Easy Indoor Exercise for the Whole Family

During the summer months we get plenty of activity, whether it’s playing outside for hours, to day trips of endless walking. Then comes the fall and winter season, and lifestyle shifts. We take in more rich comfort foods and sometimes the weather induces a heavy sloth feeling.

Even with scheduled sports, activities and being constantly on-the-go – our levels of activity just don’t compare to other months of the year.


When spending time together as a family after a long day, there’s nothing wrong with sticking in a movie and relaxing together for some R&R. Yet, it’s just as important for everyone in the family to stay active and exercise, even when hours on the couch on a cold evening is so deeply appealing.

Regular exercise is not only crucial to overall health, yet for mood as well. Activity helps sleep patterns and is great at fighting the winter blahs.

Yet we have to be a little more creative this time of year with activity since we’re indoors more often. Unlike running free in a field during the summer, laps up and down the short hallway just isn’t as appealing. You just gotta make it more fun than that. Truthfully, you have to sneak it in there in a massively fun way.

In other words, just dance.

A friend arrived for a visit last week just as we were prepping the slow cooker for dinner that evening. Music was playing, my kids were helping with dinner prep – and we visited with said friend, while we danced throughout the kitchen. The setting was contagious, as she soon bounces in her chair as well, without even realizing it.

Truth be told, this is common practice in our home. More times than not we have music playing in the background, and in any given day myself or the kids dance while we move through the house completing whatever it is that we are doing, from cooking to putting away laundry. In fact, most mornings the girls turn on the music before they get ready for school – it’s actually the perfect way to set the mood for the day. As a side bonus, sibling bickering is less often when there’s music on as well. Score!

It’s no surprise that we own and love Just Dance for our Nintendo Wii. While other dancing is more natural and subconscious, oftentimes we set aside time to have dance-offs which provide tons of exercise and fun – giving ample laughs and memories.

Just released is Just Dance 2016, the latest in the series with new and popular current hits with some classic throwbacks. Since we surround ourselves with all kinds of music from past to current whether at home or in the car, we all recognized the tracks included on Just Dance 2016.

Even though Just Dance 2016 is rated E for Everyone 10+, my twins were able to join in and do very well! The first song Sophia danced to was “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor – now there’s a girl that has rhythm! I won’t hide the fact that she beat my score when I tried.

just dance 2016 canada

My oldest daughter Isabelle was all over One Direction and Selena Gomez while my other twin girl, Katelyn, took on “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charli XCX.


After that we spent hours choosing songs {there’s 40+ to choose from}, getting our move-on with plenty of high-fives over scores and stars earned. With Just Dance 2016, Wii controllers are optional. It has an integration with smartphones and tablets! Just download the free Just Dance Controller app and your phone becomes the controller and the game navigator.

With the suggested retail price of $49.99, Just Dance 2016 proves frugal family fun, exercise and entertainment!




Disclosure: I received product and compensation to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk would be my first choice to dance to! Thanks so much for the chance to win, my girls LOVE Just Dance!

  2. Uptown Funk is a fave in our home , woohoo this could be so much fun , thanks for the chance 🙂

  3. I’ll choose “Under the Sea” since I’m sure that my granddaughters know that one off by heart already. 🙂

  4. My favourite song featured on the game is Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”.

  5. Our family’s favorite song from Just Dance is Uptown Funk! We have our own dance we’ve created together. We would love to play Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii!!

  6. I want to pick, I Gotta Feeling- The Black Eyed Peas…..but the kids are yelling no mom pick All About that Bass- Meghan Trainor …..either way they are all great songs and Im sure would be a lot of fun. I know we had a ton of fun playing Just Dance 2015 and it even helped me lose some of the baby tummy 🙂

  7. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk would be my first choice
    to dance with my baby grandson.Seriously he loves dancing
    as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning.I could have a blast
    with this!

  8. My 4yo would love this!!! I would love this! It would also be something I would allow, as its not just sitting in front of the tv!
    I think we would do mostly dance parties, but I’m sure a world video challenge would be done with You’re the one that I want!
    Thanks for the contest!

  9. It would be great to win a copy of Just Dance 2016 for Wii.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite song featured on the game?
    My favourite song from this game is Born This Way By Lady Gaga.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  10. I would have to say “All about the bass” because it’s my style of music and more of what I can dance to without breaking a hip.

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