DIY Holiday Family Fun Activities


Save money and get your craft on this holiday season with these DIY Holiday Family Fun Actvities, with the help of Fellowes!

The holidays are more than decorating and toasting – it’s a time of the year when the whole family can truly dig right into all aspects of Christmas. Perhaps your holiday spirit grows with seasonal baked goods. Maybe an afternoon of hot chocolate and wrapping presents puts you into the mood. It’s not just one task, but a combination of many that brings joy.

I love seeing my kids eyes light up with each special thing we do to celebrate Christmas. I have noticed that it’s the tiniest of events that makes the anticipation grow. Little activities, projects and crafts that provide entertainment and fun – yet also make this time of year that more memorable.

Here are some great DIY Holiday Family Fun Activities, to get your kids into the holiday spirit and countdown to Christmas!

DIY Holiday Family Fun Activities



1 – Preserved Papers


Sometimes the girls colour me a picture and I know it’s a ‘keeper’. Now and then I save their colouring pages, just to show their skill and favourite colours one day. I spotted this Snowman Colouring Template on the Fellowes Idea Center.


I showed my 5 year old Twins and they wanted it printed for them to colour, right away. I laminated these because they put so much time and effort into their colouring, and proudly showed it off to everyone.

Can you see just how vibrant the colours are when laminated? I love how doing so doesn’t change the look of the paper at all, it brings out it’s best while protecting it.


I made sure to write name, date and a few tidbits of what they are doing these days on the back before I preserved the paper using the Fellowes Cosmic2 125 Laminator. I’m glad I did because the girls wanted to take it with them for the day, to show more people and I didn’t want it ruined.


2 – Laminated Advent Calendar


One year long ago I tried a chocolate advent calendar with my daughter. Truth be told, I didn’t like it at all. She was so excited, she wanted the chocolate first thing in the AM {not something I promote}. Then if we missed a day or two – a handful of chocolates in the AM. It was a mess.

I wanted a fun way to countdown to Christmas, without buying something I’ll throw away and nothing edible. Find a printable advent online, laminate and hang on display!


All that excited counting down though, and the paper would get ruined. Again, laminate this image {which is the advent calendar}, and it’ll last through the season and even years beyond. Frugal and creative, right?

Best of all, you can use a dry erase marker to cross off the days and countdown. Does not include chocolate-buzz in the morning. Printing and laminating is so easy, quick to complete and very cost effective.


3 – Activity Game Boards


The Fellowes Idea Center has some fun printables in the form of activity and games sheets. They are a favourite with my kids, and in the past have gone through a few trees worth. Again – print, laminate, use and re-use!


My kids have used these activity and game sheets on a number of occasions already. It’s a good time-passer without investing in a lot of supplies and products. There will be times this holiday season when I’ll need some uninterrupted time {gah, got to hide these presents!}, and I’ll need the kids to be entertained and focused.


I love that these can be re-used, saving space in the craft drawers too. The wonderful web is host to many printable activities and games for kids, you could make a nice little re-usable collection with the use of a great laminator!


 4 – Holiday Magnetic Activity


Saving the best for last, this is my favourite kid-friendly activity of them all. First, print this Nativity Background and Nativity Scene Dolls printable, cut the pieces out and then laminate just the dolls and not the background. Next, cut out the laminated pieces.


Modge Podge the nativity background onto a cookie sheet, the size is up to you. Then, place a strip of adhesive magnets to the back of each of the Nativity doll set, right on the lamination. The kids can help with this one if they are old enough.


Once the Modge Podge has dried on the cookie sheet, it’ll be clear {you might want to do 2-3 coats depeding on how thick you apply each layer}. You now have a Holiday Magnetic Activity for kids!


My girls LOVE this scene and are having a blast playing with it. Plus, since the background is attached with the podge and the pieces are laminated, it’s going to last lots of play. Since it’s all by magnet, chances are you won’t loose pieces quickly either.


Actually, I’d like to make more of these magnetic scenes and dolls, so I’ll be on the hunt for perhaps a Winter Wonderland theme. I’m thinking snowmen, sleds, kids all bundled up … the options with this craft are endless and yes, this can be applied to other holidays and themes.

Simple, easy ways to put some holiday kid-friendly fun and entertainment into the days leading up to Christmas!


All of these easy-to-make Holiday Family Fun Activities can be made with the Fellowes Cosmic2 125 Laminator. Read about this great product at the link with details on where to purchase.

Ho Ho Ho!


Disclosure: I was compensated and provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are always my own.





  1. So many great ideas . I think my favorite is the Laminated Advent Calendar . Awesome idea !!

  2. I love the advent calendar you made – so cute! And I agree much better than the chocolate ones! I really need to get a laminator.

  3. Such great ideas! My daughter is a little too young for these right now but they would be great for next Xmas!

  4. As always, fabulous post Tammi! I love those ideas and was JUST thinking about crafts I should make with the kids. These are perfect!!!! Great photos too! Would LOVE to have a laminator to make an Advent Calendar…just so awesome!

  5. I love the Modge Podge idea, something for me and my niece and nephew to do, thanks!

  6. These ideas are so cute!! I would love to do the magnetic actvity! That is just too cute!

  7. a laminator that is so what I need/want for Christmas those are such good ideas to keep all the special homemade crafts nice and safe and so much more you can do with it too thanks for the idea

  8. What great ideas! Going to do a couple of these crafts with my little nieces and nephews when they come for sleep overs. I will be the cool aunt. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love these ideas ! we are big on diy activities ! now im wishing I had a laminator !

  10. What wonderful ideas and such creativity!! We will have to do a fun Advent Calender! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. you’ve discovered some marvellous things to make with your laminator, beautiful ones too.

  12. I love the Laminate advent ca slender idea!! That would be so much fun, I might have to try it with the kids.

  13. What a great idea to get a laminator to save your kids pictures. I am going to get my daughter one as her kids are 3 and 5 and are always drawing pictures and it would be great to preserve them for years to come.

  14. The Advent Calendar is ADORABLE!! What a cute idea, and such a great way to spend time together.

  15. Wow! What awesome idea! Thank you.. I’m looking forward to making the advent calendar with the girls next weekend!

  16. I love these ideas. I have a hard time thinking of crafts for the kiddos Will have to try some for sure. 🙂

  17. Wow I didn’t know you could do all the things with this machine. I just remember making luggage tags out of business cards at trade shows….

  18. i like the laminator machine that would sure come in handy around my home especially with the kids drawings you can save them for when they grow up and show them what the done when the were young

  19. my little one is still too young for crafts, can’t wait for the time when we can do some of these together. I still have a lot of the cute stuff my son made way back….he’s 15 now and kinda rolls his eyes at me when I pull them all out at xmas time

  20. My fav is the cookie sheet idea! Can make to coordinate with different holidays throughout the year.

  21. I love all these activities, especially the Advent Calendar which is so nice that it is not chocolate. The Modge Podge Nativity is so cute that I just have to make this with the kiddies.

  22. I think I would really love to buy a laminator after reading this post. What fun! Thanks!

  23. We are making magnetic boards for our grandchildren this year! I have been looking for ideas for magnets, thanks!

  24. The Advent Calendar is the best I’ve ever seen and the cutest. I have never thought about buying a laminator machine, very cool.

  25. wow!! so creative!! my daughter would love these ideas..thanks so much for sharing!! merry christmas to you and your beautiful daughters!!

  26. Laminating something children have made is a nice way to let them know that what they did is special and important.

  27. I love the idea of laminating the “keepers” and especially with your own machine!

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