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EcoBaby Canada was founded by a Lethbridge (Canada) Mom who had a hard time purchasing cloth diapers and slings for her children. I understand what she meant, when she said that she had to purchase these items off of a few different US retailers. And, I applaud her for giving us Canadians a place to shop for many products, all in one place. This baby wearing Mom of four is being recognized for her hard work and efforts, she is nominated as Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the Year.

I received a Sacred Baby Pouch, and these are made by a WAHM in Victoria. The design I received is a brown and creme damask, and it is made with great quality and secure re-inforced seams. These style of slings are one of the simplest forms of baby carriers available on today’s market, and I could tell by just looking at it. It has no straps, buttons or complicated instructions for use. Yet, they enable Mom to wear baby in 5 different positions. They are intended for newborns all the way up to children of 35 pounds. I love that the Sacred Baby Pouch is compact and small. There is no excuse to not throw it in the diaper bag even in your coat pocket (which I have done). It’s completely convenient and that’s what I needed. I found it so easy to use, and the girls fit perfectly. The Twins like the Tummy to Tummy position the best, and they appeared very comfortable (and happy next to Mom) And, I was comfortable wearing it too. This sling comes in 5 sizes and many fabric choices. For ease of use and the ability to take it anywhere, this this pouch has become a very useful product for me.

Isabelle got her own Kid-Sized Hotsling Pouch too. It’s made in the same fashion as the ones for mothers, but smaller. It’s made with care and attention as well, and available in some great fabrics. It’s just so sweet to see her carry her babies all day. This would be a great gift for kids who are going to be a big brother or sister. It makes them feel just so special and involved.
The kid-sized sling Hotsling and the Sacred baby Pouch are both machine washable, in cold water. Just like they function, they also wash with no fuss or hassle.

Like I said, EcoBaby Canada is fabulous for getting many items that Mom’s need. So, of course there is more than just slings there! The shop also sells bottles; cremes, soaps and lotions for both mom and baby; cloth diapers; clothes and more!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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