Everyday Life Hacks to Save you Time and Stress

During the summer months, I very much looked forward to the back to school season, and the re-introduction of a solid routine. I imagined dropping the kids off at school and having many available daytime hours, where I could get all sorts of things done.

I believed everything on that to-do list would be checked off in no time, all chaos would be tackled, and in turn thanks to having more ‘free time’ – I’d have much less stress in my life.

Then life said, ya right!

As soon as the back to school shopping and craze had died down, then came numerous meetings and assisting at the school. Let’s not forget after-school activities, and all the chaos that comes with. Instead of crossing those to-do’s off the list, I found that my list only got bigger with fall yard work prep, holidays, and pretty much everything in between. Really, I had full intentions on finally getting those baby books started completed in September, really, I did! 

Before you have a moment of panic like I just did, know that there is help. You know I wouldn’t lay down the truth about chaos without offering solutions to those that are nodding their heads in agreement. 

Myself and the Real Canadian Superstore team have put together a few easy tricks that enable you to free up some time, and make it easier to enjoy little moments with your loved ones. 

Everyday Life Hacks to Save you Time and Stress

Everyday Life Hacks to Save you Time and Stress

Set up stations

Creating organization stations around the house is a great way to maximize the time you have to enjoy your day. Find that getting out of the door is a bit of a scramble? Leave a cute basket or set of hooks in your front hallway and make sure everybody knows it’s the designated “key zone,” so you have one less thing to hunt down on your way out the door. Or, try creating a “bag lounge,” where backpacks, purses and wallets spend the night – ideally packed and ready to go for the next day. Thanks to the early arrival of snow here in Alberta, I’ve already had to switch out the fall outer-clothes for all the winter ones. Make sure all those mitts, hats and scarves have a ‘home’ as well and get everyone in the habit of returning said items to their home. Knowing where these essentials are ensures that no-one is running like mad around the house trying to find one lost mitt, when you’re supposed to already be en-route to school. 


Upgrade to time savers

These days, there are plenty of time-saving technologies designed to simplify everyday tasks and make your life more convenient. Hate rallying the troops for a grocery shop? Try Click & Collect at the Real Canadian Superstore, it’s the perfect one stop solution for busy families.


Not only can you do your shopping online at a time that’s convenient for you, but you can choose when you want to pick up your order, and the store’s personal shoppers will even bring your bagged groceries out to your car.

time saving life hacks click and collect

When using Click & Collect you still have access to the same deals and sales as you would in-store {plus collect those PC Plus points}, and you literally save up to hours by not physically doing the shopping yourself. Plus, you still get the same high quality items at a low price!

time saving life hacks real canadian superstore click and collect

I used to be that frantic shopper running through aisles after school drop-off, trying to get grocery shopping done before scheduled meetings or other appointments. Now, I just pull up to the store, have my chosen already-ordered groceries loaded for me, and still have time to stop for a coffee before casually arriving at the meeting. I’m almost giddy over how much I’ll love this service when we’re in the deep freeze of winter. To learn more about Click and Collect, visit www.superstore.ca


Embrace the evening

When it comes to getting kids ready for school while keeping yourself organized for work, avoid the bustle of a busy morning by getting everything ready the night before. Pick out clothes for you and your little ones and pack everyone’s lunches before bed. Assign your children roles – like sandwich sous chef or Tupperware tracker – so they can feel a part of the action and take some planning off your plate. To ensure that you’re set up for success, try creating a mini-checklist for your family to follow, so there are no backseat homework sessions or drive-through breakfasts the next day. At the end of a long day, the last thing you want is added tasks, and it’s so easy to convince yourself it’s best to do them in the morning, when in reality, it’s not. Rely on time-savers like packing up the backpacks and signing those permission slips, while the kids are brushing teeth and getting their pajamas on, for example. Don’t worry, you can still send reminders to ‘brush better’ from the other room! 


Create a command centre

Between soccer games and field trips, business trips and dinner dates, it can be very difficult to keep track of your family’s many commitments. Try creating a calendar or “command centre” to track everyone’s weekly activities. Keep it in an area where the whole family can see and edit it (a kitchen perhaps?) to keep everybody on the same page. It’s also helped as a motivator for everyone to be ready on time. After using a detailed command centre that everyone could reference, I really noticed how much less I have to referee and remind – things run a lot smoother and with less stress for sure! 


We all know this time of year comes with much chaos, life does get very hectic at times. Following these simple tricks and tools are a great start in getting your schedule back on track, so you can turn your attention to the fun fall moments that really matter. Even if it’s just a little bit of time for yourself. 

Have any other simple life hacks to share?


Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would love to try out Click & Collect. It sounds like a great time saver for busy family’s.

  2. These are great life hacks to try. I always do as much as I can the night before to save time in the mornings. I will have to see if Click & Collect is available here.

  3. Setting up organization stations is a fantastic idea. I will have to get the supplies I need to do this on the weekend.

  4. Okay, Click and Collect sounds amazing!!!! I can see why it saves so much time and stress, that’s my kind of shopping.

  5. I really should try that walmart pick up thing! Looks handy and I probably wouldn’t spend as much extra money haha

  6. We are starting to see more stores here in America that offer shop online and pick up in store. I think it is very helpful and does save my sanity.

  7. Staying organized is so important for me. The click and connect would be a lifesaver in our home. Avoid the clutter and feel better!

  8. Using Click & Collect would save so much time for me. I’m going to have to check this out. Living in a big city they should have it.

  9. These are all great ideas. I try to be as organized as possible to save time. When things are more organized, it’s easier to grab what we need quicker.

  10. Setting up organization stations is a great idea. I need to get some things to make something similar.

  11. Thanks for the great tips. I have been so stressed out this week and no time to do anything! So frustrating!

  12. Great stuff – We try do a bit more on Sundays like make a big dinner in the slow cooker and then portion out lunches for me to take to work. I also try and get 3-4 outfits together on Sunday night so in the mornings I can just pick whichever one I feel like that day and know it’s all together.

  13. I haven’t tried click and collect yet but would love to! Another tip is to prepare things ahead of time, wether it be freezer meals, school lunches, clothes for the week, saves lots of time

  14. I have a command center! It works really well for our family, but all of our guest read it . How do I get snoopy people to mind their own business?

  15. I read all your tips and I really like them all. I find that If I am having a busy day, I make sure that whatever papers, cards, etc, that I need are in a compartment in my purse and so I do not have to do this in the morning.
    Like you, I packed lunches at night with the girls helping me.
    I need more organization centers. I will work on that one.
    Thank you for all your good information.

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