Our Easter 2014

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Our weekend festivities began with the dying of the eggs. Usually we do this a few days before Easter weekend, yet this year we decorated on Good Friday. The girls LOVE dying eggs!












Isabelle wrote a cute note for the bunny, so a couple eggs disappeared from the bowl later that night.

I’m always worn with cute notes like this, since they need a reply right? Yet, my daughter is 9 and knows my handwriting all too well. In fact, she’s pretty much got writing my signature down to an art {doh!}. My husband wrote the reply, with his left hand. I *think* we got away with it, this time anyway.


Sunday morning started before 6am, and I watched them frantically run through the house finding eggs. There’s no actual photo proof of this morning, I was still half asleep while in the middle of the chaos. Then I went back to bed, Zzzzzz.

Later that morning the girls discovered that there was also eggs hidden in the yard. This time I was more awake and caffeinated, so I was able to take some photos, though most are a blur of running madness. 




Then we had the massive dinner in the early afternoon, followed by  a turkey coma on the couch for pretty much the rest of the day. The good news is that I mastered season 1 of Downton Abby. Have you seen the series yet?

How was your Easter 2014?



  1. I love the journaling idea! Your girls are adorable and kudos to you for going to the trouble and mess of coloring the eggs themselves. Plastic eggs are easier but not memorable. You are making memories!

    Teresa from NanaHood

  2. These types of activities are the memory makers. Loved all the photos and the creativity.

  3. They look like they had lots of fun making those eggs! Easter was always a great past time for me. It allowed me to get creative, which I always loved and the hunt for the eggs was really fun!

  4. They are adorable! And it looks like they had a fun Easter. My daughter is 21 now so I totally miss the whole easter egg dying.
    Great job with the note 😉

  5. Great Easter photos! The girls look like they had a blast. I loved Downton Abbey! How did you like how season 1 ended? A real shocker. Season 2 was good too. Enjoy!

    1. So much happened in season 1! I’m a couple episodes into 2, wish i could spend a day watching like I did this weekend! 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great Easter! 🙂 I love that you hid eggs inside AND outside, what a fun surprise!

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! We didn’t do much this year. The kids got Easter baskets and we went to the aquarium to see mermaids on Easter.

  8. I can not wait until mine are a little older so they get supper excited to do the mad dash to find eggs. I was happy that my three were into looking for the eggs this year. Last year I had two that could care less and that was not as fun.

  9. Looks like you guys had a blast! Your girls are gorgeous! I remember how fun the holidays were when my daughter was little. She’s all grown now and not too interested in hiding eggs or writing notes for Santa. Besides she says by the time she was 8 she was taller than me, so hunting was never too tough :))

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