Family Favorite ~ Taco Night!

Taco night has always been a favorite in my house, it’s an easy recipe to make for us parents and kids love to build their own meal. It also pleases the picky eater as well, since every person is able to choose as much or as little as they want. When we have taco night, I’m guaranteed that the kids will go back for seconds!

When the twins were small, I used to have both hard and soft Old El Paso shells on hand. We adults loved the crunch classic taco, while the kids had an easier time eating with the soft shells. They used to get so messy and frustrated in taking a bite from a hard shell and having it all break apart and fall all over the place.

Yet, for the past few taco nights the twin toddlers have finally mastered eating the hard shell taco {no mess either!}. Each milestone makes you smile, right parents? And, for those little hands, the Stand n Stuff Taco Shells help a ton. OK, they help for everyone in the family, adults included!

Prep work is cutting up the veggies and cheese for the tacos and all you have to cook is the beef or turkey ground meat, with the Old El Paso seasoning. If you want, serve with Old El Paso refried beans too! Mommy tip: make a larger batch of the taco meat, it can be put into the freezer for a time when you need a quick meal!


For a limited time, receive a coupon inside specially marked Old El Paso packages for FREE Kraft Shredded Cheese on your NEXT Old El Paso kit purchase! I recently found some Old El Paso kits on sale for $2 each, super great deal when you get Free cheese with it! You can also use this coupon as $6 toward the big bag of cheese, and often times you can scoop a bigger bag on sale too, so it might still be free!

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  1. Brent always laughs at me because tacos is what we have when I don’t have anything planned. lol We LOVE them!!!

    Mmmm…now I want tacos. lol

    1. He’s right – they are a good quick pick – better than hitting the drive-thru right? lol

  2. My son is so in love with is constantly asking for them every day!!! He will only eat thesoft ones tho..

    1. My kids were like that too, Karla. Yet, I think it was the ‘crunch’ that made them want to try them. That and they think it’s a big chip! Ha!!

  3. I love that they have the less salt seasonning too. Everybody loves them here also. It’s quick to cook after we’re home from work and has loads of veggies. What else a mom wants 🙂

  4. We’re big taco fans in this house, too 🙂

    Unfortunately since a lot of us have gluten and wheat intolerance, we have to opt for the organic, gluten free taco shells which aren’t bad.

    Regardless, I’m ready for some tacos!! Hehe.

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