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Winter is synonymous with dry, flaky skin – especially for us Canadians who endure harsh temperatures and bitter wind. Yet, for the first cold season ever, I won the battle! I was fortunate to enjoy two sunny vacations where I soaked in plenty of sweet moisture in paradise, but each trip was immediately followed by the dry Canadian weather trying its best to suck out every last drop. It’s been weeks since my last return home and I still receive compliments on my glowing moisturized skin, along with remarks that I must have just returned.

I won this year’s battle and it’s all thanks to a great Vaseline lineup. Unlike some lotions, which correct visual dryness in the short term, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion not only moisturizes to provide immediate hydration and relief from itchiness and flaking, it also works to completely eliminate dryness, so the skin remains healed for up to 3 weeks after stopping daily usage. Vaseline products act to both repair and control dry skin. It’s not a short-term fix but, rather, one that’ll take you through spring!

dry skin rescue and relief vasoline healing project

In particular, I’ve been using these three Vaseline Intensive Care lotions and the classic Vaseline Jelly:

The first is Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion, which heals dry skin with moisture to reveal its natural glow. After I’ve spent time in the sun, this lotion is my top choice to keep that glow for as long as possible. I apply this product after I shower, leaving the skin soft and sparkly, with a just-beach-kissed scent. A little goes a long way!

My hands go through a lot each and every day; if my skin is going to dry anywhere, it’s my hands that are going to show the lack of moisture first. Are you the same? This is why I like to keep a bottle of the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Relief Repairing Serum by my desk as a reminder to regularly moisturize my hands all the way up to my elbows. This product moisturizes to repair and calm severely dry skin, which is what I need since I’m prone to getting windburn rashes on my hands during the winter months.

The Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented product is just that, unscented! This lotion is for those who are irritated by scented products. While I do personally like scented lotions, sometimes I reach for this one when I’m wearing perfume and don’t want it mixed with an additional scent or am around those who are sensitive to scents. Non-greasy just like the previously mentioned lotions, the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented also works to heal very dry skin in just 5 days.

vasoline healing project

Most people associate the name Vaseline with Vaseline Jelly, one of the original dry skin healers. Noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating, Vaseline Jelly is a product that most households have at any given time. Vaseline Jelly works by creating a sealing barrier that locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery from dryness, helping to heal it from within (I used it a lot when my kids were in diapers!). Fact is, there are plenty of uses for Vaseline Jelly, yet recently I’ve used it around my nose to keep the dry winter air from making me stuffy while I sleep.

There’s actually micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly in all Vaseline lotion products. So, they don’t just make skin feel soft and smooth—they also absorb deeply into dry skin to start healing it instantly without irritation.

For Dry Skin Rescue & Relief, look to the healing power of Vaseline!

Since Vaseline Jelly heals the skin so well, the company is working to help people living in places affected by political unrest, natural disaster, or extreme poverty. Since damage or injury to skin can can be life-altering (preventing people from working and children from getting to school, for example) the Vaseline® Healing Project was launched.

1 Vaseline Purchase = 1 Donation Towards Healing 

For every Vasoline purchase in 2016, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Healing Vaseline Project (up to a maximum of $100,000). This donation helps Direct Relief to provide dermatological care, medical supplies, Vaseline® products, and health worker training to help heal the skin of those on the frontlines.

I see the healing when I look at my soft, moisturized skin, and you can see the healing aid given around the world by checking out the online aid map which tracks and displays where The Vaseline® Healing Project is lending a helping hand.


Vaseline® believes that with deep-healing moisture you can transform dry skin into healthy-looking skin. We know this because we are one of the original skin experts, helping to safely heal dry skin for over 140 years in North America. Today, micro-droplets of our Vaseline® Jelly can be found in all Vaseline® products. Vaseline® doesn’t just make skin feel soft and smooth instantly, but absorbs deeply into dry skin and moisturizes to heal it from within. For more information about our product offering and The Healing Project, visit www.vaseline.ca.



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  1. I’ve got a very cute mini jar in my locker at work lol – sometimes I get a bit of a chemical burn on my skin from where the gloves pull up, so I lather up with it

  2. Vaseline lotions are great. I use them all the time. They keep my skin from turning to white, flaky sandpaper in Chicago winters.

  3. I remember this one time my toddler got a hold of the vasaline… Well she hair great skin and oily hair for a LONG time.

  4. Vaseline makes fantastic lotions! I’ve never tried the Cocoa Radiant before but it sounds like something I would pick up. I like the idea of having “glowing skin” especially in the winter. 😉

  5. Vaseline is a product that’s latest through the times. It’s great for skin care relief.

  6. Vaseline brand is the best. However I had no idea they offered so many options in skin care. I’m in Florida where it is warm and humid but I still have dry legs!

  7. When I was younger, Vaseline was something my mom always has on hand. It was a product that she used on all of us!

  8. Vaseline is a staple in our house. I also loves the spray lotion, but it has problems from time to time. We have dry skin so it’s always necessary to use lotion and emollient.

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