Disneyland’s Halloween Celebration

Disneyland in California is known for its magic and fun throughout the year, but many fans may not be aware of the fact that Halloween time has become one of the most popular seasons of the year at the resort.

In mid September each year, Disneyland is transformed into an autumn wonderland filled with festive fall décor, special food and merchandise and more pumpkins than you can shade a candy corn at.

Disneyland Halloween Celebration

The cornerstone of Disneyland’s Halloween celebration is Haunted Mansion Holiday. Each year, the Mansion is taken over by the sights and sounds from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Both inside and out, Haunted Mansion Holiday is happily spooky, decorated with they whimsy and bright colors the film has become known for.

haunted mansion holiday halloween

This year, Haunted Mansion Holiday is celebrating its twelfth year at Disneyland and there’s no end in site for this annual Park tradition. Find out a little more about how this attraction “comes to life” (or should I say death?) each year and find out what Jack Skellington thinks of it all.

jack skellington disneyland Halloween

Another popular attraction this time of year at the Disneyland Resort is Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy in Tomorrowland. The experience begins as a typical Space Mountain adventure, but suddenly launches voyagers into a haunted section of the universe. Ghosts appear out of the starry darkness and swirling galaxies of Space Mountain, reaching out as if to grab guests as they speed through space. The exhilarating drops and curves of the journey are punctuated by piercing screams, creepy sound effects and haunting music.

Haunted Mansion at Halloween Disneyland

What I love most about Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort are the opportunities to create truly incredible memories with the kids. Halloween can be tough because the events and festivities that go along with the holiday are often frightening for young children. Not at Disneyland. Disney has it dialed in just right with just the right amount of scary and spooky mixed with great fun for the entire family.

halloween disneyland haunted mansion

From pumpkin carving, art and game activities and petting goats and sheep at Big Thunder Ranch to becoming a pirate at the new Pirates League, Disneyland offers a lot of truly remarkable experiences for young children this time of year.

disneyland halloween celebration

Learn more about the fun activities just for little ones this season at the Disneyland Resort.

To make the Halloween season even more special for Disneyland fans, the Park offers a special separate-ticket Halloween event each year called Mickey’s Halloween Party. On these days, the park closes a little early and guests attending this fun and “not-so-spooky” evening get to experience Halloween in a way only Disneyland could imagine. Party goers get to trick-or-treat throughout the park in costume, experience the
“Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular hosted by “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington, attend dance parties throughout the park, meet unique characters at fun photo locations throughout the park, experience “Mickey’s Costume Party” cavalcade and much, much more!

trick or treat at disneyland halloween

Can’t make it to the Disneyland Resort this Halloween season? Do not fret! There are lots of things Disney fans can do to bring the magic of Disneyland home! While Disney websites like Spoonful.com and the Disney Parks Blog offer great recipes and craft ideas, you can’t beat the craft ideas below from Disney decorating guru, Dave Caranci.

Halloween Time begins each year in mid September and ends on November 1. (Haunted Mansion Holiday continues through the holiday season and usually closes in early January.) For more information on Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort, check out BabesInDisneylandBlog.com.

Disneyland Halloween Decorations


Lisa Robertson writes about Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company at her Babes in Disneyland blog and is the author of the book Babes In Disneyland: The ultimate Disneyland Resort guide for families with young children. Her book, is the only planning guide for families with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. As a member of the Disneyland Resort press pool and former Disneyland tour guide and writer for the resort, Lisa is well known in Disney fan circles as a name that is known and trusted for accurate tips and information. When she’s not writing about Disneyland, Lisa is hard at work as freelance writer and marketing consultant and chasing after her three boys ages 7, 5 and 2. She has been married for 12 years to her husband, Will, a television producer. 



    1. I always thought that too, you know, be able to be one of those people that could pack up and head there just for a day. Seasons passholders! Very lucky!

  1. Wow that place looks so awesome, my kids would go crazy with all the fun they could have over there, (and me too!)

  2. Lovelly pictures! I didn’t realize that A Nightmare Before Christmas was part of Disney. My daughter loves that movie!

      1. My Mum took me and my 2 sisters to Disneyland. Once when I was 8 and again at 13. My Auntie lives in California and we would stay with her. My Mum is flying there mid Novemeber for visit.

  3. Wow! It really does look fantastic and like a lot of fun. We have yet to make it to Disneyland but hope one day that we will…perhaps around Halloween. Although, the Jack Skellington character in the photos might creep me out a bit too much! 😉

  4. We visited Disney World in December and I just loved all of the theming–woudl totally love to go at Halloween time!

  5. i have never been to Disney during a holiday to see it all decorated. this is for sure a goal of mine, thank you for sharing.

  6. I love Disney World and have been at least 15 times and stayed there at least 3 times. I have been to California more than once but have never gotten to Disneyland. Love to go you. You pics are great and make me only more wanting to take another trip to California and actually get to Disneyland as well. HUGE FAN OF DISNEY and Disneyland and Disney Cruise are on my bucket list. I think I want your job 🙂 BTW resently read your post about the lady who said “Glad I’m not you – couldn’t find a way to leave a comment. People are put in earth so we know what we aspire NOT to be. Like Listen 2 Lena said at Thanksgiving she is thankful for all the jerks that make her stive to be better, do better and or take a stand. Love that you have a blog and voice what we all feel. YOU GO GIRL! overused maybe but so true.

  7. thanks for all the great pictures and information about Disneyland. my grandson went to Florida this past summer and he had a ball. We both love Mickey Mouse hes our favorite . I would love to be able to go with him one day but Im afraid to fly ( I am claustrophobic )

  8. I have been to Disney World in Florida but I have never been to Disney Land in California!! I would love to go even if its not Halloween time!!

  9. I would love to go to Disney and take our Grandson Kayden and our kids. It sounds so great. Maybe one day.

  10. This is awesome! My husband and I are taking our daughter and my mother to Disneyland this October. My mom and I went to Cali in 2007 and went to Dinseyland just before they switched it over for Halloween so will be awesome to see this again! And to be able to share it with my daughter!

  11. Wow We have done Christmas at Disneyworld in Orlando but this looks amazing as well. Disney sure does know how to do it right!

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