Disney Princess Frozen 2-in-1 Castle Playset


My girls have been anxiously awaiting to see the new Disney film, Frozen. We tried to go last week, yet it has sold out very quickly for all showing in our city {fingers are crossed that this weekend we’ll get our chance!}.

The movie already already has a huge fan-base with buzz about it being one of the best Disney films in a long time. So, it only goes without saying that ‘anything Frozen’ is going to be HUGE this Christmas when it comes to gifting. Again, despite not seeing the movie as yet, my twins have been talking non-stop about wanting Frozen toys under the tree.

Disney Princess Frozen Castle Playset

Thanks to Mattel, there is the Disney Princess Frozen 2-in-1 Castle Playset with a shiny bow on it, ready for the twins to open on Christmas morning. They already had the chance to play with this set at a friends house, so I know they will just love it. Plus, it’s a lot bigger than I expected it to be, meaning you really get your money’s worth with this one, AND it’s great for more than one child to play with. Since I have twins, I adore products that I don’t have to get multiples of.

Disney Princess Frozen 2-in-1 Castle Playset

The Disney Princess Frozen Castle Playset expands playset expands to the castle and ice palace for Anna’s home with kitchen and vanity and Elsa’s ice palace with icy throne and bed. The set includes accessories as seen in the photo and just Olaf the snowman figure. So, I highly suggest getting Anna and Elsa figures to go along with the set as well.

Frozen Sparkling Princess Doll

I picked up these, wrapped under the tree as well, at Toys R Us last week. One for each of the twins, which they’ll love to go along with the castle playset. The Disney Sparkling Frozen Princess dolls are about $10-$15 again depending on where you purchase. I shopped at Toys R Us and got them on sale!

For your little Disney’s Frozen fan, I highly suggest the Disney Princess Frozen 2-in-1 Castle Playset and the Frozen Sparkling Princess Dolls, sure to be hot toys this holiday season!


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this review post, opinions are my own.






  1. This looks like such a great toy! My daughter loved the movie frozen and would love to have this for christmas too!

  2. My daughter wants to see this movie too!!! i am hoping to take her over the christmas holidays!!

    1. We’re going to try this weekend! On a time crunch with the holidays though, might save going for Christmas break

  3. I would have absolutely loved this as a kid!! Would love to get this to play with with my niece!

  4. I was just looking at this in Target! It looks so cool. We loved the movie. The characters were wonderfully done.

  5. Loved this movie and so did my daughter! All the characters were so fun and I have already purchased a couple of the dolls to put away for my daughter for Christmas

  6. My granddaughter wants to see this movie and she would be thrilled if I won this prize for her.

  7. My daughter would love this! We loved the movie, it was so good. A friend of mine bought this castle for her daughters for Christmas so luckily my daughter will be able to play with it at their place. If she really loves it I might get it for her birthday.

  8. Oh yeah this is going to be the big movie for the Christmas Holidays and we’ll be going. The Frozen Castle playset is very cool.

  9. Thanks for the xmas idea! I think my niece would really like these Frozen princess dolls. Not only do they look nicely designed but seem affordable too 🙂

  10. The versatility of this playset looks better than a standard doll house. It gives more opportunity for more imaginative play.

  11. Oh! Your twins will love this! (and congratulations on getting the dolls on sale – I always love a deal).

  12. I loved the movie and the dolls are adorable. sure the playset looks wonderful, but the price.!?
    for a lot of us it is out of range, especially since you then need to purchase the dolls as well.
    I am sure they can make it a little less expensive so my daughter is not the one who has to only dream.

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