Dove Nourishing Oil Care System

In February I was invited, along with 13 other fabulous women to take part in Dove Canada’s newest campaign and music video – Singin’ in the Rain. Actually, the invite was clearly marked that myself ‘and my hair’ was invited. Why so specific? The celebration was for Dove’s new Nourishing Oil Care System. It has weightless Nutri-Oils which help keep hair smooth and frizz-free. It contains Omega-9, which helps replenish your hair’s natural lipids, making it loft and flowing. And what better way to test out the new line – than in the rain! That’s right, our video was shot while dancing in the rain!

Since that wonderful day on set, I have fallen for Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care System. Having hair that has a tendency to frizz, I like the smooth look I can get without breaking out a flat iron daily. Plus, I compare the conditioner to the samples you get with hair coloring. Do you know what I’m talking about? That stuff is like gold to me, and I have been searching to buy it separately for years. Needless to say, the Nourishing Oil Care System has won me over, in and out of the rain.

Dove’s new Nourishing Oil Hair Care System line is available in a Shampoo, Conditioner, a Daily Treatment Conditioner and a Leave-In Smoothing Cream.

You can see Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care System in action with the Singin’ In The Rain Music Video, don’t we have fabulous hair? And, keep in mind that Dove does not alter, photoshop or enhance images and video in any way for their advertising. True beauty!


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. it is cute and very modern , well done , some are like commercials and very boring but this was enjoyable
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  3. This video is too cute! It really makes me want to go dance in the rain with clear umbrellas, and I love how there are women of different ethnic backgrounds in it.

  4. The video has a good beat to it makes you want to listen and watch it over and over. πŸ™‚

  5. I think the video looks great and it’s nice to see they use “normal” women in the video as well! Great job!

  6. I have been spreading the word for while now. I love this video and proud to say I know some of the bloggers in it.
    Kudos girls!!

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  8. I will never get tired of saying how much I LOVE this video. My kiddos even ask to watch it from time to time – “Let’s see your friends dancing with umbrellas!” I LUV that you guys are real women, and I know a couple of you! You Rock! πŸ˜€

  9. The video is upbeat and fun. I like the fact that the dancers are ordinary girls, not models.

  10. Love it, I love that it is from all these blogs that I follow thus I “know” all the women in it – man that sounds hokey but it is so true – I like it allot more because of it! Good for Dove for using you all, and thinking of all us mom blog followers that would like if for just that reason! Did you get to keep the gear? Always wanted to know LOL, love the jacket πŸ™‚

  11. Great video. It kept my attention! It must have been an awesome experience to a part of this video!!

  12. I liked this cheery video. The women danced so well I really thought they were professionals. Well done.

  13. I thinks it’s a cute and fun video. I love that they used real women instead of models in it.

  14. I love the video…..this version of singing in the rain is so catchy…especially the raindrops :0)

  15. It was a cute video, but the thing I dislike about commercials/campaigns like that one is that you remember the video… but often not the product. I know there were a lot of β€œhair shots” but I still feel like Dove could have done more to incorporate their product into the video – I dunno, maybe added another 15-20 seconds to the beginning, showing the dancers getting ready for the number, with the product displayed on dressing tables? Or maybe some verbage like they included at the end. It was 45 seconds in before I saw the product name – bad marketing.

    Other than that, I thought the production was great and once I knew what the product was, I could appreciate how the hair looked in the video.

  16. Wow I think it’s great they always use reg women not models and you girls looked awesome!

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  18. It looks like you all had so much fun making this video. It was fun to watch and I hope they get the million views.

  19. I liked the video. I liked that they used Mom Bloggers in their Singing in the Rain Video.

  20. I thought the video was great,looked like lots of fun for everyone!
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  21. That was awesome. I loved it. The outfits are so cute. Makes me want to go out and sing in the rain too. πŸ™‚

  22. I think the video is so fun! …and now I want some light blue rainboots…lol.
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  23. This really isn’t attention-grabbing for me. If it’s been on television, I haven’t noticed it.

  24. Ive watched the video a few times already I think its great they used REAL women in it. Of course by that they mean not actors.

  25. I like that they used real women in this video also!
    Thanks, Karen
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  26. I like that the ladies in the commercial are REAL people just like me (and I love the rainboots)

  27. In the Dove video, I really like the coordinated dance moves. They must have been really difficult to do in rubber boots! I also like the color combination the video uses.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

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  29. Great video, awesome song and great dancing. Nice to know it was real people


  30. I think it’s a great commercial! I love that they put real people in it instead of just actors. Miss_slytherin[at]live[dot]com

  31. If the red head’s hair didn’t frizz making that video, then I’m a believer!!

  32. I remember some bloggers talking about this and was so excited for them all! I have seen the video before but watched it again. Love IT and so cool they are getting donations from it for a good cause. Love that they used “real” women. They all look so animated and happy to be there. OR maybe they just really LOVE DOVE!

  33. Watching that video makes me want to use Dove products. I hate when it rains – my hair goes totally frizzy! Would love to give Dove a try!
    Way to go Dove ! Hope you get the chance to donate the 100K

  34. I liked it…but the closeup of the umbrellas made me a bit dizzy…even just a couple of seconds of it…but I like how they use “real woman”!

  35. LOVE this video! It’s more than just real women – it’s real hair too. Hair that has been pulled back in ponytails, missed regular trims and sometimes, seen too much bleach. And each and every one of the “models” had fab hair, courtesy of Dove!

  36. Frizz free hair – woohoo!!!
    Video was cute & that’s awesome you got invited to help out! Did you get to keep the sweet blue boots?
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  37. I think the video looks fun and everyone’s hair looks great! You’re famous!

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  39. What a fun video! And I KNOW that frizzy feeling…I can’t wait to sing in rain myself! πŸ™‚

  40. I love the video – especially since I know some of my favorite bloggers are in it! πŸ™‚ Makes me smile!

  41. I don’t know if this is open world wide. I’m from Philippines but I’ll still join for my sister who is currently residing at Canada.

    About the video, I totally love it. The drip-drop of water at the beginning sounds cool of course the music too. Costumes and backdrop are beautiful especially the booties (oh I heart them!). What I like most on the video is that they are not featuring only girls with straight hair; you know most shampoo commercial models have straight hair (here in our country). Your very lucky to be part of it.

  42. When I first saw that I was going to watch a Dove video, I honestly thought it was going to be really silly and lame, but it ended up being really cute! How fun!

  43. I was really shocked by the music (in a good way). I wasn’t expecting it to have such a great beat to it. I loved it. Very attention getting.

  44. I LOVE the video! I was waiting with bated breath for you to post it when I found out you’d been invited to participate in it. Such a cool and exciting opportunity! Plus, I LOVE that it’s ‘real women’ that are featured in the ad. That’s just one of the things that make Dove a great product and fantastic company!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  45. I really liked this video. It was upbeat, yet made you think of when you were a kid and loved to play in the rain.

  46. I thought the video was very cute and upbeat, just what some people need these days!

  47. It was interesting and lively. I liked the fact that they chose 14 “real women” to do it.

  48. really, really impressed with this video and the dove ad campaigns – keep it up Dove!
    penguinjo99 at gmail dot com

  49. I have watched in a couple of times and I love that it is real women and not enhanced.