Fall to Winter


Evidence of Fall to Winter, overnight?

This is a photo of the kids out trick or treating. Despite a colder wind, the weather was actually quite nice for Halloween.


The next night, it started to snow.


In the morning it looked something like this.


30cm overnight {Bah-humbug}. Care to play a game of i-spy on the outdoor items that I forgot to store before the snow hit? *doh!*

Plus, it was that heavy wet snow that was hard to shovel. Such bad news!

Does anyone have any GOOD news to share?




  1. Oh my….I am SO NOT ready for that. It would be a wild freak of nature if we ended up with that much snow before Christmas down here. But the first snowfall is always so magical, so enjoy it as best you can before the grey slush sets in 🙂

    1. I love snow at Christmas … and that’s about it. lol.
      7-8 months of this is way too much for me!

      1. 7-8 months?!?! I can hardly survive 4. Last year we only had to shovel a handful of times – that was perfect 🙂

  2. Thanks for hosting. My friends back home (in Oregon)) were saying it was snowing last night on FB. One thing I dislike about living in FL now is the lack of it.

  3. I’m not ready for the snow yet, I live in Winnipeg so I know its coming, but I’m desperately hoping it will hold off for a while. Hopefully you have dug out.

    1. So you know Exactly what I’m talking about then! Winnipeg is also terrible for too much snow and cold!

  4. like you we got snow but only about 10cm I’d say, so we were lucky. Wet and difficult to shovel it took me 2 hrs to clear the driveway and paths. Desperate for a coffee, I headed to the door only to find that my son and family had locked me out on their way to soccer practise. I had to wait another hour to get back inside, by which time I was really grumpy and cold, thankfully it was only -5C outside. I wouldn’t mind but I was the one shovelling and their car was parked where I was shovelling!! My son’s response was that I should always have my keys with me, mine was what for shovelling snow!

    1. Oh Elizabeth – that is a shovelling horror story! I hate heavy wet snow, shovelling this mess took me hours! So sorry to hear about being locked out, and in your defence – I don’t take the house keys with me to shovel. I guess your son now has shovelling duty for the rest of the year!

  5. Wow! At least it happened after Halloween so the kids got to Trick or Treat! I’m guessing that you forgot to bring in the stroller? I think that’s what is to the right, but I couldn’t be totally wrong….that is a lot of snow!

  6. Ha ha ha, I know how much you hate the snow, but I’m super jealous! In the past several weeks the mountains around us have seen quite a bit of snow, and it’s unusually early for that! I really want to take a drive into the mountains and see the snow!

  7. Holy Smokes!! Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in one of the only cities in Canada that only gets snow if we are “lucky”! I love snow (maybe that’s because we don’t get it lol) Stay warm!

  8. In a way, I envy you. We probably won’t see another snowfall this year, and I love it when we get snow. In a way, I don’t envy you. I wouldn’t want to have to go on your scavenger hunt. Hopefully, it will melt, and then you can get all your things stored away.

    1. I hope so!! One of these years I’ll have it together … I hope.
      An entire winter without snow … I would LOVE to experience that one day.

  9. Wow..that is a lot of snow for one night~ We had amazing weather here in northern BC where I am for Halloween. It was so great to be out with light jackets, no mitts and most of all no snow! We got a light dusting last night and my kids were so excited…

  10. So spectacularly beautiful, but nice that it held off while the kids went out collecting candy, and looks a might dangerous when you’re not sure what you might step on or bump into not to mention COLD.

  11. We had snow before Halloween in 2011, I am not ready for the cold and the snow…..but it will be here soon. I feel your pain! 🙂

  12. Oh no! We have a winter storm advisory today. It’s supposed to snow all over Nebraska, but miss us. It is however has been rainy and dark…all…day…long.

  13. (Fall to Winter) I know I cannot believe that Summer is already over, where did it go so fast? I just do not like shoveling snow anymore in the winter time.

    1. Summer passed far too quickly for my liking. It was a spectacular Summer, but always too short for me!

  14. We don’t have snow so cant imagine what it is like. Think the novelty would wear off quick though.

  15. lol We’re used to that kind of event in Minnesota! Honestly, I love the first snowfall that looks like the first photo. So beautiful!

  16. November 5-I have extremely good news to share . My oldest granddaughter (32) survived an 8 hour surgery for removal of a tumor and is on the mend. Our prayers and those of others have been heard.

  17. I am a PROUD Canadian … in the spring, summer and fall. Once winter hits, I’m contemplating ways to get to OZ and never come back.. Ah well … bring on the body insulated clothes and battery operated socks.

  18. Isn’t it funny how fast the weather can change here in Canada? I thought for SURE we were going to get that same system come my way – but it bypassed. It’s cold, but NO snow yet – THAT I can handle for a little while longer!

  19. Wow….that’s a quick change in the weather. I’m in Homer, Alaska and we have yet to see one snowflake.

  20. Wow that’s alot of snow. I’m glad we haven’t seen any yet and I hope it’s quite a while before we do!

  21. omg what a difference! I can’t believe it! We’re still waiting for the snow to hit Toronto. We don’t get as much but I’m still excited

  22. OMG you poor poor woman!!!! There is suppose to be snow for us tonight, i know not THAT much!

  23. I love the evening picture with the streetlight and the snow on the trees! I’m not a fan of winter, but the picture is beautiful.

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