DIY Dog Stocking #TreatThePups

Now that it’s December, we’re officially in the countdown to Christmas and our schedules and days definitely illustrate what a busy month this is. Each passing day is another step toward the big day, and you can bet my kids are totally excited.

A big part of their excitement is because it’s Charlie’s first Christmas with us. We got our Cavalier King Charles last January, so this will be the first year that we have our furry friend with us for all the December festivities. Side note: now that the bare tree has been up for a solid week and he hasn’t attacked it once, we’re safe to decorate it, right?

As I make my lists and check them twice, the kids remind me {daily}  that we mustn’t forget our Charlie this holiday season. Of course not! The day we welcomed Charlie into our home is the day he was welcomed into our hearts. He brings so much to our lives with his pure companionship and love, I can’t imagine not directly involving him in our Christmas.

It’s a time when we gather with those we love, and we most definitely love him! The fact is, dogs are such a big part of our everyday lives, so let’s make sure we don’t forget about them during the end of rush of the Holidays.

Charlie is in our Christmas card photo, he’ll be getting presents, and he even has his own stocking to hang for Santa to fill. Actually, Charlie now has a special stocking that my girls decorated just for him.

DIY Dog Stocking treatthepups

I purchased a plain stocking and some inexpensive decorations, both in Christmas and dog theme. Armed with decorations of all kinds, the girls sat down to make Charlie a DIY Dog Stocking, made to suit his personality.

diy dog stocking milkbone

To make a Dog Stocking, first start with the name, using stickers or iron-in’s. There’s such an array of alphabet crafts out there, there’s endless looks that you can create just when choosing letters. My kids made a practice stocking out of paper, to plan where to put the decorations. It’s optional of course, but I love the detailed planning and organization in their work. 

how to make a stocking for dogs


make a dog stocking

After the name is placed, adorn the stocking with holiday and pet-themed decorations. You could choose snowflakes, snowmen, little presents, and puppy paws like my girls chose. 

milkbone treats stocking stuffers for dogs

Once the stocking is made, the fun part is filling it with items just for your dog. This is where toys and treats come in! This year our Charlie will be getting a few new dog toys, yet since he’s all about delicious food, the bulk of his presents are going to be treats. I just know that’s what he REALLY wants. He’s a hardcore foodie, what can I say?

When filling dog stockings, take a cue from foodie-Charlie’s all-time favourites
from Big Heart Pet Brands:

  • Milk-Bone®: Wholesome and delicious treats you can feel good about giving.
  • Pup-Peroni®: Real Meat is the #1 ingredient with a mouthwatering aroma that dogs can’t resist.
  • Milos Kitchen®: Home-style dog treats made with 100% real chicken or beef.

diy dog stocking milkbone big heart pet brands walmart

These three varieties of tasty treats for dogs are available at Walmart {one-stop shopping which includes everything needed to treats he pups!}. I recently got Milk-Bone in both the small packages and a larger econo tub – one is perfect for on-the-go {car snacks}, while the other is ideal for home. After all, getting Charlie a Milk-Bone is the only reason I must be going in the pantry right?


Our holiday are going to include our Charlie, that’s a given. Yet, new pet owners might need some assistance in just how to do that. Here to help like elves themselves, is a great DIY inspiration page on the Walmart website. I love the free printable holiday tags for dogs, and there’s recipes too!


Making a DIY Dog Stocking isn’t complicated and doesn’t require a masters in crafting. All it takes is some fun decorations and some creativity from those who love the dog so incredibly much. Made with love and filled with Big Heart Pet Brands treats that dogs love.

For now, we don’t have all our stockings out of storage yet, so our festive rack has only one stocking for now – Charlie’s. He must be pretty important to us!

treatthepups milkbone diy dog stocking


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’ve got to make one of these for each of my dogs. They would love stockings like these filled with treats.

  2. We don’t have a dog now, but this would be fun to do. We want to get a new dog eventually I miss having a dog in the house. We always wrapped a gift for the dog and let him find it under the tree.

  3. this is the first year we have had our dog. she will get presents and treats as well.

  4. Aww that is adorable to include the dog in the family christmas. I am contemplating on getting a puppy for the kids and hubby for christmas.

  5. I love the stocking. Charlie is well loved in your home. All pets should be treated special over the holidays. They are a part of the family after all.

  6. The stocking is super cute and a great way to involve the kids. We always keep our pets involved in the holidays and even celebrate their birthday. They’re family just anyone else living here.

  7. What a great idea. My kids want to do this for our 3 pups and our 3 cats! I think it would be such a fun idea, and so cute for them!

  8. This is such a precious idea! I know my new dog would love a cute stocking filled with treats.

  9. Aww what a great way to let the pets join in on the holiday fun. They’ll love their treats!

  10. super cute. We always give our pets treats in a stocking for Christmas. I love that your kids took the time to make a temp. stocking first. That’s totally something I would do because I like things to be exact haha

  11. This would be a great gift for my Sisters dogs. I will have to make them up and send them to her. I love including our pets in the Holidays.

  12. Looks like your kids had such a good time making a stocking for your dog. What a lucky pup that his family has spent the time to make a homemade gift.

  13. One of our dogs died two weeks ago. She was old & sick & we knew it was coming. But we’ve been trying to spoil our remaining dog as we all adjust. She would love this!

  14. What a super cute idea for pets! We have all the supplies and should make my pooch one too!

  15. When we had dogs we would always make them up a little stocking – they are a family member after all!

  16. It’s so much fun to create your own DIY. Can’t forget about your furry friend at christmas time. Love the ideas.

  17. This is such a sweet idea for furry friends! We have two dogs and need to include them in our holiday plans too.

  18. That’s a wonderful idea and will be so much fun to bring out every year! I might do this with my godson…

  19. We put up stockings for dogs, and this year our cats too, but not DIY ones. We should, it’s a fun idea!

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