Disney’s Yacht Club Resort ~ Literally a Sweet Stay

During the first 4 days of our trip to Walt Disney World, we stayed at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. This Deluxe Resort it’s in closest proximity to both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It’s right beside sister hotel, the Beach Club, and designed and decorated to remind guests of New England’s Yacht Club.

disney yacht club hotel

As soon as you walk into the lobby, cast members are dressed in nautical theme and always with a smile and helping hand. One of the things I will always remember about Disney’s Yacht Club is the distinct sweet scent of the lobby. Each time we entered the building, I couldn’t help but smile and take a huge breath, inhaling my surroundings and taking pleasure in where I was.

lobby, disney yacht club hotel
photo source: www.wdwinfo.com

I asked one cast member what the scent was, and he said that many asked but few actually know the concoction that they pump in through the air conditioning. He politely excused himself for not being able to tell me, but we did have a lovely conversation otherwise. Once I mentioned I was there for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, he laughed,

“Oh, a blogger! Well, a rightfully curious and knowledge-seeker you certainly are. If I’m right about you, dear, you’ll find out the recipe for that scent in no time”.

Alas, after posing my question to a few more cast members, one did know. And find out, I did!

Turns out they scent the air with Green Clover and Aloe. And after doing some research on this blend when I got home {yes, it was STILL on my mind}, turns out you can purchase a similar scent generator to use in your house {I’m seriously considering this}.

The resort was one fabulous place to stay, one which I wouldn’t hesitate to stay again. It has a wonderful pool area called Stormalong Bay, complete with pirate ship with a waterslide down the mast and real soft white sand surrounding the main pool.

My Organized Chaos

disney yacht club hotel

There are also smaller/quieter pools and kiddie pools, with a pool-side snack shop and lifeguards.

pool, disney yacht club hotel

Restaurants, shops and many other amenities are right there, offering guests anything they could ever need. For kids, there’s something to see at every turn from the Disney Classic movies shown on the Lobby TV to the super-fun huge globe that was made just for this resort. Indeed the kids felt at home just as much as the adults.


Walk toward the beautiful lighthouse and there is boat transortation right there on the dock. Leaving every 10 minutes, guests can travel to Epcot, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Boardwalk resort {bus transortation is available just as often, to the other areas of Walt Disney World}.

disney yacht club hoteldisney yacht club hotelThe rooms themselves are spectacular. For our family of 5, we had more than enough room and the beds and linens were so very comfortable. Notice the hidden Mickey heads in my room photos? ‘Finding Mickey’ is always a fun game to play with the kids, as they are hidden all over the property.

A bedroom with a large bed in a room, disney yacht club hotelA room with a couch and a chair, disney yacht club hotelA room with a sink and a mirror, disney yacht club hotel

Special touches of Disney magic were everywhere. Years later, I know I’ll fondly recall the sweet scent of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort along with the pleasant conversations with cast members during our stay. Just the same, each finishing touch into the resort, provides guests with the ultimate seaside experience. Indeed a ‘sweet’ resort to stay while at Walt Disney World.

A lamp that is sitting on a table, disney yacht club hotel.


Disclosure: I was invited to take part in the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference. Various tickets/passes, accommodations and other associated perks were supplied to our family for the duration of our stay, as part of this program. Yet, I was not specifically asked to share anything with my readers about the conference or anything related to Disney. All opinions are my own, 100% mine!




    1. I’m not sure if there’s an ‘ideal age’ to go, they have so much for all ages. Yet, 4 is almost perfect, they really have that ‘I Believe!’ attitude

    1. It’s petty incredible, the entire place is even more than I ever thought possible… it really IS the most magical place. Incredible…

  1. This resort looks pretty sweet. While the lobby and rooms look impressive, I think my favourite feature is the pool with all that sand. Who needs the beach? I mean, the fact that it’s so close to Disney’s Epcot and Hollywood Studios is just an added bonus. And do the characters will talk that way? LOL

    1. The ‘real’ characters {princesses etc} DO talk like you’d imagine. Yet the mascot-type characters like Mickey, don’t talk at all. But, they dance, jump and really use gestures well.
      And YES! it was my first time seeing a sand-bottom pool, the kids LOVED playing ‘at the beach’!

  2. It looks so wonderful and peaceful – and Im fascinated by what the scent maybe! Im trying to decide between here and going back to animal kingdom lodge, I cant help thinking the fantastic location of the yacht club will swing it

    1. I haven’t been to the other to help your decision at all, but if you do choose the lodge, let me know what you think!!
      And yes, the scent was fabulous. It’s the little things, don’t you agree?

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