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Have you seen the new Ever After High dolls by Mattel?!

When I first learned about Ever After High dolls, I asked my oldest about them, which started a frenzy of excitement and story telling. Apparently my daughter was CRAZED for them, and I had no idea.

ever after high dolls

Since then, I heard of them often from her – the collection is tops on her wish list this year, as you can imagine.

Not familiar with these new dolls? Let me tell you the story …

The question of what happened once the famous princess’s got their ever after, is answered. They had princes and princess’s of their own, and as their children got older, they were sent to Ever After High, which is a boarding school, so they could learn to walk in their parents footsteps. The school is filled with the kids of those fairy tale folks, where the page has been turned. Not only do you have the children of the princes and princess’s of the fairy tales that we all grew to love, but you also have the children of the villains.

ever after high dolls canada review

One such child of a famous villain is Raven Queen, who is the daughter of the Evil Queen. Raven finds herself questioning her fate, her destiny to become the next Evil Queen. She finds that she is destined to poison a fellow classmate, Apple White. She then gets the rest of the students in the class together, and has them all questioning their predetermined fates.

This divides the class into two groups, the Ever After Royals, who want their promised Happily Ever Afters, and the Ever After Rebels, who want to rewrite their storybook endings and not follow their parents fairy tales.

So the question is, are you a Royal or a Rebel? That is where the dolls from Ever After High come in. They are more than just dolls, they represent the future in the world of fairy tales.

Made my Mattel, Ever After High dolls original stories behind famous fairytale characters’ teenage children. Ever After High invites girls to discover the untold stories of the Royals and Rebels – the next generation of fairytale legends – who just like them are learning that destiny isn’t written in permanent ink, but can be rewritten.

First of all, these dolls are CUTE! Each one comes with intricate, well made clothing and incredible little details to suit their character. My daughter just loves Madeline Hatter {daughter of Mad Hatter}.

ever after high doll review myorganizedchaos

With trendy hair and make-up, she also comes with the most darling little handbag and hat. And the teapot shoes and spoon earrings? So unique!

The exclusive dolls in the Ever After High line are the ‘Royals’ and the ‘Rebels’, and it’s my daughters mission to collect them all {like she does Monster High}.

I can certainly understand the craze for Ever After High dolls, they are so beautiful. Each comes with a stand, which my daughter uses all the time. She also loves playing on the EverAfterHighg.com website – there’s webisodes, games, avatars, and interactive content.

Ever After High dolls are a great gifting idea for Christmas and retail for ~$30 each in Canada. 



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. What a great prize! My daughter is terrified of dolls but I have two nieces that would love this If I win I would probably have to split them up!

  2. I would like to win these because my 5 year old granddaughter loves playing with her barbies and meantioned she wants these for Christmas

  3. My granddaughter would love these. Always fun to play with and share with her friends.

  4. My daughters would Love these. Makes me kinda sad that they’re no longer into Elmo though.

  5. I know a special girl who would love these Ever After High dolls!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. My daughter would LOVE to have these. Thank you for this contest as we do not have the budget to get even one for her. 😀 <3

  7. My daughter would LOVE to have these. Thank you for this contest as we do not have the budget to get even one for her. 😀 <3

  8. I would love to win these dolls for my 6 year old daughter! She loves anything from fairytales!

  9. My friend’s 8 year old was telling me about these the other day so if I won I would surprise her with them for Christmas 🙂

  10. They sort of remind me of Monster High dolls, which my oldest daughter loves. She has been hinting at getting one of these dolls for Christmas so this would be an amazing gift for her!! Thanks for the chance & good luck everyone!

  11. I would like to win as my granddaughter would be thrilled with grandma if I won her these dolls.

  12. I would love to win these for 3 very special little girls. It would really make their Christmas special.

  13. I would love to win because I do have a 9 year old to buy for. I was a little stumped as to what is “cool” and I think it is a tricky age.

  14. My daughter just started to love the monster high dolls and want 1 so much 🙂

  15. Both my daughter and my dayhome girl would love to play with these! They could have girly battles against the Monster High dolls lol.

  16. My niece would absolutely freak out if she opened these on Christmas morning… I would LOVE to win them for her

  17. This is a fantastic new line, would be a wonderful gift to whoever gets to receive it

    1. and of course my daughters love Monster High and as soon as they saw these NEEDED them XD… Kids

  18. Would love to win this for a young girl I know who would love these. Much appreciated for the chance. Thank you.

  19. my daughter is addicted to Monster High and this is a spinoff, she so wants these. And they are cute

  20. These dolls have the prettiest faces…just look at those doe eyes! My 7yr old daughter (and I!) would just love playing with them =)

  21. These dolls have the prettiest faces…just look at those doe eyes! My 7yr old daughter (and I!) would just love playing with them =)

  22. I know my nieces would love this set. My daughter may want to steal one from their cousins.

  23. My daughter loves these dolls! Having 4 kids, its hard to spend much on them. Winning these dolls would be amazing for my girls to share 🙂

  24. Wow, these dolls are so cool~ my daughter loves their style! She’s be so excited to have them.

  25. I’d love to win these for my daughter they would make a great Christmas gift! These are also On her list!

  26. I would like to win this Ever After High Doll Collection because my nieces would really enjoy these. 🙂

  27. I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping and my daughter just told me yesterday that she wants these – they are not cheap and I haven’t found a sale (since I started looking in the last 18 hours!!). Would love to win them or find a sale!!

  28. My daughter would love to have these dolls, my children are all big fans of fairy tales and this would help the love grow I think.

  29. I would love to win because I know a little girl who would love and appreciate these dolls.

  30. i have two nieces that would love these – they are into ‘glam’ so these would be great

  31. My daughter has seen the commercials for these dolls, and would love them..especially the rebel girls she said!

  32. I’d love to win the collection of Ever After High Doll for our niece and god-daughter, Taylor! She would be so excited!

  33. My daughter is OBSESSED with these! She wants them for Christmas, and winning would be just incredible! She couldn’t even choose between them, they’re all so precious!

  34. i would love to win for my 5 & 8 yr old daughters ,thanks for the chance to win these for them 🙂

  35. my daughter just bought one of these dolls for her friends bday and now she wants one too,

  36. I would love these. I have been dying to read the books and was shocked to see dolls. The author is from my area (I only met her at a book signing once)… but I love to support local people… and I have 2 daughters that are entering the barbie stage.

  37. My Granddaughter is a MONSTER HIGH FAN she had a Monster high birthday party and I made her costume for the special day

  38. I would love to win these so I can give them to my Niece’s …….. 🙂 thank you …

  39. Well I have a little girl in my trailer park who I know would love to own these as I know the family does not have much.

  40. My daughter LOVES the Ever After High webisodes, and would love to win the dolls. She’s already a HUGE Monster High fan and these are the same company!

  41. i have been hearing so much about these dolls. i would love one for my daughter

  42. I would live to win these dolls for my friends daughter. She loves anything monster high. And when I go over I play dolls with her too, but sshh don’t tell anyone lol

  43. My oldest love these dolls and my youngest too because she follows every thing the other does LOL kids! they would be so excited to have this collection!

  44. I’d like to win because my daughters saw these dolls and loved them instantly, but there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford them on my own. If I won, however (hint hint). Just kidding, I’d love to win these to make my girls happy, pure and simple.

  45. OMG my daughter is 9 yrs old and she is in LOVE with theses dolls (and Monster High) I had no idea they exsited until a couple weeks ago and am now on a last minute dash to find them for Christmas. I would LOVE to win them!

  46. My daughter LOVES the books and would be so excited to find the dolls under the tree on Christmas morning!

  47. My girls have these on their lists too 🙂 They are so pretty.
    My girls are 4 and 7 and they would love them.

  48. This would be a great collection for my three daughters; one each. These dolls are so pretty.

  49. My little girl has discovered princesses! I’d love to surprise her with these pretty dolls!

  50. My granddaughter would be over the moon if she found these under the Christmas tree early (not too early hopefully 🙂 ) on Christmas Day.

  51. My daughter is into the Monster High Dolls but these seem so much better so I’d love for her to be introduced to them, instead, lol!

  52. Well its def something not for me but for our daughter who has recently really got into dolls:) Would love to be able to give this as a Christmas gift

  53. I have no girls, but I have friends with girls who would love these. Also, my youngest son might be interested in them.

  54. I have 2 nieces who love these dolls, they are huge fans of the characters so if I win I will gift them to the girls. I will be the “cool Uncle”.

  55. Oh my goodness!!! Because my 4yr old daughter would LOVE these so much! They are amazing! Adding some beautiful dolls like this to her collection of 2nd handers would be awesome! Thank you for introducing me to them and the opportunity to win some!

  56. These are high on my niece’s Christmas list this year, so I would love to win these for her.

  57. My daughter saw these at Toys R Us the other day and LOVED them…..would be a good Christmas gift!!

  58. I’d love to gift these to my friend’s daughters. They are lovely!
    inalak at msn dot com

  59. I’d love to win these dolls to give to my daughter for christmas!! this year has been a really tough year, especially the last 2 months….we lost my father (my daughters papa) and we are really struggling to get back on track….im hoping to be able to give my kids a good christmas this year because Lord only knows we need it!

  60. I would love to see the look on my twin nieces faces when opening up these from Auntie =D

  61. My niece lobes these dolls because she watches on YouTube all the time. I would be one cool Auntie if I win these for her.

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  63. Miss R is a huge fan of the Disney Princesses so these dolls would just introduce her to the next generation of said princesses.

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  65. My daughter would love these – she loves Monster High but I think these are cuter.

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