Exergen Temporal Scanner

With kids (especially babies), taking their temperature is usually a struggle. And when you need that temperature reading most is when they are sick. Being extra cranky, fussy and impatient makes getting an accurate reading almost impossible. Especially when they are sleeping.

The Exergen Corporation makes an infrared thermometer that works by scanning the heat that comes off the surface of the forehead. It is called the EXERGEN Temporal Scanner and it takes the temperature via the temporal artery. Used most often in hospitals and care centers, the Temporal Scanner is non-invasive and very quick (I loathe the ones that take minutes and you never know when they are done!)

I love that the EXERGEN Temporal Scanner is so easy to use. You just press the button and sweep it across the forehead. No more sticking into ears, armpits or Ahem…bottoms. It literally takes 2 seconds, and readings are extremely accurate. (This accuracy results from true body temperature taken from this major artery). The babies never minded this scanner at all, and didn’t wake when I tried it while they were sleeping. I highly recommend this thermometer for any parent or any parent-to-be. Really, once you have tried this, you’ll never want o poke and prod with any other ever again! (And you know I love anything that makes parenting a little easier)

To purchase the EXERGEN Temporal Scanner, see the listing of retail stores (there are many!)


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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