Bamboo makes a fantastic natural fabric as it naturally repels insects, therefore pesticides is not necessary for use. I did not know that! Before being introduced to DreamSacks Inc., I had never known what Bamboo fabric was like at all. Yet what better way than to learn from the experts! The founders of DreamSacks are a husband and wife team, who toured Asia with their daughter. They wanted to take sheets with them, but they needed to be light, compact and thermodynamic. This resulted in a family owned business, supplying such bedding items for travellers. Soon, DreamSacks expanded into day and night clothing for women and babies, yoga wear, jackets, accessories and more. (even some for the men) They actually have such a great selection in every category, I could really have a great time shopping at this store.

DreamSacks products are only made with natural fibers. The ecological use of silk, bamboo, soy and cashmere make it environmentally friendly. I was sent the Nightshirt in the color Cielo (light blue). It may look like an ordinary night shirt, but I guarantee it’s not. Bamboo fabric is soft as silk, yet as comfy as your favorite old tee. I’d like to think of it as a compromise between your favorite silk lingerie and your trusted over sized shirt. Super comfortable and with 5% spandex, it has a shape to it, not boxy.

I also received the BambooDreams Women’s Long Sleeve Top. This shirt has the DreamSacks logo and design on both the front left breast and the back. Again, it is more than comfortable and very addicting to touch. I think the sizes depicted on the site are accurate, mine fits perfectly. Thanks to the twins I have to avoid articles of clothing that are tight around the midsection. I consider DreamSacks clothes very Mom friendly (especially for MoM’s – Mommies Of Multiples). Each item at DreamSacks comes with complete care directions. You have to take a couple extra steps to care for natural fibers. But, so so much that will be an inconvenience.

After experiencing Bamboo fabric, I am even more convinced that fabrics made out of natural fibers are the way to go. The luxury, elegance, comfort and the respect for our world make it absolutely worth it. Now, I can imagine how it would feel to be wrapped in similar made sheets and bedding. Aweee…I can see the great nights sleep already! And many of the DreamSacks tops for women caught my eye. They look perfect for the upcoming season, and I know that they’d be more than comfortable. 


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 



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