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It’s not too often that someone in this house can start a shower and jump right in. Distractions don’t stop just because you have something to do,right parents? Whether it’s the kids, the phone or a great idea to tidy while the water heats – oftentimes plenty of water can run before you actually jump in. Evolve Showerheads has a solution to all that water wastage. Their shower heads have a temperature flow valve that auto-senses when the shower reaches 95 degrees, and then slows to a trickle until you get in and pull the flow cord. That way, you aren’t wasting hot water and energy.

Evolve Showerheads has several models in their lineup, last year I had the chance to host a review and giveaway for their Rain Waterlily model. It has been one of our favorite items in the home, for being eco-friendly and a money-saver. As well, the quality is great and we still love it to this day. My husband oftentimes remarks on what a great showerhead it is, and that every shower in our house should have one. Ahhh, is that a Father’s Day hint I hear? That’s right – sometime you have to listen to the ‘I wish..’ comments to get a great idea when it comes to gifting.

Evolve is back on My Organized Chaos, and this time we were able to review the Emperor showerhead. It’s a handheld shower head that has 9 functions: standard, fast, massage, champagne, mist and combinations of these.


Key Features of the Emporer:

  • ShowerStart™ technology
    save time, water & money without lowering water flow
  • maximum flow rate allowable by law
  • integrated soft-touch side grips
  • wide coverage rain spray pattern
  • solid brass fittings
  • anti-clog spray nozzles

While our Evolve Rain Waterlily showerhead is great for it’s size and area – I do adore the Emperor too. I like that I can use it to wash the kids’ hair without dunking them in the water. As well, sad but true, handheld showerheads make it much easier to clean the tub and walls. Hey, it’s the little things that make our lives easier that we parents appreciate! I like that Evolve has found the perfect solution when it comes to going green and saving energy and money – without having to resort to an annoying low-flow shower head. When compared to a standard shower head, there is no noticeable flow difference in this one. And, the benefits of the warm water auto-sensor is so handy to have!! It states on the Evolve website that if a household switches to one Evolve showerhead, you can save 2,700 gallons of water per year and $75 in yearly utility bills. That, I like – especially when there are many people that bathe in the house! So, Hubby got an early Father’s Day gift, and I’m sure any man or woman can appreciate the luxury and smart {and frugal} design that Evolve offers!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.


  1. Although, I tend to like hand held shower heads the best, the water lily
    shower head sounds fabulous, also! My husband and I would enjoy the feeling the rain pattern along with the pulsating spray that massages and rids your hair of the shampoo, quickly! We really need a new shower head, badly!
    Many thanks, Cindi

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  3. I like the emperor. It sounds perfect for us! My husband and I enjoy different aspects of the shower. He likes to be in and out and I like to dawdle. It’s my sanity time.

  4. I like the Emporer and Macaw. Mainly because I LOVE handheld showers. I am really digging the temperature sensor and slow flow features on these showerheads!

  5. I like the Water Lily Shower Head because it has 3 spray patterns:
    rain, massage and a combination spray & saves water to boot!


  6. i like the ladybug adapter as i love my shower head that i got but with this i can save on my energy bill and save on the water i use
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  7. I like the panda rain shower head, offers wide body coverage but spray is not too weak

  8. i love the WATER LILLY rain showerhead, they just look soo luxurious , and has a concentrated pulsating spray that massages your scalp , would love to try that too
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  9. I like the Monarch Standard showerhead cuz this would fit perfectly in my bathroom.

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  14. i love the evolve macaw! there are days i cant stand in the shower an i need a handheld so it reaches the chair!

  15. I actually like the emperor the best because the shower head I have now is not handheld, I used to have one at a place I lived at before and loved it! Would love to use the massage function. I see the macaw has that too, but it has less other functions 🙂

  16. I like the sunflower showerhead! I like them all actually, and I really do need a new showerhead! I hope I wins!

  17. I like the water lily rain shower head the best. It is a water saver and I certainly would be interested in saving water.

    Ravish30 at aol dot com

  18. I love the water lily rain shower head! There was one at the resort my hubby and I stayed in for our honeymoon and I’ve wanted one ever since (almost 5 years, haha!)

  19. I like the emperor handheld showerhead because it has 9 different functions to choose from.

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  20. I woud love their Emperor hand held shower head because it would be so convenient to have while bathing the children.

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  23. I like the Emporer! I like the hand grips – it won’t slip out of my hands!

  24. I like the Emporer because it has 9 functions, and soft-touch side grips!

  25. oooh! Tough call but I think I would have to go with the water lily rain shower head because I love how large it is and because it has 3 different functions!

  26. I like the Emperor because I like a hand held and it has so many different settings. I also like the money you can save with it and that it comes in 2 finishes to match your existing fixtures.

  27. My favorite is the roadrunner because it saves at least 8 gallons of water every five min shower. Good for the environment and great on the bank account too


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  30. I would like to try the roadrunner, as anything that can help save on utility bills is welcome in my house.

  31. I like the evolve™ because it’s hand held and it conserves water.

  32. I LIKE THE TREE FROG SHOWERHEAD….BECAUSE OF THE INTERESTING NAME)…..Using an evolve showerhead can save a yearly average of 2,700 gallons of water, the fossil-fueled energy it takes to heat it—and up to $75 off your utility bill

  33. My favorite is the Emperor. First, I love the styling of this showhead. It looks sleek and modern. I love that it has side grips, I love that it has 9 shower pressure features and one of them being massage. I also love that it allows maximum flow.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.

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  37. I like the Emperor handheld best – “9 function hand
    shower integrates ShowerStart™ technology
    with every spray pattern imaginable”, comes in brushed nickel , and has a soft grip too – sounds like a great idea!!
    Nolan C. at FB

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  38. I would love the Aspen showerhead, as it saves over $75/year in water!

  39. I like that it has 9 functions and is hand head. I like the idea of ShowerStart technology as well with patterns like massage and champagne! additionally the soft-touch side grips are a good thing as well. Yay I love this!

  40. I’m with you on the Emperor – gotta have hand held and I love that it has every spray pattern imaginable… standard, fast, massage… I’m really needing the massage!

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    Nolan C.

  42. My favorites are their Emperor and Macaw, they look wonderful! Thank you!

  43. I like the handheld emperor, we just re did our shower and tub but keep our old showerhead because of the expenses were piling up. I would love a new one and I like the shower start technology!

  44. I think I’d love a rain type shower head, so I’ll say the Aspen.

  45. I like the Water Lily because it has a concentrated pulsating spray that massages your scalp. Ooh aah!

  46. I like the macaw showerhead because it has a pulsating massage pattern and is handheld. Thanks.

  47. so many nice ones but the water lily caught my eye

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  49. I like the Aspen rain shower head the best because I think it would be like being naked out in the rain!

  50. I love the water lily shower head it says it will massages your scalp while quickly removing the shampoo from your hair. I would love to try this one.

  51. I like the Panda because it has the benefits of a rain shower head, but it’s powerful.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  52. I like the Evolve Showerhead as I like the idea of the 65 nozzle sprays.

  53. I like the Aspen evolve shower head and I follow through google friend.

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  55. I like the Macaw because it is hand held and has solid brass fittings.

  56. I like the emperor because of the combination of sprays you can get.

  57. I love the Macaw showerhead because the styling it beautiful and its handheld.

  58. I like handheld showerheads that way I can shower without getting my hair wet if need be. I like the emperor showerhead as it will save 2700 gallons of water.

  59. My favorite is the hand held showerheads – The macaw or emperor. I’ve been in the market for one since I developed sciatica 2 months ago and am still in considerable discomfort when having to bend or lift my legs.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  60. I also liked My Organized Chaos on Facebook (Amanda Davis) Thanks again!

  61. I like the Water Lily because of the showerstart technology and the three spray patterns.

  62. I like the Lower Flo Showerhead! My husband and I feel that while we wait for the water to get hot, we’re wasting water at the same time. This will help us save water. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I like the water lily shower head but would love to have the emperor too

  64. I’d love to have the Aspen. I love rain showerheads.

  65. The water lily sounds great, I’d love to try it
    thanks for the chance

  66. I like Aspen the best because it would look great in my bathroom.

  67. The Water Lily Showerhead looks interesting. It has 3 different settings.

  68. i like emporor because its handheld and it has a larger head which makes showering easier

  69. I like the low flow Roadrunner shower head because it’ll save about 8 gallons of water for every 5 minute shower.

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  71. I like the Macaw handheld, largely because of its looks. I suspect the action would be much like that of the Emperor.

  72. the water lily sounds wonderful. i may never get out of shower. i am a bath person. but the massaging and pulsating would be great

  73. I like the Aspen, looks like something that would feel great and also fit my current shower arm.

  74. I like the Emperor because it is handheld and has 9 different spray patterns.

  75. I love the Monarch. The kids and I like a shower with a good amount of water, but, my husband always has a sore neck/back and needs the massaging flow of water. Thanks!

  76. I’ve tried a rain shower head once, and absolutely loved it! The Water Lily model looks gorgeous, and since we’re remodeling our master bath, it would be a welcome and classy addition to our project.

    spiderdevo8 AT hotmail DOT com

  77. I like the Macaw because a handheld option is a necessity for me with my disabilities… and it makes washing the dog SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier… 😉

  78. I think I would like the aspen wide coverage rain shower head. Our current shower head is very small and very old. It’s a fairly narrow water flow to stand under. I can’t even imagine how enjoyable a rain shower head would feel. Thank you for the great give-away.

  79. I love the Panda showerhead. It has maximum flow rate while saving money and water at the same time!

  80. I like the Aspen, in the brushed nickel, because it has a large spray head.

  81. I like the Roadrunner because using an evolve showerhead can save a yearly average of 2,700 gallons of water, the fossil-fueled energy it takes to heat it—and up to $75 off your utility bill.

  82. I like the Emperor best but the Macaw in brushed nickel would be fine too

  83. I LOVE the Panda Rain Showerhead because I was fortunate enough to stay at a hotel with a showerhead just like it, and I adored it.

  84. I like the Macaw handheld shower head because it would provide me a way to rinse away shampoo and soap and to rinse off the shower walls easily.

  85. I like the Emperor Handheld Showerhead in brushed nickel best because it very nice looking and it has so many cool features.

  86. Other than the Emperor? I like the Macaw handheld . . . because it’s a handheld and because I like the way it looks.

  87. I really like the Sunflower showerhead, classic design but like the massage function

  88. i like the “ASPEN”, it looks like a full coverage showerhead– the one i have now, is so high, i can’t get full coverage without doing calisthenics.. now i realize a little eercize is great, but not in the shower.

  89. My favorite is the Macaw. I prefer the handheld shower heads for rinsing the shower. An d i love the style of this shower head as well.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.


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  92. I love the Macaw, I love that its handheld and the temperature control feature, thanks!

  93. I like the Roadrunner Low Flow showerhead. I live in the arid west, and we’re urged to save water whenever we can.

  94. The Water Lily showerhead looks perfect to me. I love the idea of the rain pattern as well as the pulsating spray.

  95. I like the Emperor handheld. My son just graduated to the big tub and this would make bath time so much easier!

  96. The panda showerhead. Love that is it more compact with a big circle of water…Thanks for the chance.

  97. I really liked the Macaw. The styling is perfect for our master bath & I love the 5 different types of sprays.

  98. I prefer a handheld showerhead, so the Emperor is actually my favorite in the Evolve line. The Macaw would be okay, too.

  99. I like the sunflower, both the name and the look of the showerhead

  100. I picked the macaw handheld showerhead because if has a combination of sprays and the way it looks.


  101. I learned that Love is the main ingredient, gee I have that, all I need is the crab meat…

  102. I like the Emperor handheld shower head, simply because it is handheld.

  103. My favorite Evolve showerhead would have to be Water Lily – love the fact that it’s a rain showerhead that has enough water pressure to wash out shampoo and conditioner effectively. Thanks!

  104. I like the Panda because of the combination of wide body coverage
    and powerful spray

  105. I like the Emperor Handheld showerhead. The rain showerheads are the most appealing but we need a handheld because it’s easier to use with small children and on the dog.

    I like the soft grip and the fact that there are 9 patterns. This would ensure my husband and I both find a pattern we like.

  106. I like the aspen showerhead,because it looks like it works great!


  107. i like the panda rain showerhead the best because it looks like it will be so nice

  108. I am going to have to go with the Water and all its fine features: ShowerStart™ technology
    save time, water & money without lowering water flow

    maximum flow rate allowable by law

    multi-function rain head

    works with standard shower arm

    ideal balance of coverage and great flow

    3 spray patterns:
    rain, massage and a combination spray

    solid brass fittings

    anti-clog nozzles

  109. Love the one your giving away but I also like the tree frog, I’ve never had a hand held before

  110. I like the Water lily rainshower head because it has a concentrated spray

  111. My favorite is their handheld macaw because it has 5 patterns big 4″ sprayhead

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  112. I like the roadrunner showerhead because it has a low flow to save on my water bill.

  113. I visited Evolve and my fave shower head is their Water Lily cause it is awesome! Great water flow but an amazing, rain shower feeling!

  114. I like the Rain “Water Lily” showerhead because it massages your scalp.

  115. I like the Tulip shower head because it has 5 different spray patterns

  116. The Emperor is my favorite. I also checked out the Mackaw. But the Emperor has a larger head and more features and I really prefer handheld showerheads.

  117. emperor hand held looks really nice!

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  118. Thanks for the giveaway…I like the compact design of the “macaw” handheld model.

  119. I like the Evolve Emperor in chrome. I think it would help save money on our bill and make our showers more relaxing.

  120. The shower start technology is awesome!
    I would like the water lily shower head.

  121. I love the Water Lily shower head, because it has a rain pattern and a pulsating spray that massages your scalp

  122. I like the Water Lily because it sounds great to have the feeling of rain on my head, but I also want to make sure I get all the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair.

  123. Oh this would be perfect for my soon to be new bathroom! I love the emporer but DH would like the Macaw.

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