Embrace Non-Stop Steam Cleaning with Dupray

Amuse me for a minute and think of all the cleaning products {big and small} that you have in your home. Under your sink, in your closets, stuffed into drawers, and perhaps those devices that you use only use occasionally yet take up so much space in the garage or in a storage room.

Machines, bottles, wipes, mops, brushes, detergents … it’s a lot right? You might not even realize just how many ‘cleaning tools and products’ you have on hand, until you really think about it. They’re literally multiplying throughout your home and added to this, I bet there’s many that you don’t even use at all! It’s funny-not-funny that some of my cleaning products have collected a lot of dust. How effective is that?! 

Interested in hearing about a game changer when it comes to cleaning? I thought so!

The Dupray ONE Plus is a product that could very well replace most of these items in your home, plus do the job a lot faster and more effectively. 

Dupray one plus steam cleaner

That’s a loaded statement, isn’t it? Fact is, I’ve been using the Dupray ONE Plus steam cleaner in my house, and that’s exactly how I see it – a game changer. Actually, when it comes to the war between you and your time, and all the constant cleaning we must do – for the first time, I think I’m winning the war. One quick steam-clean at a time. 


The Dupray ONE Plus uses high temperature, high pressure, and high quality components. These are combined with CST™ technology, which is a two-tank system allowing you to refill the machine at any time during use, without any downtime or inturruption. 

dupray one plus home cleaning

It works with tap water – no cleaners or chemicals needed. If you’re thinking that additions to water are the keys to a good clean, let’s set those assumptions straight right off the bat. You actually don’t need anything but water to effectively clean your home, when you have the right tools to do so. This is why the Dupray ONE Plus doesn’t mess around when it comes to cleaning – the high pressure {you can adjust this pressure on the handle} and temperature cuts dirt and grime, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces like a boss.

The Dupray ONE Plus steam cleaner was engineered to operate at the perfect combination of pressure and temperature to effectively produce the best dry steam jet possible. When turned ON, the high-efficiency replaceable heating element pressurizes the stainless steel boiler to 4 times the atmospheric pressure, increasing the boiling point from 212ºF to 293ºF. The steam is then superheated up to 320ºF producing a jet of steam with only 5% water content.

dupray steam cleaner

^ That’s a lot of impressive technical jargon right there, but basically it translates to = perfect cleaning and disinfection with more steam that you could imagine. Also, it kinda puts other products that ‘clean with steam’ to shame, there really isn’t a comparison at all. This steady 320ºF vapour steam ninja is what sanitizes anything, instantly killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Perhaps all this time most of use were just scenting-up most of our bacteria instead of killing it? 

Game Changer Indeed!

Now the good part – steam clean all the things!

Yet, to start things off – perhaps you aren’t even aware at how many items you can steam clean in your home. One might assume that carpets or fabrics are the only items we could steam clean, which is why most people hire outside companies to do this for them, and maybe because of this it’s only done once or twice a year. 

This is where the enlightenment started for me, because so many other areas can be steam cleaned and I had no idea! For many years we’ve shelled out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to hire companies to steam clean our carpets – when really, I could have been doing it myself and a whole lot more – with just one product.

dupray steam cleaning carpet home

The Dupray complete cleaning kit provides easy to use tools for sanitizing almost anything including: floors {using the rectangular tool for carpets and then add on the glider and cloth for tile, hardwood, and laminate}, countertops, toys, beds, furniture, bathrooms, and anywhere else in your house. To start off, I did the carpets. Then I moved onto the drapes and shower curtains. The million germ-loving stuffed animals got the Dupray ONE Plus work over too. 

dupray one plus tile floor cleaner

Counters, check! Also, I don’t think my tiled floor grout has ever looked cleaner – like, ever! {this is the part when I gagged just a little because, wwww}.

The Dupray ONE Plus even got the crayon and marker out of the grout, that’s shamingly been there since the twins were toddlers {because no other floor cleaner got in there}. The difference after using it once on the grout is amazing! 

steam clean tile grout dupray


dupray ONE Plus tile grout results review

Don’t forget the Dupray ONE Plus can clean mattresses, mirrors, sinks, ovens, windows, and germ-breeders like pets beds and cat scratches.

It comes fully equipped with a complete 15-piece deluxe accessory kit, providing you the right tool for every cleaning task you are faced with, also thanks to the 17-foot long power cord and the 10-foot long hose that makes reaching all places so easy {or use one connector tube for a shorter reach}. Also to note, it’s a really compact machine that weighs only 15 pounds, making portable and easy to use all around the house, at work or in the car.

dupray one plus included accessories

When purchasing the Dupray ONE Plus {right now it’s one sale!}, I would suggest also getting the Advanced Cleaning Pack as well, it comes with some must-have accessories plus additional cloths {which can be tossed in the washer to clean}.

dupray one plus advanced cleaning kit

The Dupray ONE Plus has four levels of safety including a low water light, automatic shut-off, a pressure release valve and childproof safety lock on the handle. As a reminder, this machine produces 320ºF steam, so this is not a cleaning tool to pass over to your child to use. Please practice caution and smarts when using it. 

dupray ONE Plus Review Giveaway

Assembled by hand in Europe and backed by a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on all other parts, the Dupray ONE Plus steam cleaner keeps your household clean and germ-free without the use of hazardous chemicals. 




Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own



  1. Wow! What a great product. I learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

  2. looks great……….. learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

  3. I learned it is eco friendly; no chemicals. I could get rid of so many cleaning products.

  4. OMG I COULD SO USE THIS!! we really need it for our new to us couch lol
    I learned that Dupray has many eco friendly options and budget friendly too!

  5. I learned that they Dupray SteamIron is superior to traditional irons – irons more efficiently and effectively and comes with a 3-Year warranty!

  6. It takes less time and water to clean with a steam cleaner than regular cleaning. I love this machine.

  7. I learned that using this steam cleaner is an all natural cleaner and doesn’t use cleaners.

  8. Their steam iron also caught my eye – it would be so great to cut our ironing time in half!

  9. The SteamIron Plus is also equipped with a thermostatic control, allowing you to precisely adjust the steam temperature to adapt to any fabrics.

  10. WOW! I learned that these are European made and that it has a 10ft hose which is handy so you don’t have to move the machine constantly. I would love one of these!

  11. I learnt that Dupray dry vapor steam cleaners produce less than 5% moisture content, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew contaminating the air in your home. Good eh?

  12. I learned that this is a good thing for my children with no use of chemicals.

  13. I learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

  14. Cleaning and germ killing steam cleaner with so many attachments to leave everything spotless. Awesome !

  15. I would also like to start the year on a clean note.
    I would also like to upgrade my ironing with the SteamIron™

  16. I love that this is a “home” steam cleaner! I thought there were only clothing steam cleaners and carpet steam cleaners, never considered one that could be used throughout the whole home!

  17. The Dupray SteamIron looks like it would be great to have. I always seem to have to keep refilling the water in my iron when I am using it and to be able to go 90 minutes without refilling would be awesome

  18. I learned that not only does it totally freakin’ rock, it is also eco friendly! My carpets need this in the biggest baddest way! Having several cats and running a home daycare for almost five years, my carpets are crying for some TLC.

  19. I learned that it comes with a 10-foot long hose so you can actually reach where you want to clean, and I love the lifetime warranty on the boiler!!

  20. I learned that it uses superheated dry vapour, and can clean a multitude of things, including mattresses, pet beds, and windows

  21. you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

    I also like the SteamIron Plus

  22. I learned they support animal charities and have sent steam cleaners to Search Dog Foundation, 4 Paws for Ability, the Vet Dog’s of America and Noah’s Ark Rehabilition Center

  23. I learned that it weighs only 15 pounds so it is portable and easy to use all around the house.

  24. Sounds like a great cleaning machine to have to clean almost anything in the home and I like that it is Eco Friendly

  25. I love it , I have trouble with scents and this would be perfect and things still get cleaned

  26. I like the fact that it is environmental and replaces a lot of chemicals. Seems well built and I like that its rebuildable.

  27. I learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine. That is great !

  28. I visited Dupray. I learned that the high temperatures produced by steam cleaners kill 99.9% of all germs, dust mites and bacteria, including microorganisms, viruses, molds, dangerous pathogens and even bedbugs. I also learned that steam effectively removes dirt, grease and stains from any surface. Awesome!! I am so happy to ditch the chemicals.

  29. It has a 3 year/lifetime warranty on it. Wow!
    I am so impressed by the fact that it got the crayon off the grout. What a handy cleaner.

  30. I learned that it has Four levels of safety to ensure that your steam cleaner is the safest on the market. ActiveSafe™ includes the low water light, automatic shut-off, a pressure release valve and childproof safety lock.

  31. I love how it cleans almost everything! Your mattress, jewellery, countertops and just about anything! It would help me so much in my everyday household chores! This is an amazing machine! Thanks for this wonderful contest!

  32. I checked out the steam irons too, that would be great to have as i actually enjoy ironing.

  33. The SteamIron Plus is quite nice too. I really love your review product though. Wow… I love cleaning and I can see myself steaming everything. LOL .

  34. The SteamIron™ is another product that caught my eye. Would me much better than my cheapo iron.

  35. I really love the fact that it is eco friendly, and that it can clean so many different things. This would sure come in handy at our house!

  36. I am so impressed to have found out that Dupray products are assembled by hand in Europe and that they are backed by a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on all other parts, That is definitely reassuring in making a big purchase like this!

  37. WOW this sounds like a wonderful product that would cut down on cleaning products in the house. I love the way you can do windows, external toilet areas, and sinks, as well as floors. Made in Europe too!

  38. I learned that you can use it on your bed furniture car etc , and its eco friendly 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  39. what a fabulous machine; Imagine how my kitchen floor would be with using that mega cleaner. Would love this

  40. I learned there is a a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on parts, thats pretty awesome !!

  41. I learned that its eco friendly and is good for everything from your carpets and floors to your sofas and mattresses and more

  42. I used to have a steam cleaner and I used it tons but this one looks 10 times better. I love the fact that it has 2 tanks. The fact that the water tank is not under pressure and can be refilled at any time, eliminating downtime is huge. With my old one I would run out of water and then have to refill and then wait 10 minutes for the water to heat up.

  43. I learned you can replace the heating element without replacin gthe whole machine! nice!!

  44. I learned that it is eco friendly and that the heating element is replaceable. Wow something that isn’t just throw away.

  45. The heating elements are replaceable; you don’t have to replace the whole machine, just the elements.

  46. I love that it’s eco friendly, plus sanitizes everything, instantly killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses!

  47. Another great product I would love to use is the SteamIron Plus! This would help out so much in this house!

  48. This looks great. I learned it has a a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on parts.

  49. I learned that the Dupray steam cleaner is superheated up to 320ºF producing a jet of steam with only 5% water content, perfect for cleaning and disinfection.How awesome is tat.I can clean my mattress and it won’t be soaking wet!

  50. I learned that it is made in Europe and can clean and sanitize just about anything.

  51. keeps your household clean and germ-free without the use of hazardous chemicals.

  52. I learned that cleaning is easier and faster all without the use of harmful chemicals. The Dupray ONE Plus™ will change the way you clean.

  53. I’d love to have a unit like this so I don’t need to use chemicals. I love that it does carpet too!

  54. I learnt that it is eco friendly and I can clean just about everything in my home .

  55. I like that it’s eco friendly that makes me feel better about using it for sure!

  56. I also love the SteamIron Plus! I hate ironing and with this awesome iron I could iron more and in half the time.

  57. Love this steam cleaner! Takes out even the toughest Crayola mark and is not hazardous. I’m also loving the SteamPlus iron that uses dry steam.

  58. It would be great to win the
    Dupray ONE Plus steam cleaner PLUS an Advanced Cleaning Pack.
    In response to your requirement to
    Visit Dupray and tell you something i learned or another product that caught my eye.
    I learned that In addition to killing bacteria and germs, steam also neutralizes allergens,
    an important factor for those suffering from asthma or allergies.
    More importantly, it does all of this much faster then a mop or sponge.
    Steam effectively shrinks cleaning lists and the stress that comes along with them.
    Plus, no harsh chemicals means no harsh side effects for people and their pets.
    and another product i liked was the Dupray SteamIron Plus.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  59. The steam irons really caught my eye. To be able to have blouses and shirts look like from they came from the cleaners would be great at home. As the washers become more sophisticated at cleaning fabrics, we don’t go to the cleaners as much but the crisp look of a steam ironing.

  60. I love the ONE Steam Cleaner too! Love that it’s portable for home use and all you need is tap water to power it up.

  61. you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine that saves money.
    one machine does so much that saves time.
    ecofriendly saves the environment.
    what more could you ask for

  62. I love that its eco friendly , thats perfect ! I also love they have fast free shipping !


  64. I learned that it requires a boiler drainafter every 50 hours of use (or every time your steam cleaner’s display shows CALC) in order to deliver best results. such and amazing product and great review. Would be well used in my home!

  65. The ability to use super heated steam not only ensures a cleaner, healthier floor…but it is eco friendly

  66. The Dupray SteamIron looks to be the best iron I’ve ever seen. Love the cork handle, the iron rest, and the Automatic shut-off when low on water feature. This is one professional iron.

  67. Wow never new you could steam clean wood floors too. Using on mattresses and car would be great too

  68. Wow..what a fabulous machine! I really like the fact that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

  69. I learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine. Such a great feature!

    1. That’s good to know. It would be frustrating if that wasn’t possible and had to get a whole new machine.

  70. I would love to use this on my shower stall and sofa- so many uses. I checked out Dupray’s site, and I learned that with a moisture content of less than 5%, you don’t have to worry about mildew from the steam (in a mattress, for example)- very cool!

  71. I learned their website offers lots of vids and tips for steam cleaning. Awesome machine

  72. I learned about the The SteamIron Plus. It has some great features for some hassle-free ironing which sounded great to me because I can not iron to safe my life lol.

  73. I can’t believe such a powerful device weighs only 15 lbs! That would make it reasonable to carry around and get those hard-to-get-places!

  74. I learned that the boilers are European made and have a lifetime guarantee. Dupray. Being able to change the heating system/element with out having to replace the whole machine makes it even more Eco friendly. Steam is the way to go. The SteamIron Plus did catch my eye.

  75. It is undoubted that steam cleaners are the best cleaning machines possible! Cleaning with steam is incredibly efficient, it uses only pure water and it can clean all kinds of stubborn stains! I love the review of Dupray on plus! I work at a professional carpet cleaning company (http://cleanerschiswick.net/) and we use steam cleaning machines for cleaning carpets! I can say that they are really amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  76. I learned that it’s eco friendly and my favourite feature is that it only uses water to clean.

  77. I love that I could ditch my bleach! We have 6 cats, one is elderly & pees on the front porch when he’s angry, it’s ceramic tile so I use bleach to disinfect it but it’s taken the finish off of the oak baseboard & quarter-round. I’d love to have an alternative to bleach but I feel it’s the only thing available to me that will kill the germs in cat urine. (I know about bleach & ammonia! I’m very careful!)
    I can’t even imagine what the Dupray ONE Plus would do with the grimy grout lines in the kitchen & bathroom floors & the tub surround, the soap scum is terrible to scrub away!

  78. Steam keeps costs down,environmentally and financially. Consider the number of cleaning products that are necessary to clean the different areas of your home or business. There are soaps for your bathroom, detergents for your kitchen, disinfectants for your furniture, polishers for your floors, and so many others. Not only do all these products take up a lot of space, they are also costly. Cleaning with steam replaces those expensive and unnecessary supplies, while giving you professional results far greater then conventional cleaners.

  79. I visited Dupray and learned that the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is one tool to clean everything. That’s amazing, and what I need!

  80. I learned that when the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is filled with water, it’s superheated to the perfect temperature, to quickly blast away filth and grime. The steam easily disinfects any and all surfaces without relying on dangerous chemicals. This is so important, and a must have for every home.

  81. I learned that it can be used to clean ovens which makes it highly desirable in my eyes!

  82. I learned that it is an eco friendly way to clean and sanitize your surfaces!

  83. The portable steam cleaner caught my eye. The perfect thing to use on those dirty salt stained carpets in the car.

  84. learned that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine. I never knew this

  85. I learned that this cleaner, made in Italy, can clean anything in your home, while killing bacteria.

  86. One steam clean machine is really enough for cleaning the whole house! I would love to have one! My closet under the sink is full with all kinds of homemade natural cleaners and other stuff like mops and brushes. I know that steam cleaning is a great alternative to all that and it is a great way to clean with no toxic cleaners! Thank you for sharing! I am in love with the Dupray! I hope that I’ll get one for Christmas! 🙂

  87. Eco friendly without chemicals. I love how it cleans the grout on the tile floor. I can never seem to get that clean, no matter how hard I try.

  88. I learned how these things actually work and I’m also surprised that the unit is fairly light (only about 15lbs)!

  89. What an amazing giveaway! Would love to try the Steamiron since I HATE ironing and it says it cuts the time in half.

  90. I learned that it is great for disinfecting with super heated steam. Such a great tool!

  91. I am really impressed with how the grout looks before and after the steam cleaning. We have a lot of tile in the house.

  92. I learned from Dupray that it is a eco friendly way to clean and sanitize your surfaces.

  93. I like that it’s versatile enough to clean most anything. Saves time and money from having to buy multiple machines to do different jobs.

  94. Has ActiveSafe™ Technology which includes automatic shut-off, a pressure release valve and childproof safety lock. Safety features are key since the steam is superheated

  95. I learned that it is the most environmentally friendly way to steam floors and clean all the hard to reach spots.

  96. Its eco friendly for your family and the enviroment, it works SOOOOO much harder so that we as moms (or people in general) DO NOT have to kill ourselves to clean! Can i get a woot woot! LOL Thanks for the great giveaway

  97. I found out that the dupray can help to get rid of bedbugs (not that I have that problem)

  98. I learnt that you can sanitize anything, anywhere using only regular tap water

  99. I can’t see my original comment, so, I’ll try again to make sure I’m not disqualified 🙂

    I love that it cleans virtually anything without the use of chemicals.

  100. I learned that dry steam is the best for cleaning and … The steam is then superheated up to 320ºF producing a jet of steam with only 5% water content, perfect for cleaning and disinfection.

  101. It has a self-cleaning boiler system. thanks for the chance to win, this is an amazing prize!

  102. I learned I want one for our mattresses due to allergies! Of course we would use it for cleaning MANY other household items

  103. I learned that you can replace the heating element without having to buy a brand new machine.

  104. I learned that you can replace the heating element in the Dupray One steam cleaner without having to replace the whole machine.It sounds fab!!

  105. Wish I knew about this type of cleaning tool a long time ago. I could have used this to steam sanitize baby teddy bears, dog beds, carpets etc.

  106. This seems like a revolutionary product, I have always wanted a steam cleaner. thanks for the chance to win!

  107. I love how this is able to clean between the tiles so well. As an old house with poorly put down ceramic flooring (previous owners) – it would be so helpful to have a way of cleaning the floors that actually works!

  108. SAFETY

    I learned that this machine produces 320ºF steam.

    So this is not a cleaning tool to pass over to your child to use!

  109. I learned that you don’t need cleaners just tap water. That is so good for the pocket, the environment and your health.

  110. I like that you can replace the heating element without having to replace the whole machine.

  111. All Dupray steam cleaners have replaceable heating elements so you can replace the element instead of having to replace the whole steam cleaner.

  112. I would give anything to have one of these! almost 😉 The first I’d clean would be the beds! I didn’t realize until now. Excellent!

  113. I love that I only use tap water, no cleaner, no chemicals, very environmentally friendly. The added attachments are all very useful in my daily/weekly cleaning chores. The Dupray One will easily replace my 25 year old steam cleaner.

  114. I learned that you can sanitize anything using tap water: Disinfecting is easy with a powerful jet of dry vapor steam reaching temperatures up to 320ºF, instantly killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

  115. This machine produces 320ºF steam, so this is not a cleaning tool to pass over to your child to use.

  116. I love all of the accessories it comes with a 15 piece set wow and that it cleans in less time. I only use a steam cleaner on my floors but it’s not the best one would love to try this one and be able to use it for more than just my floors.

  117. I have learned a lot. Very happy that it is eco friendly. Would love to win this!

  118. I’m so in need of a new vacuum! Old one just isn’t picking up the hair from my German Shepard anymore 🙁

  119. I love that its eco friendly AND just the heating element can be replaced and not the entire machine!

  120. This looks amazing! I love that it has auto shut off and that the heating elements are replaceable. The Steam Iron Plus looks pretty awesome too.

  121. I learned that the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner was designed with a two-tank system. This technology means the water tank is not under pressure and can be refilled at any time, eliminating downtime. I love this feature.

  122. I learned that it’s an eco friendly way to sanitize your mattress and other surfaces.

  123. This seems like the perfect steam cleaner . . . lightweight, high-quality, compact, easy to use, faster – all that and more without using harmful chemicals!

  124. I think Dupray steam cleaner could be ok… however, these comments are so obviously fake!… I know you’re doing your job, guys.. but don’t ‘overdose’ here… if the product is really good- it ‘speaks ‘ for itself and the people will find out without ‘storytales’.. (no offence).

    1. Do you mean my article or the comments are ‘fake’? My articles all tell a story, it’s my blog and how I’ve rolled for 10 years. It’s unique and me, take it or leave it. If you mean all the people that have commented, well again – to each their own. No offence and regards.

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