Turkey Bacon and Egg Cups


Disclaimer: So, Turkey Bacon and Egg Cups isn’t a ‘recipe’ that actually needs a physical recipe. Isn’t that nice for once?

One of my family’s favorite breakfasts {or breakfasts for supper}, is plain ‘ol bacon and eggs. Yet, when the kids and their pickiness allow me, I like to change that up just a bit. You know, add a little flair to the usual, but without adding a bunch of work and stress. That’s nice too.

One meal I started making for the kids a couple years ago is baked eggs in muffin tins. Yep, just crack an egg {or pour beaten eggs, or an omelette mixture}, into muffin tins and bake. The result isn’t a huge change to the usual egg, but they do come out so much fluffier than usual. My three girls love them, and regularly ask me to make ‘egg muffins’. Adorable!

For myself as ‘the cook’, baking eggs in the oven technically takes more time, yet it’s a no-hassle {no need to stand and stir or flip} kind of meal. So, I like it because you can fully cook the eggs in the time it takes to make toast, get drinks, set the table. etc. It’s just a little more organized to cook eggs this way.

So, now to change up this tried and true winner, I have a new {not really} recipe for you to try. I added something else tasty, and you’re going to get hungry just reading about it.

I added delicious Butterball Original Bacon Style Turkey & made Eggs Baked in Turkey Bacon Cups!

Here’s the ‘recipe’ :

Spray cupcake tins with cooking spray. Place Butterball Original Bacon Style Turkey around the outside of each hole making a wall against the side. Crack an egg and pour into each cup {or pour beaten eggs or your favorite omelette mixture into each cup}. Add grated cheese to the top. Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes or until the egg is firm.

Eat and enjoy!

Now that was easy!!

What results is a new way to eat one of your favorite meals, you just have to make the toast. Or hashbrowns. That’s your choice.

When I first made Eggs Baked in Turkey Bacon Cups the kids cheered. Seriously, they did. And that doesn’t happen often {or ever}, so you know they were happy. Or just very very hungry.

Eggs Baked in Turkey Bacon Cups is so easy, and adds that change to a meal without the worry that it’ll be a flop.

Let’s call it a no brainer, sure thing.

You’re welcome.

This post is sponsored by Butterball Canada. In exchange this review, I have received special perks in the form of
products and monetary compensation. All opinions on this blog are my own.



    1. Sometimes I think we over-think recipes and meals. Some of the best are so simple! Love!

  1. I am about to this right now for my boys for dinner! Love it! And I’m pinning this! Can you tell I love it? lol =)

  2. seriously–that is SO COOL!!! what a great idea and an easy way to feed alot of people at one time rather than standing over the stove and having bacon grease splatter and cook in shifts to feed only a few people at a time. This is especially great now as due to Hurricane Sandy we have a house full (not complaining-because we have a house!!! and power) but there are lots of hungry people to feed–so I will be trying this Saturday morning for sure! thanks for sharing

    1. Exactly! My kitchen feels so crowded sometimes, and the back and forth to get things ready, or the delegation is enough to drive me nuts. I much prefer the oven to take over! 😉

  3. Looks deelish! I’ve never tried cooking eggs in the oven – okay I didn’t even realize you COULD cook eggs in the oven! Definitely going to try this out! (As you can tell Betty Crocker / Paula Deen I am not…LOL)

    1. I had no idea for YEARS, but you can!
      Another tip to make omelettes: mix it all up and put into a casserole dish {top with cheese} and put it into the oven – it bakes to perfection! It’ll rise to leave room, but they are so light and fluffy! YUM!

  4. Perfect! I’m collecting holiday food ideas–not just the big table, but meals for company. This looks like a great way to feed a number of people, would look classy on the table, and fairly easy! *pinned*

    1. Thanks Mary! A lot of time I have to do 2 batches of food b/c of so many people. Who has pans that big and then they don’t cook right. This is a much easier and cleaner way to feed the masses!

  5. Oh my goodness – how did I not think of this before!? Thanks for sharing – I will try these on the weekend for my fam!

    1. Oh you are in for a surprise, it’s delicious! Nice and lean, less fat! We eat a lot of it in this house.

  6. Wow, thanks. I am making this when all the gang is here. 🙂 Seriously, thanks.

  7. Love this!! They look so fancy yet are so easy to make. This would be a huge hit in my household 🙂

  8. This is a favorite of my husbands.

    I also toss eggs in the Scheiders Naturals Ham and do Ham cups. They’re great quick lunches/snacks/breaky.

  9. I have used a similar recipe from the South Beach Diet Cookbooks. So good, it is hard to only have one.

  10. Love this idea! My youngest would live on bacon and eggs, so this is definitely an option to add excitement to cooking them! I’m thinking also, a great snack to have ready.

  11. Hello. I really like this recipe from start to finish. Easy, tasty, easy to clean up and I have all of these ingredients, too. I cannot eat bacon but I had never considered turkey bacon thank you for the idea.

  12. In the oven now. Great breakfast for my boys who just want to go. Simple healthy grab and go to start their day. And can see so many variations.

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