Double Stroller Woes

I’d like to take a little time to complain. I don’t do much of that on here, but this time I see a need. And as a product reviewer, I see the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. You don’t see the bad and ugly on my site, because if I see an unsafe or a extremely low-quality product, I do not feature it here. I spread the word on fabulous items for the family.
But in this case – I feel that I need to voice my opinion.

It’s about my Double Stroller
You see, this front to back stroller is made by a popular and very well-known company. I have used many products by this company in the past, and have been pleased. In fact, the single stroller I bought when my oldest daughter was born, is still going strong today.
When it came time to purchase a double stroller, I of course, turned to my trusted brand.

Since the first day I had this stroller, I have had problems. The first couple of months, I barely used it, yet it still broke. The cup holder tray broke off (the one that you attach the infant carrier to). So, being under warranty, I called the company and ordered a replacement part. I waited almost 2 weeks and still no part, all this time not being able to go anywhere alone (how was I supposed to do that with 2 infants in bucket seats, and a 4 year old?)
I called the company again and they said it was on back-order and it’s be another month. WHAT?!? I strongly voiced my displeasure, and they had one shipped immediately. It came the next morning by courier, but in a different color than my stroller. But, this was after 3 weeks of not being able to use the stroller, so I was just grateful to use it again. Not 3 months later, this same tray broke again.

I looked closer at the ergonomics of the stroller and discovered that when folding and unfolding this stroller, the back of the front seat catches on the tray. This adds constant pressure, which in time – of course would break. I called the company and explained that it broke again and discussed my findings on its function. They wanted pictures, so I sent off pictures. They responded 2 days later with a “we’ll send you 4 trays to tie you over until the company decides what is the problem with your stroller and what they will do with it” One week later, still no trays. I emailed and asked when the trays were due to arrive, and to also request a contact name and email for someone higher up in the company (beyond the customer service rep I was speaking with). Still no reply.

So, it’s been 3 weeks now since I could use the stroller. If I try to attach the infant seats anyway, the unclipped tray causes the carriers to tip at first bump. NOT SAFE. If I put the girls into the stroller without their carriers, it is extremely sharp where the tray broke off. NOT SAFE. Do I wrap the entire broken and sharp section in a towel and duct tape?
Why should I? It’s under warranty???!
On top of this, the fabric of one of the carriers is coming apart at the seams.
AND, I just noticed that a couple of the centre caps on the wheels of the stroller have fallen off and gone missing. What next?!??!

In one conversation with customer service, she had said, “Well, maybe there’s a trick to opening and closing it!?”…To this I say, Why should there be? Honestly, you spend a lot of money on an item such as this. Should you have to touch your toes, spin in a circle and hum a tune for it to open properly? I think it should just work. Period.

My concern: Parents spend a lot of money on baby products. Especially the high end ones like strollers. They should not fall apart after 2 months of use and continually break thereafter. They just shouldn’t. And as consumers, we need better customer service than what I received. I am thoroughly displeased with my stroller and the lack of respect I have been showed by the company. It’s not that I am complaining about the color or a squeaky wheel – It is falling apart! And keeps doing is defective! And with the warranty ending in a couple months, I am concerned that this will be unresolved and I will be left with a defective product, at my loss.

I have twins. A double stroller cannot be avoided. I cannot try and tackle twins under 1 and a 4 year old, in a parking lot, with parts flying off my stroller.
I cannot. I am busy. I am tired. And the little energy I have to spare should not be spent literally wresting with a stroller, just trying to get it to open in one piece.

I make a plea to all Moms with multiples and to those with double strollers.
Is there a good brand? ‘Cause I see a lot of people on blogs and message boards asking this same question over and over.

A double stroller that works. That opens and closes without parts breaking off.
I’d like to hear opinions on front and backs – and if you love it, side by sides.
A double stroller is this moms accessory, so an attractive design and style is a must as well.
I’d like one that is able to maneuver and turn with ease. I’m pretty sure that the one I have is one of the larger and heavier models out there, so it would be nice if it was a bit lighter and compact. Really, my list of wants for a stroller isn’t too much. I just want one that works after 2 months of use! Is that too much to ask?

I’d like to hear any and all comments.
Any tips, any advice…
‘Cause I am so upset by this.
Message me for my address if you’d like to send me tissues….


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