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What do you think? Are the twins house hunting or doing an online search for a vacation?

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  1. Aww! they is so sweet best not to disturb them their busy LOL

    Have a busylicious week 🙂

    1. you and me both! Was just looking at flights yesterday, not a good time for a family of 5. Yikes!

    1. I think so! Speaking of, Judy – Hubby and I’ll be going to Jamaica for the first time soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks Caroline, It seems smaller and smaller the bigger the kids get though. Especially the entrance-way!

  2. If they are budding vacation planners, I could use their help and a vacation! Look at their little suitcases, they {the twins }are too darn cute!

    1. Pink stuff everywhere! Though, my oldest is more into purple now, so a little less and less of the color Pink each day!

  3. I think they are planning a vacation, because that is just what I would like to do.

  4. Haha! I remember that time too. My youngest was crazy for pretend planning. She had the cutest Playskool suitcase with laptop inside and pretend food and passport. It was a huge hit and she played with it often. I think your girls are plotting a Disney Cruise. I love how pink everything is.

    1. that is adorable! Though their housecoats took up most of the suitcase room, they also had some play food, some jewelry, sunglasses, bracelets … maybe it was packing for a trip!!

    1. Oh, they are always doing that. It’s not the happiest place on earth for no reason, they are obsessed! lol

  5. They are vacation shopping for sure! All they need is their swimsuit and they are READY!

    1. Those suitcases were so jam packed, I wouldn’t be surprised if their suits were in there — and the kitchen sink! lol

  6. They are so adorable and so girlie with their pink accessories. My gosh…you have to buy two of everything!

  7. What fun with Twins, my husband has twins and he tells me stories. Your little girls are so cute. Thanks for stopping by Fairy Garden WW

  8. Your girls are so sweet! Love how one of the suitcases seems like it is bulging out – they must be planning for a long vacation! I am looking forward to the pink, hello kitty and princess phase for my soon-to-be baby girl too!

  9. Oh, precious! They’re so cute specially with all those Pink color 🙂

    Stopping by from WW- hope you can stop by…

  10. So cute! I bet they are looking for where they want to go on their next exciting vacation!

  11. Yep, vacation plans for sure, making a run for the border to come to Wisconsin for some sun. psshhhaw. It’s still 30 and FREEEZING here!

    I always wanted twin girls. so lucky you are!

  12. They have better senses than Wharton Willy and know when spring is coming. They’re getting ready for a spring vacation.

  13. I think that you are in a lot of trouble either way.. they look like little bank robbers.. just like my kids. constantly emptying my wallet.

  14. How adorable. I remember when my daughter would walk around the house with her suitcase in tow. She had all her most cherished possessions in there …even tried zipping up the pet cat! Miss those days.

  15. How cute! Isn’t it fun to watch when kids get “lost” in their play?! They are definitely searchingf or a “Dream House” 🙂

  16. I think they are definitely hunting for a house….with a wonderful playground int he back yard and a home office inside! 😉

  17. Such a pretty picture. The twins look like they are concentrating on something…cute in pinks!

  18. it’s so cute that everything they have is PINK. If I were them I’d be so thrilled. I think they’re planning their next vacation to barbie land.

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