ERGObaby all or a brief walk. Only wearing for short times, mind you – anything longer leaves you very sore and tired. Yet, they are pretty and we just had to have pretty! Why is that? Yet I have 2 babies and sometimes I need some help (*some* HA!) My husband won’t wear those cutesy carriers and after hearing me complain about them all the time – why would he even try?!

ERGObaby is a line of carriers from a family owned and operated company in Maui, Hawaii. Build out of need and keeping attachment parenting in mind, ERGObabyproducts are designed for men and women and perfect for the active lifestyle. The design of the ERGObaby places most of the weight on the hips, which is the strongest weight bearing part of your body (unlike the others that rely on the back or shoulders). Hours of wearing and comfort guaranteed.

I received the HandsFree System in the color Camel; which included the carrier, backpack and front pouch. I was initially impressed with the careful thought into the products. All the tools you need to carry baby and all your belongings are included in the system, so that you are completely hands-free. The backpack attaches to the carrier itself, which is genius! Leave the diaper bag at home, the backpack is very roomy and offer side compartments for bottles. And the pouch allows you to have the necessities (money, keys, phone) right where you need it most. Of course, you don’t have to wear all these components at the same time! They are also used independently from one another. So, if I use the backpack, hubby has the carrier…perfect!
The carrier, gives you your arms back and enables baby to be where they need to be most, held close to those they love. The carrier keeps baby in their most natural position, whether they are worn on the front, back or side. A very versatile product as well! The fabric of the carrier is made of cotton canvas and is extremely durable, and easy to wash. The system came with an instructional book and video, which is so informative. There will be no hesitation when putting this on, and I felt no need to constantly readjust like I do with other carriers. Also, I always kept one hand on baby while wearing other carriers, especially as they got older and moved around more. With ERGObaby, I didn’t feel the need to secure with a hand once, I had all my trust and faith in the product. The girls loved being in the ERGO, a very luxurious ride!
Appropriate from baby to toddler, ERGObaby makes an all-in-one carrier that far exceeds the rest. The carrier even comes with a hood, which is great for when they are sleeping, or you need to shield them from the elements. No need to carry around an extra blanket! I love this carrier for the longer walks that usually left you sore and tired from other carriers. I think the hands-free system would be ideal for outdoor hikes and camping trips (or one vigorous shopping trip) when you need that extra comfort and support. (and need to carry around a few more things than usual) Lots of colors and patterns, you can also choose from their Organics line!

At $150, the system may be a bigger investment than the competition. but, an investment is just what it is. Used from baby to a 40lb toddler, the Hands-free system comes with so many accessories and is the Cadillac in design and comfort – ERGObaby is definitely worth the price.

 **Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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