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‘Doing what I do’ means that I’m most often in-the-loop when it comes to new toys and products on the market. Meaning, chances are I’m aware of the latest, before it becomes public knowledge. That being said, when I’m second in this house to learn about a new product, it really does surprise me. This is the case when it comes to Descendants. One day out of nowhere my daughter was in Descendants overdrive-talk. It was the biggest thing in young girl buzz, and she had to make the introduction. Colour me surprised.

Descendants is a Disney Channel movie, about infamous Disney villains’ children. It’s a contemporary live-action adventure comedy that introduces the teenage progeny of Disney’s legacy characters. It’s a very popular movie, one which I watched with the kids, and now totally understand the buzz.


Hasbro collaborated with Disney Consumer Products and has produced an array of dolls and accessories based on Disney’s Descendants with a fashion doll line. The Descendants dolls line features dolls and accessories from the offspring of infamous Disney villains – Maleficent, the Evil Queen Jafar and Cruella de Vil – as well as the teenage children of Disney’s heroes Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Fairy Godmother, Mulan and more.

descendants dolls HASBRO

Kids enjoy stepping into the enchanting story with themed role play items and accessories, while experiencing the journey of good vs. evil, friendship and working together to save the kingdom. Thus making the Descendants doll line great for holiday gifting this year!

The dolls come in single and double packs, and each has unique fashions and accessories. For ages 6+, Descendants dolls are available at most major toy retailers across Canada, and prizes start around $24,99 with double packs in the $39.99 range.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. I’d like to win this for my granddaughter, she loves dolls and these are wonderful. 🙂

  2. Would love to win for a niece who would love this prize! She has been talking about them.

  3. I would like to win to gift these beautiful dolls to one of my great granddaughters.

  4. I would like to win to gift this to my daughter. We are big fans! She would be thrilled to receive the Descendants dolls.

  5. My daughter just watched this on Sunday and now is obsessed with it…she would love these.

  6. Love the king doll for my son. My baby girl is still a little young at a 6 weeks hehe

  7. My daughter would love me to win this! she would love to play with these dolls! thanks 😀

  8. I’d love to win these because we own The Descendants movie and both my daughter and I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen the dolls in stores and have been admiring them- all of the Disney dolls are so well-made and nicely styled.

  9. I know my granddaughter would love these dolls, thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  10. I would love to win because my older daughter would love to receive Descendants dolls!

  11. These dolls are so cute! I love that hey are not traditional beauty-queen dolls, I think my nieces would love them as much as I do!

  12. I would like to win for my daughter who is a fan of all things Descendants, especially Mal!

  13. My daughter has recently been requesting things from The Descendants. I don’t really know much about them but they are super popular in my daughter’s class.

  14. Anytime I can win a toy and share it with a niece or nephew or lil cuz, am on it!

  15. I’d love to win because my niece loves this whole line of dolls and the cartoon series

  16. These dolls are cute. I would like to win because these would be a great gift for my niece.

  17. I’d like to win these for my daughter’s birthday in the beginning of February. She would love some fairy tale dolls.

  18. id like to win because my niece is a big fan of the Descendants dolls from HASBRO!

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