Eleven Review & Giveaway

Need just one more reason to love the See Kai Run company? Probably not, but you will! Cause Haun, of See Kai Run got together with Nancy Coronado – and started a collection of shoes for kids aged 3-8. Finally! There are so many cute shoes for babies and toddlers, there definitely was the need for older kids to have quality, chic-looking shoes as well! The company is called Eleven and their motto is “to create wonderful shoes for little travelers who make each step an adventure.” Indeed they do!
The design of the shoe is much like their sister company, See Kai Run – flexible, durable shoes which come in fabulous modern designs. Raised in a world of pastel colors as babies, children can now rejoice that their feet will have bold and striking colors reflecting their energetic personalities. The attention to superior craftsmanship makes Eleven the ideal shoe for parents to choose. And the cool trendy look is why kids choose them! Win-Win. (No more fighting over shoes in the shoe stores!!!)

Eleven sent me a pair of uber-cute ‘Alexi’ shoes for Isabelle. She actually picked these out, probably because of them resembling Dorothy’s ruby red shoes! (Hey, it’s a nice break from pink! I’m impressed that Eleven got her thinking outside of the pink box!) My review is exactly what I expected from Eleven, having seen See Kai Run shoes before (and knowing they are made in the same fashion). The sole was nice and flexible, the leather soft. Great attention to detail was made, on the stitching and for an overall great looking shoe. Isabelle grabbed those red shoes out of my hands like it was on fire, and I haven’t had the chance to touch them since! Because it’s a party-type shoe (which looks great with jeans as well), I was worried about her wearing them with bare feet, usually shoes leave awful blisters while breaking them in. What I didn’t expect from Eleven was that they didn’t do that! They were a comfortable fit from Day 1 and stayed that way without one complaint from the princess! In fact, these shoes are worn on a daily basis in this house and tested to the full extreme. I see them whizzing by me all day long and I know that if they bothered her in any way – they would Not be on her feet. (Can you tell I have been through this before?) I am a great lover of shoes and to see the twinkle in my daughters eye when she sees a fabulous pair for her – I am a proud Mom! To this day, anyone who comes to the house gets a full introduction by Isabelle, to her shoes. “Alexi, meet paperboy. Paperboy, Alexi!”


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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