Ed Hardy Villain

Ed Hardy Villain – I do love my fragrances, always have! I think it stemmed from sneaking Moms to her gifting a scent to me, of my very own. My obsession hasn’t stopped since then, call me a perfume-aholic!

Ed Hardy has launched a new his and hers fragrance duo, Ed Hardy Villain. Here’s the info on each:

Ed Hardy Villain for Women

“Playfully splashing in the sea waters, she tempts you in with succulent lickable fruits with their sweet juiciness and vibrant color. Ed Hardy Villain for Women is overpowering, yet astoundingly feminine like the petals of delicate flowers. The strength of her hold on you is uncontrollable as if bound by roots and woods. Lost in her world of the deep blue sea, yet still enchanted with her kisses as sweet and addicting as crème brulee.”

Fragrance notes include watermelon, lychee, citrus notes, lotus, magnolia, freesia, sandalwood, iris and creme brulee.

Ed Hardy Villain for Men

“Ed Hardy Villain tells of a story of great and dangerous adventures with scents reflecting memories of far away lands. Fearlessly splashing off the top, Italian Bergamot and French Lavender are dashed with masculine spices while herbaceous Egyptian Basil and wild sage settle in the heart. Juicy blackcurrant buds with a hint of Nutmeg Oil from Indonesia engage the senses as the journey into the dry down begins. Hidden in the shadows are earthy woods infused with the treasure of golden amber. The lingering musk trails off in the distance as he moves on to his next voyage.”

Fragrance notes include lavender, musk, sandalwood, virginia cedar, sage, amber, nutmeg, cardamom, bergamot, basil and pepper.

My Thoughts:

Hubby and I got the duo for ourselves, and just in time too. Each Spring we always hunt for a new fragrances, to welcome the new season. I definitely go lighter and more floral this time of year, which is why I really like Ed Hardy Villain for Women. It’s a very calming and serene scent.

The men’s version is still a lighter scent when compared to many strong mens colognes, yet with a bit of intense spice. It has that manly kick without being at all overwhelming or potent. If you are familiar with the other scents in the Ed Hardy fragrance line, not that Villain is very tame and mild when compared to the others.

The visually appealing 3D molded glass bottle features an original Don Ed Hardy Tattoo design packaged in a colourful tin container look great on the dresser, great design!

I do have one tiny complaint when it comes to the new his & her’s – it doesn’t last through the day. Maybe because it’s so very mild, but I found that I need to re-spritz half-way through the day.

Ed Hardy Villain for women and men are available as a 75ml and 125ml eau de parfum {au de toilette for men}. The line is exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart starting March 1st, 2012, Sears, Jean Coutu & Sephora May 2012. Give them a try next time you pass by them!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. The bottle is very neat. I thought you were joking with a perfume named villain… lol

  2. I TOTALLY agree!!! I just bought this fragrance myself and LOVE it but I too have noticed that half way through the day I always have to respray it..which sucks if you are planning on being away from home all day. I need to get a small travel tube to put some in so I can do just that. I thought that it was just me at first cause I get regular sinus infections so I was just thinking that I couldn’t smell it because of that. Thanks for sharing so I know it’s not just me. 🙂

  3. Christian Audigier always has the best designs for his bottles! But I guess that is expected from an artist.
    Fun fact, did you know In 2010, his fortune was estimated at 250 million dollars.
    Ed Hardy Villain

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