is pictures of the kids. This new laptop and printer could let him print as many wonderful kid pics as he likes so he’s always surrounded by family. He could also use it for work. Plus we could skype with the family when he’s out of town. Wahoo.

  205. My Dad’s first gadget was an old cell phone when they first came out. You know, the ones in the bags with the phone cord that plugged into the cigarette lighter? He had such a hard time using that thing lol. He’s not exactly tech saavy! Now he’s a bigwig at a big company. His phone of choice? Iphone 5!

  206. I nominate my Dad. Not just for being a great dad to me and my siblings, but also for filling in like a dad for my daughter while I raised her as a single mom. He’s 83 and doesn’t leave the house as much as he used to but he very much enjoys keeping tabs, organizing his affairs, and being entertained through the use today’s latest technologies.

  207. i nominate my dad as he really needs some new techology to play with…he needs an upgrade…

  208. I would nominate my husband. He would use this computer and printer as part of his work with the scout troop. My husband works hard and spends a lot of his time with his daughters as well.

  209. My dad’s first gadget was a Polaroid camera and he loved it. He was so tickled when he opened it he could hardly talk.

  210. My husband Jeff, his first gadget was his Walkman, he loved having his favorite songs at his fingertips! He progressed to an MP3 and is still amazed he has thousands of songs in a device the size of a deck of cards! He is learning about tech still but relies on the kids to show him the how to navigate and find things on the internet, etc.

  211. I would like to nominate my Dad. He is recently retired and having this would help him start his business of selling on ebay. He was an army surplus dealer when he worked and now he would love to sell army surplus on ebay to help my Mom keep up with the bills. Dad is a hard working man. He is kind and generous and he really would appreciate this if he was the lucky winner.

  212. 2. Hubs first tech gadget was a tandy computer- and what it meant to him was (in his words) a new life- that is how we met and he got me and my 4 daughters. 🙂

  213. my fathers first tech gadget that I really remember was thus really thin cell phone. I could not believe it was so small and he loved showing it off. I remember it cost a fortune and he used to carry it in the front pocket of his shirt..what a nerd!

  214. This was my son’s first Father’s Day! His first tech gadget was a Nintendo Gameboy that his grandma bought for him when he was five years old. He slept with it!

  215. My father is the hardest working man I know. He started his own business from scratch to give his family a better life. The business is still up and coming but I think this laptop would be perfect to help his business out on the technology side because all of his equipment is a little dated.

  216. I nominate my Dad <3. HE is one of the hardest working guys I know. Although he is not very good with new technology, he is a quick learner. He's never owned a computer, let alone a printer. He's always getting me to search for things on the internet or post for sale ads or print things off. I think he would benefit greatly if I won this for him. It would open up a whole new world, and I'd also introduce him to facebook so he could keep in touch and up to date with family out of town.

  217. My dad’s first gadget was a cell phone, which he FINALLY got after years of hounding him to! 🙂 He still stared over his glasses to punch in the numbers one…..at….a…..time!

  218. This Dad’s first tech gadget is a bit hard for him to recall, but the first nifty one was a digital camera that used 4 AA batteries that powered the camera for about 5 minutes. Those pictures weren’t cheaper than film. Thank goodness batteries and electronics got better.

  219. Hello, I made my father in law a plaque for Father’s Day. I should of taken a picture of it but I didn’t. I used my new Silhouette Portrait to design a subway art with his name and a piano on it because he is a professional piano player, the year of his birth and some musical words and notes. He loved it and it was fairly easy to make. I will be making more. First I designed the subway art. Then I cut it out using shelf paper. Then I transfered that on transfer paper. I got a peice of wood about the size of letter paper, painted it black and transferred the design on it. Then I painted it white giving it two coats. Once dry I carefully removed the shelf paper letters. Then I roughed it up with sand paper to give it a shabby chic look and finished it all off with paste wax. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  220. My dad’s first tech gadget was a Walkman. He loved to move the lawn listening to his cassettes!

  221. I nominate my dad, because he works hard every day doing construction and then comes home to type up his reports on an antique computer. He could use a faster computer and printer for his reports and maybe to print some of the beautiful sunrise pix he gets from work.

  222. I nominate my dad. He worked hard for his family and has always put family and friends before himself. He lived a simple and thrifty life to provide for us. It would be really nice to win a tech gift for him. He will be able to use the HP Envy to stay connected with us and print family pictures with his new printer.

  223. I nominate my husband- he has been a stay at home dad (to our now three year old daughter) since he lost his job in August 2011. I went back to teaching part time and am attending college full time to upgrade my teaching degree. He has embraced his role as Mr Mom with a few bumps in the road. Our computer is dying, the harddrive has been fixed twice in the last year but still gives us the blue screen of eternal re-boot at least once a week. Hubby is hoping to start college courses online as soon as I graduate in September. A new computer would really help him find a new career as a genealogist and family tree researcher

  224. My Dad’s first gadget was his Apple Shuffle. He loved music and was amazed at what he could put on it.

  225. My husband is the dad I nominate. He runs his own business so he uses a computer and printer to keep on top of all the book work that comes along with that and he also prints off music for teaching guitar lessons on the side. He does printable crafts with our daughters too

  226. My Dad`s first gadget was a cell phone and he still has not been able to figure out how to work it. Trying to teach him how to Skype on the computer but his computer is old and slow so not having much luck

  227. I would love to win for my husband. He’s been trying to start his own art business and a new computer and a printer could help him get started. What we have will not work at all and this has been a dream of his since he was a child. He’s an artist and draws comic books.

  228. The first Father’s Day gift made by our daughter for her dad was a glass baby food jar, covered in masking tape and then painted brown to look like “leather” and filled with paperclips for dads desk.. That was many, many years ago and the “leather” paper clip holder still sits proudly on Dad’s desk!

  229. I got my father inlaw an ipod touch. This was his first gadget and he loved it. so much so that a year later he bought an ipad mini for “his wife” Any how it meant a lot to him cause he lives over 600 miles away and it enabled him to see he grand children when ever he wants.

  230. dads first gadget was his cell phone. Although he can fix anything mechanical he needs help with his phone.

  231. My dad doesn’t really own any tech gadgets of his own, but my mom has a few and shares with him. He just had his knee replaced a few weeks ago and is still pretty laid up. Apparently he has claimed her laptop and she’s stuck on the netbook.

  232. I would nominate my hubby. He’s going to be doing distance education in September to get his tickets. He could really use this for handling the tasks about to come his way (and in his own private office). He works incredibly hard and even moved us across the country (well, one province over) so he could provide a better life (once his school is finished).

  233. I would give it to my Father. he is always a hard worker and this year he went in for a back operation that has left his left leg palarized with very little motion since Jan. he is slowly gaining the motion back every day and we pry it iwll be back to normal in the next few months. He would love to have this to brighten up his dad and help him at his machine shop.

  234. I want to nominate my husband. He works so hard for our family. He is a landscaper and during this time of the year, he has to work 6 days a week. He will come home when the sunset. (which probably 8 or 9 pm.) I think he should receive a new HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day because he need them for his business. Print out all the bills for his customers and scan all the bills he has for his business. These will help him to stay up to date on his paper work and have more time with us. 🙂

  235. I nominate my dad..He is the most wonderful dad any one could ever want he takes care of all the family.. never says a word ..Worked hard to support all of us and now in his later years I am taking care of them..he would love to have this printer he is need of one so bad..I would love to give this to him..

  236. #2 – My Dads first gadget was a Cassette Walkman. He was fascinated by it. He loves music and this was his most treasured gadget. He might still have it in the attic somewhere!

  237. I nominate my children’s daddy. He would use this to connect with his family who lives far from where we live. The last time he saw them was 2 1/2 years ago. He would also use this for his project. He plans to have his own business so it would help to have a good tools to prepare his business plan.

  238. My Dad’s first gadget was a GPS. He loved the convenience of using it to get him where he wanted to go. Thinking about those satellites orbiting so he can find his fishing lake still get him to smile wide.

  239. My husband’s first tech gadget was a computer we bought together shortly after we were married. I can still hear the dial-up noises in my head it would make when he’d log on in the morning to check messages.

  240. I nominate my husband. He loves his toys but he’s not very computer savvy, but that is about to change. With our oldest daughter going off to college this fall, a computer will be the easiest way to keep in touch with her and knowing him he will need to check in on her daily. My husband also loves going to auctions with his father and are looking up different auctions and the items listed. With the printer they would be able to print off info on the auctions and items that they are interested in.

  241. I would nominate my husband to win. He is getting into woodwork and design. These printers would be perfect for him to print his plans for the furniture that he wants to build. He also loves our kids and takes great joy in taking photos of them. We get all our photos printed at the store, to have a printer high quality enough to print photos at home would be a dream come true.

  242. My Dad’s First Tech Gadget: My Dad had a TI-99 personal computer. It used cartridges, and I remember we sent away UPC codes from games to get a voice module. It was incredibly basic by modern standards, but the height of technology back then.

  243. My hubby is my nomination. He is a firefighter who works shifts and I work 3 regular scheduled days at my jobs so our life is a mix of mom days , dad days, daycare and family days. Dad days are considered the most fun because he is fearless in what he does with the boys. He doesn’t plan the day to death they just roll with the punches. They go bike riding, to multiple parks in one day to compare the slides :), swimming, anything goes. If they get hungry the find food, if they get dirty they don’t care. I wish I could be more like that.

  244. I nominate my father Lenny. He has always been a big kid and my best buddy. I think he should win simply because he deserves it. He would use it to keep in touch with family and friends and probably play his favorite games.

  245. I’m commenting on nr 1: HP Loves Dads
    I’m nominating my son who is the father of two marvellous children. He would use it a lot to research various things for the kids and he doesn’t have a printer and would no doubt put it to good use too. Also with the kids in mind he’d be printing out pictures for them to colour, photos of them etc.

  246. My father’s first tech gadget (that I know of) was a state-of-the-art tape recorder, which at that time was reel-to-reel. We’ve since re-purposed its very well built roller car to house more modern electronics.

  247. I would nominate my brother. He works 2 jobs 6 days a week so these gadgets would help him to stay in touch with family.

  248. His fist tech gadget was a tv that came with a remote control. He loved not having to get up to change the channel

  249. i nominate my hubby. we dont have a printer but he always wants to print off pictures so this would make it esaier for instead of packing up the kids and going out to do it.

  250. Dads first gadget was a digital fish finder for his boat. He was so happy he could see where the schools of fish were when he was out on his boat. he told us all he doesn’t ever need another gift again

  251. I remember my dad’s first foray into the high tech world, way back in the 80s, was a VCR. A sleek-looking black number with a by-gawd wireless remote control. Like livin’ in the future. 🙂

  252. My hubby first gadget was a GPS system. What it meant to him was NO more taking wrong turns and getting frustrated on road trips. What it meant to me was a happy hubby and happy mama!

  253. i would nominate my husband as well. he recently bought his uncles farm and is working hard to make that work in an effort to have more of a family life after 21 years of working hard with little family time alllowed.

  254. Dad’s First Gadget: My dad loves gadgets! His first tech gadget was probably an iPad.

  255. I’d nominate my dad! He could use a laptop and printer for all his real estate work and a laptop would be very helpful since he could take it places with him rather than come home to check something then go back out. I remember him having one a few years back when I was younger that got stolen but we couldn’t afford to replace it. He could finally get back to being more productive by being able to take his computer with him.

  256. I nominate my father because he is a great Dad, always helping others, and fixing stuff around my house for me.

  257. I actually would nominate my son-in-law. Our daughter gave birth to their first child in October 6 weeks earlier than expected due to mommy’s medical condition. Our son-in-law has been the best dad I’ve ever seen. He took right over looking after their tiny under 6 pound baby boy for the first 3 weeks as our daughter was not well. To this day, when baby (who is now a very healthy 8 month old) sees his daddy or hears his voice he just squeals with delight! It has been so interesting to watch the interaction between our grandson and our son-in-law. I definitely think he’ll make “father of the year!”. Am so proud of them all! Our daughter by the way also deserves Mother of the year award as she is the calmest and caring loving mommy I’ve seen (next to me of course!)… hehehe

  258. If I win this for my dad, he won’t stop printing his saxophone music and my piano music – jam session here we come! Great contest – thanks!

  259. I nominate my husband. He is in the military and constantly gone for training, If he won this, he would be able to webcam with our boys and keep in contact with them. Talking on the phone just isn’t enough, they miss seeing their daddy.

  260. I would like Nominate my Husband on behalf on my 4 children.
    My Children would Love to see their father get a new HP ENVY and HP ENVY 120 printer as over the last few years things have been very difficult for us as a family with death and illness and stress, But my Husband was always there for us. My Husband stepped up and took over all the roles of mom and dad, when i had to go away for treatment. he make sure the kids were happy and well taken care of. My spouse has given up getting a new Laptop for the last 4 years to ensure the kids always got what they needed. Dad is the only one able to work in the house and works long hours and up to 6 days a week to make sure we can live even if that means we don’t get any extras. My kids says ” Our daddy really needs something new to play on and to help us with homework and play games with us”!

    My Husband first gadget was his very first computer in 1997. He is still using it to this day but it is on its last leg. Its so old the CD drive does not open and the screen goes white all the time. 🙁 My Husband loves it and was very happy it was his first ever computer and it was well used!!

    thank you for taking my kids nomination of their dad 🙂

  261. I would love to nominate the only father that I loved. Unfortunately, he passed away 12 years ago. I was a daddy’s girl, the youngest of 3 kids and the only girl. We had a very special relationship that often made my 2 brothers just a little jealous. Would he have been able to use the computer – probably not. He was not the most comfortable with new technology. Maybe in time he could have learned to use it.
    I still miss my dad. Am I eligible to win this prize – I don’t know. But I can tell you that I am on permanent disability and am looking to find a way to earn a little extra money. My computer – hardware and software and my printer are all 8 years old and in definite need of an upgrade. Thank you

  262. I would nominate my husband for the new HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day. He is AMAZING with our sons and works tirelessly to be a good father, husband, uncle, mentor, and friend. He would use the new PC and printer in his everyday life–from working his 9 to 5 (that is often 7-10!) and working on his new blog. It would help him balance being productive and staying connected with his loved ones near and far!

  263. My dad’s first tech gadget was a GPS. It was a gift for father’s day because everybody was so tired of him getting us lost! (Sorry, dad, but you know it’s true)

  264. My husband, and father to our 2 year old daughter has had to change careers due to a near fatal motorcycle accident nearly two years ago which prevented him from going back to his job as a commercial fisherman due to the physical nature of the work. He had to go back to school and he now works on tug boats and research boats as Mate and he is gone for very long periods of time. This spring he was gone for 2 1/2 months working in another country and after being home for 11 days he is gone again, this time to another province where he will be for most of the summer. A better, newer computer for him means he would be able to communicate easier with myself and our daughter. This would mean the world to her as she misses him so much. And a new printer would mean we could scan her art work and send it to him. It would make him feel more at home and help him get through his time away with drawings made just for daddy. We don’t normally do gifts for mothers an dfathers day but after what he has been through these past two years he definitely deserves a prize 🙂

  265. I nominate my husband. Besides being a great husband who has worked tremendously hard so that I can be a SAHM to our teenage kids, he is also an amazing hands on dad with both our kids. He would use the HP Envy x2 as a communication tool with our children when he is away from home working and he would also use it to continue his quest to finish his first book as well as his marine history endeavours.

  266. I nominate my husband Chris. We are a single income family and often have to get creative when it comes to gifts. My husband could easily use this to create special gifts and document memories… much more efficient then our current system also, so it would free up more time to spend as a family!

  267. I nominate my dad. Always willing to help with anything his 3 children need or his 4 and counting grandchildren. More recently he has helped by providing a mattress to our house so that out friends who are homeless due to the floods in Alberta could stay with us while they find another home. Love my dad and love everything he does for everyone.

  268. The entry I am choosing is “Dad’s First Gadget” The first gadget I ever gave my dad was a set of Walkie-Talkies when I was 18 years old. My dad was always hunting & many times would still be in the bush after dark worrying my mom & I. He was so touched at the thought I put into that gift, that he literally started crying. Of course it took a few days of me learning how to use them & then teaching him what I learned as he didn’t read the instructions 🙂

  269. I nominate my husband. Not only does he work hard work hard at his regular job, but he also takes extra DJ gigs to help us catch up on bills or buy big purchase items. My husbands computer is always giving him problems before his DJ gigs, this would help take some of the stress away when he has a gig coming up and save him a lot of time when he is getting ready for them. Time he would much rather be spending with the family!

  270. if my dad were to win, this would be his first computer. He’s really not computer savvy at all, and this would be a great opportunity to move into the 21st century! He’s really into woodworking, and I’d love to be able to send him sites with plans or projects.

    1. Get dad to enjoy the six pack and when he is done wash the bottles, remove the labels and fill with m&m’s , Rockets, Nuts, whatever sweet treats dad likes! Decorate the outside of the box and bottles with paper.

  271. I nominate my fiancé. He has has the same laptop for 10 years. It is falling apart and very slow, all because he bought his daughter a new laptop before he bought himself one. He could really use a new laptop. He uses it to find new games and movies for his daughter as well as spending some personal time on the computer. He uses it all the time and a new one would really make his day.

  272. My Dad – he’s been an inspiration to me and many others in the way he has faced adversity in his life and managed to stay positive. HOWEVER, he has tinkered with his desktop the way he tinkers with his old convertible and has (in my opinion) messed that computer up beyond repair. He enjoys computer time, so he would no doubt appreciate having a computer that does what it’s supposed to for a change.

  273. I love my husband Marcel– the Father of our four children. I nominate him to receive a new HP ENVY x2 and HP ENVY 120 printer for Father’s Day. If he would win, he would use the new PC and printer in his everyday life because he is a student working on his Masters. A computer like this would help balance being productive as well as staying connected with his loved ones, namely his family in the Netherlands and myself when I go to TO three days a week for school.

  274. My Dad’s first piece of tech gear came last year at age 71 — he received a HP Pavillion laptop. My sister was home from Alberta and bought it for him. Surprised that it wasn’t something that crossed the minds of the rest of us who see him daily or weekly. He loves it! We were surprised (but thrilled) that he was “catching on” to using and it and not frustrated by it. I signed him up for internet so he could have email and . then came the day… yep…. I logged in facebook to find … dad had added me as a friend! 🙂 (Something else that hadn’t entered our minds). Now he keeps in touch with lots of family & friends — including his grandsons in Alberta!

  275. the first gadgety thing we gave my husband was a “box tool”. it’s a barbaric hammer slash axe, and looks like it was made 110 yrs ago. awesome tool for men that have everyything 🙂

  276. My hubby’s first tech gadget….hmmmm…he is not around to ask him, but after a computer I would have to say a stick (that’s what I call them) he transfers everything to one of those and uses it for work, school, photos, etc.

  277. I think my Dad’s first high tech gadget (other than computer) was his printer, which is very much on it’s last legs. He doesn’t print much that is not a photo and he could be a grand child photo printing shop. He would have a great time with this printer and trying out some of the simple photo software available online!

  278. I nominate my husband, he takes great care of our family everyday and it is hard for him since he was in a car acciedent in 2009 and can’t work, so he stays home and does a great job taking care of our children,

    1. if my husband wins this would help with all the leaning printables my daughter needs as he tries to get her to do her school work,and colouring pages, thank you,

  279. I am nominating my boyfriend. He has a 9yr old daughter and a 17yr old stepdaughter. These girls are his everything and he would do anything for them. His step daughter has been in his life since she was 4. She has nothing to do with her mom, she moved out to live with her dad at 12 but yet has continued to be part of my boyfriends life and always will be. Her dad even credits him for raising his daughter. He has been at the same job for 12 1/2 yrs to make sure the kids have everything they need, he puts his needs last. His 9 yr old daughter’s mother doesn’t tell him anything about her schooling, but he has taken it upon himself to contact the school to have her report cards sent to him and will attend parent teacher night, when her mom doesn’t do anything like that. He is more involved in his daughter and step daughters life’s then a lot of men are I can’t wait until he meets my 2 girls. Thank you for supporting your family

  280. I would nominate my husband. He is the most caring and sweetest person I know. I don’t know what my family would have done without him over the past almost 2 years as I battle breast cancer. The surgeries and treatments have left me not as able to do the things I used to be able to do, & he picks up the slack around the house without any hesitation. We have 2 little boys, soon to be 3 and 6, and he is the best daddy to them. He is my rock, & I love him so much. He works full time, and then comes home and then does stuff around home and with the boys. I love him so much, and the boys adore him. He is a systems administrator during the day and understands techy things, whereas I don’t. He would enjoy using the HP Envy and the printer to relax in his down time. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  281. HP Loves Daddy: I would like to nominate my son-in-law, Jeff, who is a wonderful husband to my daughter and an amazing dad to their 2 beautiful children! I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law!

  282. Definitly was those huge cell phones! I remember him bring it home its amazing how much they have changed over the years

  283. Well Dad has always been an “everybody’s man” in the fact that he has loved to help and do good for others. From helping someone fix a flat tire, working on someone’s local campaign, volunteering in 3 non-profit organizations and taking care of his family at home, he has done a lot. But to stay connected to everyone he has needed to stay connected on Skype with his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and he has needed to stay connected through email for all his organizational activities. Special Dad ? Yea.

  284. my husband got his first NEW playstation when we were just dating. He loved it was just for him. It was a great gift.

  285. I would nominate my husband. I’ve know many dad’s and my husband is by far the best daddy I know. My husband would love the HP Envy 2 to communicate via email and skype with us. He works in another country and we rely on good computers to communicate.

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