Are you a Double Cohort?

It was only recently that I learned that I was a ‘Double Cohort’. You could be too, and not even know it. Actually, according to a recent survey conducted by Best Buy Mobile, only 5% of Canadians are familiar with this term, and of those five per cent, only 31% know what it actually means!

So, what’s a Double Cohort? 

Recently a national wireless code was passed, capping phone contracts at two years {instead of three}. The term ‘double cohort’ is the expiration of two-year cell phone agreements in the same year as those with three-year cell phone agreements. This meant an influx in consumers looking to sign contracts and upgrade to new phones, as those with three-year contracts were at the two-year mark. 

So, that was me just a few weeks weeks back, it was time to get a new phone and renew my contact. This could be you as well!

Embrace being a Double Cohort!

Now is the time to compare rates and plans from different carriers – and it’s as easy as going into a store, asking questions and assessing the choices in front of you. 

With the influx of Canadians now looking for the best phones and plans, Best Buy reached out to find out what’s most important to them:

  • More than 75 per cent of Canadians feel it is very important that their mobile retailer has their phone working when they walk out the door.
  • Approximately two-thirds of Canadians think it is important that they receive help in setting up their phone to suit their needs.
  • Over two-thirds of Canadians feel it’s important that their mobile retailer offers them impartial and informed advice.

To help you make the most of your August, prep for the fall season, AND maximize your roll as a fabulous Double Cohort, Best Buy Mobile wants to help you stay connected.

best buy mobile

Stop by Best Buy Mobile for a free consultation to review your phone plan and find out whether you can benefit from the new wireless code that just took effect, and receive a free upgrade!

Best Buy Mobile offers non-partisan advice to help customers choose the best carrier and plan to suit their needs and ensure their phone is fully set up when they walk out the door.

As for myself, I left a wicked grandfather plan and totally regret it. After all was said and done, I stopped into our local Best Buy for some shopping and found myself in the smartphone section {what can I say, shiny tech draws me in!}. In just 5 minutes of casual conversation with a Best Buy employee, I realized how much I lost on my own experience and renewal. From now on I’ll make Best Buy Mobile my go-to, a lesson learned the hard way I guess! So perhaps my dropping of the ball and the information in this post will help you be a better double cohort than I was. Know your options and embrace this time to best suit you!


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.



  1. The thing I look for the most is coverage. We live out in the boonies and I want good cell service.

  2. When I look for a new plan it is important that I have talk and text features at a competitive price.

  3. what you get for what you pay – looking for reliable, valid service for an optimum price. thanks

  4. The most important thing for me is having a plan that has value — I like getting a good deal:)

  5. I want good cell service so coverage is an important factor, for everyone I should have thought. The price and what’s included in that price is also very important.

  6. My biggest concern is the data plan and the camera, since I don’t own a camera, I only use my phone

  7. For Plan – coverage, Canada wide minutes and texts. no roaming. and good data
    Phone – usually personal choice. but best bang for buck.

  8. Water resistance is the most important thing to me as I like to take photos and I am out in the rain often

  9. The most important thing for me, when looking for a phone would come down to price

  10. phone features that I would use, the camera, the price for camera and for the data plans.

  11. Right now I am still using an old flip phone that only has calling and texting capabilities. So the next time I look for a phone the most important thing will be that it is a smart phone – I would love one! As for a plan, I would love the most affordable plan for what I use – a few phone calls a month, more texting, and some mobile wireless time for using mobile coupons etc when I am out shopping (that is what I really want the smart phone for, for on the go shopping and checking emails once in a while).

  12. The most important thing when looking for a new phone plan is an affordable and yet flexible. I love the idea I have a lot of mins and data and don’t have to worry. In terms of phone, I have a Note 3 and CANNOT go back to anything smaller! πŸ™

  13. Most important to me is the price of the plan since we have a budget of what we can spend on a cell phone each month.

  14. I definitely try to find the best value and price when it comes to choosing a new plan. For a new phone I like something that is durable but stylish with good features

  15. I check out the long distance plan. We have family all over so we do a lot of long distance calling.

  16. For a phone, I always consider the battery life and how big the storage is on the phone. For a plan, I always make sure I get a plan that works with my lifestyle.

  17. When looking for a plan, I look for one that includes what I need. Decent data, unlimited texting… I don’t use a lot of minutes but I do text a lot and I use social media so data is really important.

  18. When looking for a new phone, the camera is most important and also, having lots of space for my pictures and apps.

  19. When I answered the question it had a different question for some reason so here is my answer again! I look for a plan that gives enough minutes since it’s my primary phone and allows me to talk across canada as well.

  20. I look at price, first and foremost, but I also look at features and ability to access apps, etc that I tend to use most often

  21. Long lasting battery and a great plan to keep me connected with friend and family who live out of town.

  22. I look for a plan that gives me unlimited phone calls in US and Canada and unlimited texting.

  23. I’m not keen on all the features (because I won’t use them). Price is the most important, and the service.

  24. I look for unlimited data, texting, and calling at a reasonable price when searching for a plan, the phone itself is a secondary concern something 3 or 4 years old is good enough for me.

  25. I always look for a phone plan that offers me the data that I need along with roaming for when I travel.

  26. When looking for a plan, I often look for the family plan, that has good family rates.

  27. price and a fast processor also has a big impact on overall performance, such as how smoothly a phone handles flipping through menus and running home screens

  28. For me it’s the battery life on the phone and the plan to include lots of data for a good price.

  29. Most important to me is the perfect balance between battery life, ease of use, photo quality and price.

  30. For the phone, it’s the features like the basics of making/receiving a phone call. Not all phones are equal. I also listen to music on my phone. I use my phone for planning, shopping, reading, etc. so, I want a phone with enough processing power and memory capacity to get the jopb done. For wireless transfer, bluetooth, NFC and DLNA are built-in to Sony phones, so, I can throw music to my stereo, PlayStation and PC and vice-versa. For the plan, I’m also looking to see if anything out there is worthwhile as my contract expired so, I can go anywhere. But, you are correct in that the phone plan that I have now offers more service than what is available. My provider has been the cheapest among the competition and has provided me with good value. The only problem is that the phone I want is not part of their offering as it is exclusive to the bigger providers like Bell.

  31. I’m just starting my transition towards smart phones so getting value for my money is most important

  32. I like to focus on the data! I can’t always depend on accessing wifi when I’m out and about.

  33. I look to see how easy the phone is to use, as well the stability of the phone.. the less glass the better lol. As I look for a great camera on the device

  34. I need choices and lots of them when upgrading my phone. I feel like the technology has always progressed so far before my current plan expires that I always want the newest and greatest available. My provider must be reliable, competitive and reasonably priced. I’ve never heard of the Double Cohort before today but now I know. Well, I’m off to visit my awesome local Best Buy and test their Double Cohort knowledge ? Thank you for an incredible prize pack!

  35. Ease of use is my biggest requirement. If I can’t type on it or read the screen then no use to me.

  36. I think the most important thing is the value of what you’re getting for what you pay. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand data and how much they’ll actually use and end up either over paying, but not using the data or not getting enough and paying even more. So important to have good salespeople that truly want to understand what you need.

  37. I use a lot of data so the price for data is the most important to me when looking for a new plan

  38. I look for a good monthly price. I don’t use the phone very often, so being given lots of daytime hours and anytime minutes is not important. I just want a low monthly price for the amount of time I use it for.

  39. definitely price and great features such as the camera is a big one for me with all the pics i take of my girls

  40. I look for a cheap plan with unlimited texting and I look for a good camera on the phone.

  41. In a plan I look to not break the bank. I already pay for a landline so I need a plan that’s fairly inexpensive, with as much data as I can get, unlimited texting, & good tower service.

  42. i start by evaluating the price of phones and plans then i need a phone that is easy to navigate, fits easily in my hand and has a good camera. for plans, i like one that includes unlimited data at a reasonable rate.

  43. for me a phone has to have easy typing, not too heavy or light in the hand and not too wide.

  44. I want a phone that is inexpensive to begin with and doesn’t require a long-term contract.

  45. When i’m looking for a phone I look for a flexible plan and a phone with a long battery life and decent camera. those are probably the three most important things for me.

  46. A phone that has great camera features and is easy to use without being too sensitive is what I look for in a phone. For a plan, I’m always looking for great value with a data plan!

  47. I am looking for a great deal (money wise) as well as one that fits my families needs

  48. I always want more for less. I Know how much these companies profit and how much they monopolize to bilk canadians. So I want a little back lol

  49. price is one of the factors, but also what’s available in terms of data and text/pic messaging.

  50. The most important thing is the pricing plan and a phone that’s not too complicated!

  51. I want to be able to buy a prepaid top up card that doesn’t expire in 30 days (I’m not a big cellphone user, and hate to “waste” money on a phone I only use occasionally).

  52. Value for money is what I look for in a plan. For example, why aren’t all plan minutes Canada-wide? I don’t want unlimited local calling if I have to pay dearly for long distance.

  53. Canada wide unlimited long distance at a great monthly rate is a must for me in a phone plan.

  54. The amount of gigs per plan and price are the most important to me, when I am researching for a new cell phone plan.

  55. I look for a plan that gives me what I want and doesn’t give me things I don’t want or need.

  56. The most important thing to me when looking for a plan is that it includes unlimited texting and ability to call anywhere in North America day or night.

  57. What I look for in a cell phone and plan is what it has to offer canada wide calling, unlimited texting and decent data package for the cost. A cell needs to have programs that a business would require. When looking for one for my children I want a plan that suits their needs in case of emergency and not cost too much.

  58. The Plan and the Cost – trying to get the best plan without paying a small fortune monthly.

  59. The most important feature to me is to have a large screen, made by a reputable brand, that I can afford.
    My plan has to have unlimited calls nation-wide, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited data for a reasonable rate that doesn’t change by the month!

  60. Right now the most important thing to me is that the phone is able to get and send iMessages… my kids both have iPods with iMessage and when they are with my ex it is the ONLY way I can contact them. I’m not a big lover of iAnything but have become better at it because I need to keep the contact open.


  61. I have never had a cell phone, so my main goal is to ensure that in an emergency I have a working phone and that my family can reach me.

  62. It’s important for me to have a plan that’s practical and reflects my needs…and not a plan of bundles of things I’d never use.

  63. Most important is that we need a great Share plan, one that covers a lot of ground, if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  64. An up to date Smartphone, rather than it being too old to take advantage of newer tech.

  65. Most important to me when looking for a phone and plan is mostly price although a long lasting battery is very important as well.

  66. I always look for a phone with a great camera as i love taking pictures with my phone a lot! πŸ™‚

  67. Who Knew? Double Cohort….. I think I may qualify. Really would like a decent phone without a million cascading menus that you get lost in!

  68. The most important thing to me is price. I really don’t care about the quality of the network. I care about price and not getting gouged if I use “too much” data.

  69. Definitely the best plan with the best price possible, and a package with a good data plan:)

  70. When I’m looking for a new plan I want to find one with no hidden fees and I want to make sure it’s a plan where I only pay for what I want/will use. I don’t want to be paying for more data than I’ll use etc

  71. What’s important is plan price and features that are offered such as data plans and texting

  72. The first thing i check after the price is always the information about the data plan included in my package. Im eternally connected πŸ™‚

  73. My phone needs to have a great camera & enough room to store many photos & videos. Mom to 5 here, I am always taking photos & running out of space on my current iphone 5.

  74. I am one of the very few people I know who does not have a cellphone! I love not being able to be contacted all the time!!

  75. I make sure I know exactly what is included when I get a new phone plan. There is nothing worse than thinking something is included and it isn’t, and getting a huge unexpected bill!

  76. For me, it’s about finding a plan that’s good price, and has enough of everything I need so I don’t go over my limits.

  77. At 82 I find technology wonderful. Way back in 1992, I won a carphone which I never lost because it was built-in. It cost to have it installed and had a monthly fee. The companies hadn’t thought to gouge us for the phone. So I look for cheapest phones and then get my plan.

  78. So far I just have a pay as you go cell, and yep it’s a flip phone LOL. So cost is a big factor for me when looking for one. Thanks for the post, looking into getting a more updated one!

  79. It’s important to me firstly that it’s Apple and secondly that it is the most up to date iphone. All the rest I can do myself with no problem at all!

  80. What’s most important to me when looking for a new phone is the ability to communicate for free with extended family members and for the plan I look for lots of data.

  81. I was thinking about this the other day, my contract is coming up and I haven’t a clue as to which company to sign with, happy with current but …perhaps time to change. Thank you!

  82. most important would be that the sales person by honest about what I get with my plan and not sell me a plan that does not cover what I need.

  83. Holy batman, OMG, price first. I am broke. Wow, prize best buy gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. πŸ™‚ Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the gc to work and eat. A life changing exp.

  84. I like to look for a phone that has the ability to work with our home automation system. I like using my phone to check the house

  85. I do not want to pay for what I do not use. I have my phone for emergency use only.

  86. I would like to have good coverage for out in the rural areas as we are at the lake and farm alot1 Thanks!

  87. For me it is all about the data allowance with regards to price. It is so hard to find a plan with a good amount of data and not pay a ton of money every month

  88. To have features that are wanted without having to pay for ones you don’t want

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