Easter with My Chaos


This past weekend was obviously Easter, full of fun with the kids, aka ‘My Chaos’.

It started with egg decorating and many stained and colorful fingers. Certainly there was a visit from the Easter Bunny along with a *tad* bit of chocolate. Then it ended with a bang, a delicious family dinner.

Another great holiday full of memories, and finally it’s starting to feel like Spring!

How was your Easter weekend?











  1. They looked like they were enjoying themselves, sounded like you all had a good Easter

    Have a fantastico week 😉

  2. I love decorating Easter eggs…er…I mean…’My kids” love decorating Easter eggs 😉

  3. Great photos! My girls are slightly older and we did such a great job of hiding the eggs this year, that they starting thinking we had decided not to do eggs this year. Took them till lunch time to find the stash. Happy WW, looking forward to linking up again next week.

  4. What a neat idea to use plastic baggies for dying eggs! Hope you and your beautiful chaos has a wonderful Easter, Tammi!

    1. It was my first time trying this kit. Apparently you put a few drops of each color into the bag, then the egg, and it turns out tie-dye. Yet, the colors mixed too much and most turned out brownish. Overall love the idea for being cleaner, yet I wish the colors didn’t mix so much. Had to try it!

  5. We had that same coloring kit, boy that was messy for my boys, but I see minimal mess with your girls. lol. They came out nice! 🙂

  6. Those eggs turned out to be very pretty! I’m glad everyone had a good time!

    We had a busy Easter. I have photos up that visually explain my Easter.

  7. I saw on pinterest where someone used a whisk and stuck the egg in it then dipped into the dye to save on finger mess.

  8. They are really good looking eggs! It’s funny, in Ireland we just get chocolate eggs, not real one..no painting involved!

  9. These look the funniest eggs, they turned out all shiny how cool was that. I forgot about those kinds of colors. Thanks for stopping by Curious Cats WW {w/Linky} Have a great week, Karren

  10. Oh my gosh. Hard to believe how grown up they all are now! They were so teeny tiny when I first started reading your blog!!! Beautiful photos! Looks like they had a blast decorating eggs!

    1. Awe – thanks for being a ‘lifer’ reader, lol
      Really, that is awesome, thank you so much for taking the time since the beginning!!

    1. We left it until the last minute, as always. Some did it weeks before, I could never pull that one off! lol

    1. Great for not making a huge mess! Yet, it didn’t work very well when mixing the colors.

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