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We were in the middle of some home TLC when I was approached by NOVOSBED to review their Douglas Mattress. I had just re-arranged and re-decorated many rooms in our house, which also included giving the twins their own rooms. The switch meant that my oldest also moved her bedroom to another, with enough room for a bigger bed. Needless to say it was a chaotic yet excited time in our household, and it was the perfect time to align with NOVOSBED.

Yet just before our Douglas Mattress review item arrived, I was talking with a dear friend who has been a constant of mine for years. Conversations surrounded her health, and her own home TLC – and while we could have used the Douglas mattress for ourselves, instinct told me to pay it forward and help out someone who had been there for me too many times to count.

The delivery day arrived and a huge rectangle box appeared on my doorstep. I loaded it into my vehicle, and off I went to deliver her new queen sized mattress. Yes, you read that right. It’s a mattress in a box which I loaded and delivered myself. That in itself is something I haven’t been able to say about another mattress. Ever.

When she greeted me curb-side and I popped open the hatch, she looked at me with a ‘What is this?’ look. We had a good laugh, because when someone says they are bringing you over a new mattress, you don’t expect a rectangle box to hold the contents.

I guess it’s time to do a formal introduction to the product, since you are probably very curious yourself, just as we were when bringing the box into her house. Prepare to be surprised and impressed, my friends, because we certainly were.

The Douglas Mattress is completely Canadian Made: designed in Canada, made in Canada, and only available in Canada. It’s also eco-friendly as well! The product features balanced support and pressure-point relief for ALL sleeping positions, and comes in three firmness options.

The Douglas memory foam mattress comes with a Douglas CoolSense™ Cover {washable cover which is made with Natural Eucalyptus Fabric™} and consists of these impressive layers: 2” Luxury ecoLight™ Cooling Gel Foam, 2” Premium Elastex™ Foam, and 6” Motion Isolation Support Foam.

When my friend and I opened the box, the mattress was rolled up and to be honest, we debated cutting the packaging because it looked like a twin, yet was supposed to be a queen. We eye-measured the mattress and were very doubtful that this was the right product.

We cut open the plastic packaging and immediately the mattress started expanding in size. We quickly moved it from the floor onto her boxspring and watched as it got bigger and bigger – finally showing it’s true queen size. Our faces must have been priceless!

Novosbed Douglass Mattress Review

Once the mattress was finished expanding, you know we jumped on. It was so soft and formed to every piece of your body. Once we relaxed a while, I helped her make the bed and off I went.

It was the next morning when I got a string of messages from her, stating her love for Douglas mattress and how she hadn’t slept that well in a long time. She’s experiencing some muscle, bone and joint issues which had caused painful and uncomfortable nights for her – yet now, she was finally sleeping pain-free.

Novosbed Douglass Mattress Review

Her boasting over this bed in a box wonder convinced me that come my next mattress purchase, Douglass was my top contender. In the meantime, I feel so happy that I passed on this review to my dear friend, as she truly needed this for her home and for her health.

Novosbed Douglass Mattress Review

If you are in the market for a new mattress, we both recommend you check out the Douglas memory foam mattress. Pricing is fantastic {$749 for a Queen sized Douglas}, and it’s even shipped right to your home for free. It also comes with a 120-Night Trial with 100% free return!

Novosbed Douglass Mattress Review

Browse for more information, size choices and more … and I still cannot get over the fact that this plush, fantastic mattress was in that rectangle box. You need to experience this for yourself, make sure to ENTER TO WIN one!


Disclosure: Product was supplied to facilitate this review post, all opinions are my own.



  1. Bed in a box? Who knew. Sounds like a fabulous product. It’s not always easy finding Canadian made products either. Was lovely of you to pay it forward. 🙂

  2. very kind of you Tammi; someone who will have less pain at night and a more restful sleep will surely appreciate this. WTG

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