Everyday Moments: Captured and Shared

My photos are my most prized possessions, each one illustrates everyday moments captured for a lifetime and to be honest, I really don’t know what I’d do without my photos – they are that precious to me. The pictures I have from years ago are only printed and in albums, dozens of them fill a bookcase in our home.

The most recent ones are stored digitally {Facebook, Instagram, files and drives}, yet I’m sad to say that I’ve neglected to share them in my own home. When company comes over, I’d love for them to see my photos here, rather than refer them to my online account. I want our everyday moments and life’s adventures to be displayed proudly on walls and in books again!

To complete my mission, I recently went to the BLACKS website. They have tabs for Inspiration (a blog-style section with genius how-tos and tips, a must read!), Occasions (for instance, wedding-specific ideas and products), Products (a full listing) and Prints. I immediately spotted the banner ad for their Photobooks, along with a sale code when purchasing. Yes!

When I make Photobooks, I either choose one huge event or make one quarterly (ex. Spring & Summer 2014). I decided that my most recent treasured experience that needed a Photobook was our family vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. I had thousands of photos from this trip sitting in a file screaming for extra attention.

While BLACKS offers many sizes, types and styles of Photobooks, I chose the premium hardcover style. Starting was easy, since the site allowed me to choose my favourite photos, upload (quite quickly, I might add) and it automatically places them in a Photobook.

BLACKS photobook options

Then, I could go through each page and personalize as I saw fit. Edit the photo, re-size the photo, add text and background, and more. It didn’t take long before I had a complete Photobook of our travels.

BLACKS photo uploading

BLACKS photobook



Then I chose one particular photo of the girls, playing on the beach and happier than can be, for an 8×12 canvas print. I decided on canvas because I have a couple in my home already and love the look. One is of my girls five years ago and another from three years ago. An updated canvas print was needed, and I love the final look of it.


To add to small frames around my home, I also printed some photos. I chose some of the most special everyday moments that make me smile like a summer lemonade stand, playing at the lake, sidewalk chalk creations, riding bikes (the twins just learned!) and more.


This photo of the twins is from a very spontaneous moment downtown. It was early morning and we were just waiting for the pharmacy to open. As I looked over at the girls standing there, I noticed that the moment was perfect. Completely casual yet the light coming through the trees really made the scene stunning. 


Later, after leaving the pharmacy, the streets were still quiet this time of day and the girls started dancing on the sidewalk as we made our way back to the car. A black and white edit made the feel of this moment classic and peaceful, and brought out the shadows that danced along with them. How could this one not be printed and framed?

blacks everyday moments

I added many photos for printing to my BLACKS cart, along with some 4×4 prints from Instagram. Perhaps you have shared some of your favourite everyday moments there as well? BLACKS makes it easy to order those Instagram photos!

BLACKS prints

Tell me about your photo-sharing habits! Are you happy with what you do with your photos? 


BLACKS believes pictures are too important to be left on a smartpohone or a computer screen; they need to be brought to life, displayed, shared and celebrated. BLACKS is transforming into an inspiriting one-stop destination where you can express yourself through pictures on the NEW BLACKS.CA, on the BLACKS App and in-stores to help you take your pictures further. Visit the NEW BLACKS.CA today to get inspired

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by BLACKS via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of BLACKS.


  1. I always make photo books for my mom for Christmas. She looks forward to them every year.

  2. I really need to make time to have a ton of our photos printed. I’ve been thinking about doing photobooks too, versus traditional albums. Something I’d like to do is a big one, for each kid, from birth to 18 to give to them when they turn 18 or graduate high school.

  3. my sister in law did that with her girls from birth to a year old made these wonderful books and gave them to her mom and mother in law. wish they had this when my girls were little

  4. You got some really nice shots! I love photobooks. They’re a great way to commemorate one event. All the important stuff is right there, with no rooting through albums to find what you’re looking for.

  5. I haven’t made a photo book in far too long! I just love photo books! They make excellent gifts for family but also the kids just love to sit and look at them all the time!

  6. I’m guilty of taking pictures and then doing nothing about them. I’ll post a few to facebook..but I really have to start putting them into books, albums…whatever.

  7. These are such great photos. I can see why you want to display them. Photobooks are so great for keeping all your pictures together. Love them!

  8. I love photobooks! I’m making one for each vacation we’ve taken. I also want to make one of each of my kids just to see how much they’ve changed over the years!

  9. I’m really bad for taking a bajillion photos and not doing anything with them. I have been toying with the idea of photobooks for a while now and I think I’ll start with creating some Chritsmas gifts… 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I like making photobooks as gifts for faraway relatives. I have so many photos in folders on my computer that I haven’t even looked at, much less done anything with…

  11. I love taking pictures… and I love making photo gifts! The very best things I’ve made so far are a personalized book for my daughter and a Year One book! I will have to remember to do so much for baby 2!

  12. I talk and talk about doing this all the time! I really need to. I miss the days of HAVING photos developed and that being the only option. It seemed a pain at the time, but looking back… we had them, right? I am glad you let me know of this site! Motivates me to get a move on!

  13. You took some really great photos. The black and white one is superb. I love this idea. With this you can keep all your great pictures organized in a super fun way.

  14. Photos of the ones you love are wonderful. I have lots of photos that should be in albums but they have really gotten ahead of me. One of these days I will have to start putting them in albums and that is going to be a long job but a loving one.
    I usually put comtemporary photos all over my frig where we (and others) can enjoy them every day–Hugs.

  15. I have always made photo books for the kids. I started with my Little Man and he has one for his first two years then I have made a family one for every year since…

  16. I bought my Mom and my Mother-in-Law each a photo book filled with photos of my daughter for Christmas last year. They were a huge hit! They came out so great, and it’s an awesome way to be able to look at your photos whenever you want to.

  17. This is such an adorable idea! My little girl is four, and I’m swimming in pictures that need to be organized. I think I’ll give this photo book thing a shot.

  18. I think it’s really important to put them in albums for everyone to see and look through. I spent sooooo much time looking at photos as a child, and my kids still love it too. I’m a scrapbooker, so it comes naturally to me to do it.

  19. We take so many photos of our little man every day. 1 1/2 years later we have finally put some up on the wall.

  20. Photos are everything,I just love looking at them now years later,now the kids are grown and moved on but the photos/video let me enjoy the childhood memories and they so enjoy looking at them with their own children.The funny shots are the best…

  21. I would love to take great photos but I do not seem to have the patience or talent. Your photos are stunning and I love the story behind the one of the girls downtown. The photo looks like you are somewhere fancy.

  22. I’ve started making photo books because I’m really bad about making prints. I love photos too!

  23. I have yet to make a photo book. My brother does it for my father every year; I should really try it!


  24. this is beautiful stuff – i really like the canvas prints. i want to get some of those (i already do photobooks, which i love).

  25. If I had the money I would love to get a few books made up, they would make perfect gifts for family too!!

  26. You always take such great photos to capture what seem like the loveliest of moments and relationships.

  27. Currently I have thousands of photos on my phone. I really need to sit down and make some photo books! Great tips!

  28. I make photo books for family every year but I forget to do some for myself sometimes. This reminds me I really need to print off some of our pivtures

  29. When I had my first daughter I did not own a camera (believe it or not) but I was given a small camera, thanks to my best friend (who is still my best friend and it’s been 39 years) I was able to capture her and cherish every moment.

  30. I love turning my pics into photo books and canvas prints too. Love the pictures too by the way!

  31. I’m sorry to say that I do not take photos. I hate being around cameras. I don’t even have any pictures of my Facebook page.

  32. I haven’t done one yet! I keep meaning to make one but haven’t gotten around to it.

  33. Our photos are one of my biggest treasures too, I would be devastated to lose them (we have a 3 tier back up plan in place!), but one of my biggest guilts is that I don’t DO anything with all the great photos that we take! I look at them on the computer, but I haven’t actually printed a photo since my oldest child was 6 months old – she is now 7.5!! My goal is to make photo books by the end of this year, and to get some of our best photos printed onto canvas to put up in our home. We have travelled to Hawaii, California, Italy, Holland, Germany and Quebec with our children so we have captured some wonderful memories that would be nice to show in our home. Maybe Blacks is the place for me to start getting this done!!

  34. I don’t usually do much with my photos other then share with family and friends via web. I will print out special ones that I love for our frames. I would love to start making photobooks. Thinking I might so per season.

  35. My kids are grown with kids of their own. I would like to put together a “memory” book of photo’s for them that they could add to for their little ones.

  36. These are some beautiful pictures. I love Photobooks, they are a great and classy way to keep photos and memories on hand!

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