Dear Winter


It’s February and like all Februarys past, I’ve started to get very anxious. 

Dear Winter,

Honestly, I’m am so incredibly over you. You’ve been with us for the better part of 5 months now. Perhaps it’s time that you leave.

Love {not really}, Me

I look out the window at the white abyss and try not to think of how many more days weeks months are still left. Instead, I close my eyes and think of warmer destinations. More blissful times spent under the heat of the sun, with sand between the toes.

azul sensatori beach family travel blogger photo
Anyone else spending a lot of time looking up vacations?



  1. I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest transplanted into the Florida Panhandle. I usually have a certain amount of pride that I can handle the “cold” days that have Floridians rushing for coats, but this year, we had several days where it dropped below freezing and I had to swallow my pride and admit I WAS COLD IN FLORIDA! This winter has been crazy.

  2. Oh I hear you, this winter just seems to be dragging on and on, and now there is another snow storm coming tonight through Wed. uuuuggggg. I want to cry I’m sick of it!

  3. I am in Winter denial…..I starting planning Spring break and a few April/May weekend trips during the last snow storm…if I keep my shades down, I can focus on the beach and warm mountain cabins! Have a great week!

  4. UGH I hear you!!! We just went on a vacation, not somewhere hot though. We went to Ontario to visit family (We live in Alberta), and it was so cold there and snowed every single day. Meanwhile, in Alberta, WE MISSED AN AWESOME CHINOOK!!! So yes, it feels like winter has stuck around for too long now.

  5. I have to say, that I can’t relate at all, although, I wish I could. Living here in Victoria, we consider ourselves Lucky to get winter weather. I’d love a little bit of snow! I hope the rest of the country thaws out soon!

    1. Hubby and I were just talking about that not to long ago Anne, the better weather is definitely a plus to moving!

    1. YES!!! Crap by way of -38 is expected tomorrow, with crap snow.
      I can’t take much more!!!!

  6. I’m with you, enough winter already. I’m not one to like the cold weather and it seems this year has been much colder and snowier than it has been for many years.

    1. It has!! Way too much snow and so bitterly cold. We deserve one heck of a great summer after this!

  7. all fall and winter I’ve been waiting for my upcoming spring trip. should have done a short stint somewhere before!

  8. I am so ready for a vacation! I can’t wait to go to the beach and Disney this summer!

  9. no vacation for us as usual no mon no fun as we say here in our household

  10. great pix,, we have never been to a nice beach like that,, glad its so nice to hear it was fun…

  11. I am so done with winter too but by the sounds of the forecast it is not done with us 🙁 Another storm moving in tonight.

  12. Im sure that some of you are freezing, actually we have had a mild winter for Las Vegas, but a vacation is on my mind. Thanks for hosting!

  13. I gave up and booked a vacation in the D.R. Winter is having a love affair with Toronto and I’m over it.

  14. Yeah, I’m right there with you. Today I was thinking about the lake that we go to in the summer. Also was reminded of the beach in Maine….we go there over the summer as well. Looking forward to some nice weather for sure. Did you hear? We are getting a foot of snow tonight! UGGH!

  15. I am getting so tired of winter this year. we have had it alot better than southern ontario with alot less snow. We have been getting crazy cold temps, to cold for snow. I wish it would just warm up . Or i need a trip lol

    1. ONT has had some odd weather, I agree. Still nice then here, but I can see how people in the East aren’t entirely used to it.

  16. We’re getting slammed with snow right now! Nebraska really needs it though. Before we hadn’t gotten much. A lot of farms are here – not where I live, but outside of where I live. Food prices go up when it’s really dry.

    1. True, yet I always hear the extremes. First too dry for farms then too much moisture. There never seems to be a happy medium when it comes to weather lately!

  17. I think winter is like a bad guest that over stays it’s welcome, and if I was healthy enough I’d be gone tomorrow

  18. I usually go down south in Jan/Feb, but can’t this year. I am looking forward to going on my Arizona trip, but not until May.

    1. We go later in the spring too, work/school reasons plus cheaper prices. If I can snag a deal on the other hand …. 🙂

  19. Winter started early this year. Please go away. Not planning any winter getaways. Looking at maybe visiting family or taking a trip to meet them somewhere. In Canada this year.

  20. i am so tired of winter already…lol I have a snow hill on my front yard that is literally 12 ft high and tonight they are forecasting another 1 to 20 cm! Bring on Spring!!

  21. If it was possible to just up and quit Winter, I would be all over that! So over it.
    AND – really not looking forward to the 25cm we are forecast to get in my region tomorrow. Ick.

  22. I’m game! I’d like to go anywhere, any weather just to not have to leave at the clock and be alone with my husband. 😉 Happy WW!

  23. Sorry #47 is me. I messed up. See Cabin Fever has really gotten to me. LOL we spent all day looking at photos from the past summers. It is so nice to dream of warmer weather.

  24. Aw! I love beach so much, i have one on my blog, today for WW i post some picture of my boy at the beautiful beach. 🙂

  25. I totally understand u Tammi I am so tired of this crazy weather and snow. What I wouldn’t give for some sunshine and fun!

  26. Hari Om
    Not really – but I HAVE been looking back through my India and Australia photos where there is a lot of Big Shiny going on!!! YAM xx

  27. When it gets really bad I have a site from Hawaii I stare at… a beach with the waves coming in. I watch the waves and try to forget were I am.


  28. I miss Spring and can’t wait for Summer as well! I’m so over winter myself! Looking forward to seeing the sunshine again and being outside. It’s been too chilly and gloomy to be outdoors too long here in Edmonton and the lack of sun is being depressing lol BRING ON SPRING! 😀

  29. LOVE the beach pic! We got to see a little snow last week and most of our days are 60ish…but I’m ready for BEACH days!

  30. It’s been a cold and snowy winter here also and like you I am so tired of it. It’s funny when I was younger I loved winter but not anymore. Your beach pic had us dreaming of vacations gone by.

  31. I’m fine with winter, just tired of all the bad drivers out there who are making a mess of the roads. Although, I admit I was looking up vacation in warmer climates.

  32. I am totally with you on that! I am so totally over winter already! Bring on the Sun, Sand and margaritas on the beach!

  33. Love your pictures, I am so ready for winter to be over. I see my friends back on the coast having lovely spring weather, and I have snow, snow, snow.

  34. I just wish the excessive amount of snow and cold would let up. I’d like to go a week where buses aren’t cancelled and a cold weather alert is not on. It just makes it hard to enjoy the outside in winter, I’d love to just go make some snow men with the kids without freezing my fingers off.

  35. INdeed dear winter please leave You have given us enough snow already I am so ready for a little warm weather

  36. Love the beach picture… I am so tired of winter as well… So ready for some summer fun!

  37. dont I know it , its endless this year , the snow just keeps coming and the colder temps are wearing everyone out !

  38. i could not agree with you more!! im sick of winter and seriously running out of room to put this white stuff

  39. I’m not a big fan of winter either but at least I have the option to stay in on the bad days. I’m a stay at home mom and my oldest doesn’t start school until later this year… next winter will be miserable when I have to walk him to and from school with his younger brother and no stroller. (strollers don’t work on the very poorly plowed sidewalks/roads.)

  40. I am in Ontario and I am DONE with winter.. its been too cold and too much snow.. Id love a beach vacay !

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