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I was first introduced to Discovery Toys about 5 years ago when a friend became an Independent Educational Consultant for the company. The brand is educational toys, spanning all age groups.
I was approached for a review by Angela Orfei, a Discovery Toys consultant in New Brunswick. Angela, a SAHM, wanted to venture into a home based business that allowed her time to play with the kids and earn an income as well. Working with Discovery Toys, she found the perfect mix that enabled her to teach her children through play, as well as help others discover a whole world of educational toys.

Angela sent me some Discovery Toys for my children. The Twins got the Caterpillar Shape Sorter, a 13 piece wooden puzzle intended for ages 2+. Inside is a fun game that allows many opportunities to sort the pieces, and build new designs and pictures. The girls immediately explored all the pieces, and have fun trying to ‘fit’ the pieces together. It comes with the caterpillar base and 13 fun shapes to build on it. This toy is great for thinking skills and math skills. I also like the bright and vibrant colors, it sure got my kids’ attention!

Isabelle got a Discovery Toys game called Play to be Safe, which has just been a fabulous game for us. It’s kind of like a chutes and ladders game, where you can move forward and back, and the object is to get to the end. Yet in this game, dice are rolled and the questions are asked in rhyme. These questions pertain to safety and health,
such as
“The thunderclouds are booming!
A tree crashes to the ground.
It pulled down a power line
Why should you not be around?”

I am so impressed with Isabelle’s answers for this game! Really, to know that your child knows about things like fire evacuation, medication danger, strangers, home safety etc. This game has brought on many interesting conversations between us. I have to read the questions to Isabelle, yet when she is older, this will be a great game to play with her friends {and help them practice their reading skills}. It builds oral language, critical thinking skills and gets them thinking about how to make informed choices. My family loves a good board game, yet this one incorporates some lessons in health and safety as well.

Discovery Toys has been around for more than 30 years, always adding new toys to their catalogue. All the products have one purpose: fun toys that enable children to learn, grow and get a head start on early academic success. I like Discovery Toys for their Lifetime Warranty {and yes, it’s true!}, and their unconditional satisfaction guarantee. And, you can order online from any Discovery Toys consultant {like Angela}, and the items are shipped directly to your door! And, if you have any questions regarding the toys, pricing and details on shipping – feel free to contact Angela.

** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, opinions are my own



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