Exploring the San Antonio River Walk

Before going to any destination for the first time, I make a short-list of things I’d like to do and attractions I need to see. Usually when away on a press/business trip, there isn’t ample time to explore aimlessly, yet I’m pretty resourceful when it comes to squeezing in the time to see the highlights and take in the area.

So, imagine my excitement when I learned that while in San Antonio, I’d be staying right on the River Walk! This part of the city is definitely high up there on the must-see list, the River Walk has earned a name for itself as being one of the most romantic and peaceful attractions. Like the streets of venice, right in the heart of a pretty large Texan city. 

San Antonio River Walk travel texas

The San Antonio River Walk {or Paseo del Rio} is the epitome of picturesque. It’s 5 miles of paved walkways, passes and bridges that curve and wind through the downtown core. Only for pedestrians, I was amazed that this sunken community is so serene despite all the usual downtown activity going on all around it. At times I completely forgot I was in a major city. 

San Antonio River Walk

It’s not just a river with a sidewalk on both sides, the blend of the history, architecture, foliage and bridges – well, they paint quite the picture. It’s perfectly put together into something that will make you think, ‘I’m so glad I came here’

Texas San Antonio River Walk canadian travel blogger


nature San Antonio River Walk travel

The San Antonio River Walk is lined with so many restaurants, there’s literally any and every option imaginable. From fancy french restaurants to quaint little Irish pubs – each part of the River Walk seems to have it’s own distinct personality. Most of the restaurants are unique as well, there isn’t many chain eateries that I noticed, which made me love it more.

San Antonio texas River Walk canadian mom blogger

Don’t get me wrong, I have gone to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, and like it. But personally, if I can support a family owned business, I will wholeheartedly. In fact, trying different cuisines and restaurants is one of the best parts of travelling, so my suggestion is to jump in with two forks and experience something different. I went to The Dashiell House one night and quite honestly, I had the best soup and steak of my life. 

canadian travel blogger San Antonio River Walk

Lining the San Antionio River Walk at street level are hotels, so many of them! Not your typical looking hotels though, most of the buildings are plaqued historic. So when looking at them, you might not peg them for a hotel, which compliments the overall scene perfectly. 

Exploring the San Antonio River Walk

When staying downtown on the River Walk, there’s plenty more within walking distance as well. Like The Alamo! It’s just a few blocks from The River Walk as is Cathedral of San Fernando, old historic cinemas and more.

San Antonio River Walk travel explore

So while you’ll want to walk the river, take some time to explore the city streets too, if not just to take in the architecture, some of which date back before the US was even founded. 


Have you ever travelled to the San Antonio River Walk? 


Article written by Canadian Travel blogger, Tammi Roy


  1. I used to live in Savannah, Georgia. They have a River Street there. This reminds me of that. I sure do miss that place.

  2. It looks almost like it could be from a whole other country! It is really beautiful and colorful. What a great place to visit in San Antonio.

  3. I could spend all day strolling up and down those sidewalks. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I had no idea San Antonio had anything like this. It’s so beautiful! I could spend hours there just walking around and taking in the scenery.

  5. san antonio is on our ‘hit list’ of places to see. Especially with River Walk…gorgeous

  6. I also didn’t know about San Antonio. That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing I would love to go there! Wow!

  7. This looks so beautiful; peaceful and quaint. very historic as well! Beautiful picture! would love to visit there

  8. What a serene, gorgeous place… the bridges, the river– it’s all just looks so peaceful. What a romantic little place for a stroll.

  9. I’ve been there once before, but now I’d like to visit with the whole family. Great pictures!

  10. Beautiful photos! My husband was stationed in San Antonio for A school and when I went out to visit I got to explore the River Walk which was really fun. 🙂

  11. So romantic and picturesque! I have always been interested in building of historical significance and these are certainly beautiful. I bet you felt that you were also in another space in time while at the San Antonio River Walk. I know I would!

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