Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Springtime in Alberta is the time of year when it can be snowing in the morning, then 20 above in the afternoon and then back down to the single digits once the clouds and wind come out in the evening.

Rinse and repeat.

On top of this annoyance, you also have a busy schedule. So, when I up the heat in the morning and then go out shopping, my house is a furnace when I get home. Likewise, I cool off the house at night and leave the window open a bit – but come early morning, I’m a human popsicle. I hide under the covers and try to gain the momentum to burst out of bed and start warming the home.

Now, I don’t have this issue thanks to the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat. Technology has evolved to find solutions for homeowners that want to save energy and change the temperature in the home, even when they are not at home. This Wi-Fi Thermostat can be remotely controlled from any smartphone, tablet or PC. Yes, i can now adjust the temperature in my home where-ever I am, even hidden under a pile of blankets.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Installing the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat couldn’t be more simpler – I did it all myself thanks to their app and the step-by-step interactive instructions with video. While I take on daily household maintenance regularly, I run away from anything ‘wires’ because I firmly believe that if anyone will get electrocuted – I will.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat review canada

Yet, in this case, the instructions provided by the company are outstanding, no hiring of a professional to get the job done.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat canadian review

Once you have the app downloaded and it walks you through the instillation, you connect the thermostat to wifi and it’s ready to go. I was amazed at how fast I changed out our thermostat and was gloriously changing the temperature from my phone.

Benefits of having a Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat is of course, convenience. Just think of how often you make trips to the thermostat. Lots! So, for those who are busy, lazy and just like being able to multitask – this thermostat is for you!

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat app phone

Oftentimes I’m working away in the office, feel a chill {or a heat flash} and now don’t have to drop whatever I’m doing and lose my working momentum, to go to the thermostat. I just reach over to my phone {which is always at arms reach}, and make the needed changes. It’s convenience at its best.

Phone screenshots of the Sensi App

The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat works with our air conditioning unit as well, so I can choose for it to be on heat, cool or auto. When changing the temp, the screen glows red or blue to let you know whether it’s heating or cooling your home. It’ll also display the current temperature in your area as well as the humidity in your home too.

You can also program the thermostat to your daily schedule and routine. Other thermostats that are programmable, leave you rotating through all the days and times to make your settings. With the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat app, it’s so user friendly and very quick to make any programmable changes.

Having this thermostat also saves you money on your heating bills, since you can adjust it even when you are away from the home. So, if you leave for travel, you can alter your home temperature from afar. Likewise, you can start heating your home before you get there – so it’s nice and toasty warm when you arrive. It’s a nice welcome!!

You can purchase your Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat at select retailers across North America or buy it online on the website.



I received products to facilitate this review. Opinions are always my own



  1. I’d love this because I could control the house thermostat from anywhere with my phone! This is so convenient and cool! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I would love to have this in my home! We’re very techy people so this would fit perfectly with our lifestyle. right now we live in the basement apartment of my father in law’s house, so it would mean fewer trips up and down the stairs to adjust the temperature.

  3. my husband has wanted one of these for quite a few years. for some unknown reason he never gets one!

  4. I move in a 60 y-o- house in june and the thermostat are the same age ….Would be really useful for us

  5. it would be convenient when we are away from home. I could control the house thermostat from anywhere with my phone!

  6. I have been having issues with my four year old electric furnace already. I just paid over $500 to fix it recently. I was told I needed a new thermostat so I replaced it with a crappy inexpensive one. I would love to have a decent thermostat instead and this Wi-Fi Sensi would be perfect. Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. I’d actually like to win this for my niece. She has an older thermostat in her home and could use an upgrade. It would be nice for her to be able to adjust the heat from wherever they are so its nice and warm for the kids or cool.

  8. I really want this because I could control the thermostat from anywhere on my phone!! So convenient! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance!

  9. would love the ability to set the thermostat at different levels depending on when well be home

  10. I would love to have this because our thermostat is an old one without any programmable features. This one looks awesome, especially the wifi!!!!

  11. I’d like to have it so I can program different temps into the thermostat for different types of the day

  12. My son and his wife are building a new home. What a great housewarming gift this would be 🙂

  13. I would love this because it would be nice to be able to change the temp from bed without going downstairs

  14. It would be great to have something like this ! It would save money , you would be able to check the temp and adjust it with out having to keep getting up and down ! Super great !

  15. I like that I can schedule my theromstat so it’s turned off when no one is at home and the home is warmed up when we are on our way home.

  16. This would be great for our house as we have a little guy and a baby on the way, so we need the temperature to stay at what we need/want it at!

  17. This would be nice to control our AC in the summer so we can cool the house just before we get home and same for the heat in the winter

  18. I think this would be fantastic, would love to be able to change the temperature in the house while I am not there. Great if you forget to turn off, or want to turn on heating or A/C

  19. With such a hectic schedule, it would be nice to have one thing simplified! This would do the trick 🙂

  20. It would be so convenient to be able to control the temperature from anywhere inside or outside our house

  21. my husband loves being able to use his phone to control things. I get a giggle out of him, but it would help when we are away and have the house warm when we get home

  22. I am in the throes of menopause, I get too cold or too hot and would love to be able to set the temp from where I am so that I don’t have to interrupt what I am working on.

  23. Would love to win this to fine tune our heating system and maybe save a few dollars at the same time. Sounds easy enough for even me to use too. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  24. we really need a new one and this one would be so much easier to control the heat

  25. I really like the color difference for heating and cooling. this unit looks great as it sounds

  26. This would be great to keep our home at the same temp every morning instead of having to adjust it when we get up freezing.

  27. I would love one of these for our home. I appreciate the technology and function of this thermostat.

  28. I work odd hours and they vary greatly week to week thus a regular programable thermostat doesn’t work for me. Having a wifi one like this one would be perfect at I could change temps based on day or whim.

  29. I’d love to win simply because I’ve always wanted to own one of these, love that I can control the temperature which will help in saving money

  30. Ours is from the time our house was build 70’s, would love something so efficient and convinient

  31. I make a habit of turning the heat down before I go to bed. Sometimes while I am trying to fall asleep I start wondering if I turned the heat down. Instead of getting up and going downstairs I could simply look at my phone and turn it down if I forgot.

  32. I would love to be able to turn on the heat from our bedroom. It is so cold where we live so this would be a nice option

  33. I’d love to have a Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat because it would be excellent to be able to adjust the temperature in the house before we get home. Sometimes the temperatures outside jump and the temperatures ive set inside just aren’t good enough anymore.

  34. I purchased my first home last this time last year. We live in an older home and find that out temperature is always fluctuating. I also have an infant & toddler at home and this would help keep the temperature cool during the summer months.

  35. id love this so i can control the temp of my home from my ipad or phone even if im not home..this would be so awesome

  36. Technology gives you more and more ways to have what you need at the tip of your fingers, it would be super convenient!

  37. I would love this for many reasons! Being able to control the temperature from the couch is a HUGE bonus!

  38. I would love to be able to control the temp as it seems like I’m more away from home than at home these days!

  39. I already control my lighting with my phone, would love to be able to control the thermostat as well. It is so convenient having it all on one device.

  40. We are out during the day and sometimes for a couple of days, so this would be very beneficial.

  41. The ability to be able to control the temp in the house on the go just sounds amazing.

  42. I would over it for just plain laziness. When it’s freezing in -40 below and your already in bed the last thing you want to do is get up and turn the heat up. Lol.

  43. We just purchased a home, we move in next month, and we figure that since it’s not a new build, it needs some updating. The thermostat would be a good place to start.

  44. Our electricity bills are very high each month. I would love to see if this could save us some money.

  45. It would be nice to be able to change the thermostat without having to run all the way upstairs and to the back of the house. Not that I’m lazy, I just like to conserve energy!

  46. Would love to have this in my home so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in the middle of the night when I forget to turn down the furnace!

  47. would like to be able to adjust the temperature anywhere in the house and when away from the house

  48. Would love this as my current old-style thermostat is somewhat broken. The needle that shows the temperature was knocked off by my kids so now I have no accurate reading. I am constantly readjusting based on the feel of the air which is just ridiculous. The Sensi is so convenient!

  49. I like the idea of having to control a number of things in my household with my phone. This would be a welcome addition! 🙂

  50. I would like to win one because this way, before we head home, we can control the temperature to cooler or warmer which in a way can save energy and money and we don’t need to be feeling very hot or cold when we get home

  51. My current thermostat is crappy and I am sure I am losing money due to its misreadings. I would love to have something like this instead

  52. I often am out longer than I planned and forget to turn the heat down before I leave. This would save a ton of $$ on oil.

  53. IT would be very handy to be able to change the temperature without getting out of bed :p

  54. I would love to have this so I can reduce heating costs and so I can turn down the heat while I am laying in bed 🙂

  55. This would be great to have in the mornings to warm up the house a bit before getting up. I like sleeping in cooler temps so it would be nice to use my phone to warm up the room.

  56. I would like this as it is perfect whether I am feeling hot or cold I can just grab my phone which is always beside me and adjust temperature.

  57. the winters are highly variable so having such a thermostat would really help reduce resource use. thanks

  58. I would love to win this because I think it be awesome ro be able to see the temperature in my house when I’m not home.

  59. I would love to be able to control and check on the house temperature form the convenience of my phone!

  60. I would love to win this. It would help me to save money each month by allowing me to set temps and control them more effectively.

  61. I think a Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat would make things so much easier in our home … and maintain a nice temperature.

  62. I’d love this new high tech version of a programmed thermostat. we have cold spots in our house and I’d love to be able to control the temp easily when it’s the middle of the night… love this new technology!

  63. I would like to have this in my home so I could control the thermostat from anywhere from my phone

  64. I would love this because I could lower the temp when I leave for the day and turn it up just before I get home so its warm.

  65. Would love to install this in time for our new arrival in August! It would be great to be able to make adjustments from my phone when tending to our first baby.

  66. I would love to have a Wi-Fi Thermostat because I’m the: get water, snacks, put the kids back to bed and turn the heat up/down dad/husband and having it would remove one thing I wouldn’t have to get up for! Yippie!

  67. I would love this in my house so I can turn down the heat when I am away and adjust it while on my commute home. Also the ability to be able to adjust it without needing to walk over the thermostat is amazing!

  68. This would be perfect for our house since it’s so easy to use and programmable.

  69. I have only recently graduated from university and am always looking for neat ways to save money on my utility bills to help pay back my student loans!

  70. Would love to add this to our house and have full control of the thermostat..no more playing around

  71. How cool or hot is this item?

    How great would it be to set your home temp before you get home or crawl out from beneath those warm sheets in the cold. Whoops more control over your heating & cooling & more control over the bills.

    Oh yeah, could totally use it. Win win…except for the utility folks.

  72. I would love to have this because I think it would be a great way to save money on our energy bill! I am terrible for leaving the heat turned up in the house when I go out, and my husband is the opposite – he turns everything down and the house is so cold when we get home. So I waste money keeping the heat on when we’re not there, and he uses more energy having to crank it up to get it back to normal. It would be great to control it from anywhere so that we can keep a balanced and ideal temp!

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