DIY Holiday Ornament Ideas


Save money and get your craft on this holiday season with these DIY Holiday Ornament Ideas

When I was a kid, our Christmas tree was always covered in handmade ornaments, many of which I still have on my own tree each year. The holidays are all about family, friends, giving and that feeling of comfort. When I look at all the handmade ornaments I’ve collected over the years, I can’t help but smile, that true holiday spirit completely takes over.

To me, treasured ornaments are the ones from my own childhood, the ones that family has made for us and others that my kids have made over the years. In fact, it’s our tradition to create new ones each year, to add to the collection.

Here are some great DIY Holiday Ornament Ideas, to get you into the Christmas spirit and make your holidays more merry and bright!




1 – Photo Ornaments


This is a simple yet precious ornament that captures time for years to come. Recall the Holiday Coasters I made for my DIY Holiday Home decor Ideas post? Simply use the same printable.

Add a photo of your choice yet don’t forget to write a description of the photo on the back before laminating. That way, year from now, no one will be left wondering when that photo was taken. After done, add some ribbon to hang and any other embellishments you choose for the ornament.

A girl taking a selfie

Photo Ornaments can be showed off proudly on the tree yet also makes an excellent gift and even a gift tag to adorn a present.


2 – Holiday Garland


Yep, it the same printable holiday coasters again. I love all the DIY ideas that stem from one download! I originally thought a bunch of these Holiday coasters could be strung as garland for the tree, to hang on the mantel or anywhere else in the home that needs some extra spirit.

Yet, it was my kids idea to hang then vertically, to make a fun holiday countdown ornament. After laminating and hanging on some ribbon, use a dry erase marker to count down until Christmas.

A close up of a sign

Just like car trips and the infamous ‘Are we there yet?’ questioning, ‘Is it Christmas yet’ comes in at popular second. This is a fun way to count down to the big day, and keep the questioning at bay. Yet, you are not limited with this idea, you could also write family names or wish-lists on each ornament.


3 – Santa Star Ornament


I spotted this Santa Star printable online and knew that this was one ornament my kids would love. It’s an ornament that they can colour and personalize themselves, laminate and voila!

DIY ornaments fellowes laminator

This ornament to me represents so much. Written on the back is who coloured it, their age and favourite colour at the time. The twins cut out their own Santa, so one glance and you can see their fine motor skills. Years from now, when their cuts and colouring are perfect, I’ll look at this and recall their 5 year old days.

Paper and Craft

Again, personalize this as you wish. You can add some cotton balls after laminating to make a beard or any other embellishments that you wish.



 4 – Rudolph Ball Ornament


For this one you need a clear Christmas ball and some basic craft supplies. I also used shredded paper from my paper shredder, hows that for reuse and recycle!

diy ornament

The first step is filling the bulb with the shredded paper, whatever colour is inside the canister from your last shred {please tell me you shred your documents! Here’s reasons why you should people!}

diy ornament

Then, my oldest used pipe cleaners for antlers, and used a glue gun to attach some googly eyes and pompoms for the bright red nose.

diy christmas ornament

Isn’t that just adorable!? What a fantastic idea for a DIY Holiday Ornament!

Do you make homemade ornaments?


    1. The kids like to ‘touch’ things like this all the time, laminating makes them last longer, for sure!

  1. your girls are very talented well done. my favorite kind of decorations are homemade.

  2. Great ideas! Love homemade ornaments, they are so special. To me they make the Christmas tree!

  3. Very cute! Your girls are adorable 🙂

    I really love the idea of using clear christmas balls to fill with things! Lots of possibilities there!

  4. My parents still have some of the ornaments that I made as a kid! I think they give a tree character!

  5. Great ideas and thanks for sharing your Christmas creations with your kiddo’s ! love the decorations there so cute !

  6. These are really beautiful ornaments! I especially love the reindeer! Thanks for the brilliant ideas!

  7. I have kept a few of the ornaments that Sara made in school and we put them on the tree every year! I love homemade crafts! I would love a laminator! Thank you for the links…my Mum worked at the school that Sara went to from Kindergarten to grade 4 so I was able to use some of the equipment like the paper cutter and laminator. Now that my Mum has retired it would be great to have one at home. The pictures and crafts look great! Thank you, great review and post 🙂

  8. DIY homemade decorations, are the best decorations you can have! ESPECIALLY when your kids make them. It makes it that much more special! Thanks for the great idea!!

  9. I loved when my girls would make ornaments for the Christmas tree, and now it is great because they are 16 and 3 days after Christmas my oldest will be 19, and when we decorate the tree they get to see all the ornaments they made when they were little.
    Your girls did such a great job on their decorations:)

  10. What fantastic ornaments! We make ornaments every year for my daughter’s godparents to go along with their gift…I think we might have to add these to our list of to dos for this year.

  11. what an awesome idea!!! i absolutely love this!! always looking for new way to get creative without spending a ton of money. love this

  12. You are filled with just amazing ideas. Your girls are so creative, and you definitely had a huge hand in fostering that trait in them. Kudos to you!

  13. Handmade Christmas ornaments are the best and you’ve given me some great ideas here.

  14. This is a tradition that we created with our children and now are continuing with our grandchildren, making a new Christmas tree ornament every year. Our children still hang ornaments that we made with them all those years ago, and now they are adding ones made with their children! What an awesome way to made memories and traditions! 🙂

  15. I think I will be trying these ideas out this year, and I will be sharing them with my family and friends!

  16. the kids and I will be making the rudolph ball ornaments, they look like fun yet simple enough for my youngest to make

  17. very creative tammi!!! so many great ideas!! i love the rudolf in the see through ornament!!

  18. Great Christmas ideas! The Rudolph ornament will be a great craft for my family.

  19. I love the idea of saving money over the holidays. Thank you for the Rudolf ornament idea. Very cute 🙂

  20. I think the photo ornaments are a super idea…Every year these could be done and would me for great holiday memories as the years go by!

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