Effective Tips for Healthy Hair

If you’re anything like my daughters and I, the evidence of a great summer shows itself in our hair. Long days spent in the sun and pool has made our hair quite lackluster and unhealthy looking, and the sudden fall dryness in the air only adds to the problem.

It’s important to focus on hair health right now, with some much needed TLC will get those locks back on track!

Effective Tips for Healthy Hair this fall season


Here are Effective Tips for Healthy Hair:


I’m a water-pusher through and through, drinking enough is so good for the body and the hair. Of the total water drank, your hair gets the leftovers after your body takes it’s share – so ensure you are drinking enough so that your hair isn’t left without. I really do see a difference in the shine and smoothness of my hair when I focus on drinking my quota!


Taking a daily vitamin does a body {and hair} good, ensuring all parts from the inside out gets the fuel it needs to function at its best. Sure a proper diet would be ideal {the hair needs vitamins and minerals found in salmon, dark green veggies, beans, poultry, eggs, whole grains, oysters, and low fat dairy products}, yet just in case, I like the backup of a daily vitamin for reassurance. For example, Vitamin A helps to produce healthy sebum, an oily substance secreted by the scalp, which keeps hair from drying out and breaking off.

Massage your Scalp

When stylists massage a clients scalp, there’s a reason for this beyond relaxation. 

When you’re rubbing the shampoo and conditioner in (especially conditioner) take time to properly massage it into your hair and scalp. Massaging the scalp in small circular movements will help with blood flow at the root and promote growth.

Back Off The Heat

Blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons – they all take a toll on the health of the hair. If you must use heat tools, protect your hair with a good product that protects, but try and take some days off here and there from the tools. My girls are now at the age where they request curls or straighteners, and they have such fragile baby hair still! So I limit these requests, use the lowest heat settings possible, and apply a heat protector first. To get beachy waves or a crimp, braid damp hair before bed and enjoy beautiful tresses the day day, no heat required! 

Use Quality Products

I’m not saying to break the bank on your shampoo and conditioner, but there is a definite difference between brands. Do your research and while keeping budget in mind, choose of the highest quality possible – the ingredients and thus the nutrients in it, matter! Sometimes it’s not about saving the most, but getting the best bang for the buck, and it took me years to learn that when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. Once you upgrade to something that moisturizes and hydrates more, and see the difference, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

Get Regular Trims

As soon as Summer came to a close, we all were in the salon getting a trim. Not only for a polished look for back to school, but for optimum hair health. Dead ends to the hair makes it look scruffy, so getting a trim every couple of months removes the damage and helps keep it looking its best. 

Proper Brushing

The type of brush used on your hair matters! For hair health keep your hair free of tangles with a brush made to decrease pain and breakage. The Goody Ouchless No Tears Hairbrushes {which is a 2016 Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winner} are gentle on the scalp and hair, and effective thanks to their FlexGlide bristles. While excessive brushing isn’t optimum, static and bulkier jackets and hats make create an opportunity for tangles. Brush as much as is needed to keep hair smooth and tangle-free. Always start at the ends and progressively work your way up to the roots. 


Of course once you have the healthiest of hair as we transition into a new season, choosing great accessories will not only keep hair in place, but adds to that polished look. Check out my video on Easy Hairstyles for Girls for some ideas! 

One suggestion on great accessories right now is the adorable line of Goody® Trolls products – they are a limited-edition line of hair brushes, colourful elastics and other funky hair accessories inspired by the gravity-defying hairstyles of the movie’s heroes and heroines.

goody trolls inspired hair accessories for kids

One of my twins immediately took to the Poppy Flower Sparkle Headwrap. It’s a soft and stretchy green headwrap with glittery blue flowers, allowing the wearer to recreate Poppy’s iconic look from the film. This one also comes in a cute headband! Not only do they both keep hair back and in place during the school day {and activity on the playground and in gym}, but it’s just so cute!

goody trolls inspired hair accessories for kids



The Goody Ouchless No Tears Hairbrushes line just got Trolled with the the same Flex-Glide technology that won this brush the 2016 Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award. Yet this one has the funky Trolls-inspired patterns, which is an immediate hit with my girls. It’s been quite the topic of conversation when doing hair and with sleepovers, just a cute added touch to make a great product more fun for kids.


You never know, it might just be the incentive for a little Trolls fan whom doesn’t like hair brushing – to give it more of a chance. The Trolls edition of the Goody Ouchless No Tears Hairbrushes is available in both purse and oval styles. 

Other Trolls inspired Goody products include Trolls Braided Elastics with Character Charms, no-metal elastics and ponytailers – all of them help to add that flair to an otherwise basic elastic. Such an easy way to change up {and flair} a basic bony or braid. 


How are you keeping your hair healthy and fashionable this season?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Goody, all opinions are my own.





  1. I always keep my hair up during the Summer. Once it gets cooler I set my waist length hair. I try to trim it every six weeks. I love the headband your girls are wearing. Thanks for the tips.

  2. great tips, I think taking vitamins and eating healthy has a lot to do with having great hair

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