Dependable Hosting Tips for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is looming just around the corner and for the novice hostess to the most seasoned one, it always comes with it’s fair share of stress and chaos.

The pressure alone to pull the holiday off like a boss, is enough to make anyone bail entirely. Yet with a few dependable and simple tips and tricks – it could be the smoothest, and most memorable Thanksgiving ever.



Dependable Hosting Tips for Thanksgiving


Plan Ahead – Pulling off holidays hosting isn’t the time to wing it. Plan ahead by making the menu, deciding on timeline, and prepping all the extras – to make it not only a time-saver, but a sanity-saver as well.

Estimate how much time is required to prepare and cook each item, so you can schedule when different dishes have to be popped into the oven or heated on the stove top. Yet even for the most organized person, holidays have a way of throwing curve-balls, so it’s the tools of the trade that truly make all the difference because as much as you’d like to think that you do all the work, reality is – your appliances are the stars of the show. Use your kitchen appliances to their maximum, taking some of the workload off your shoulders. Maytag ranges, cooktops and ovens with Power Preheat allow for fast and efficient cooking.

Make as Much Ahead of Time, as Possible –  Dishes such as salads and sides can most oftentimes be prepared ahead of time and then just dressed or heated prior to serving. Utilize the space in your oven for multi-cooking and ensure there’s plenty of room in your fridge and freezer not only for leftovers, but to store everything on the big day. Chances are even if declined, someone will being something so ensure there’s space for the unexpected. Having a Maytag refrigerator with the PowerCold feature helps too, for say, fast chilling of that wine a family member brought that everyone wants to try. It’s a feature that chills compartments quickly—even if the whole family has been browsing with the door open which happens often during holidays.

Accept Help – There’s no shame in taking up offers to help, so make sure to delegate when possible. Many holiday hosts take on so much added stress and frustration because they get so overwhelmed by trying to handle every aspect themselves, so if someone offers to bring a side or help in any way before and during the day – be thankful and accept.

Don’t Go Rouge – A big hosting holiday like Thanksgiving isn’t the time to experiment, so look to the tried and true recipes that are the biggest hits. This applies to decorations as well, it’s truly not worth the added stress to fuss over every little detail. Instead of breaking the bank and adding to the workload by purchasing decorations, look to your crafty kids or use pieces already owned.

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Keep the Mess under Control – I’m a big believer in cleaning as you go, it really lessens the holiday aftermath that takes over a home. The kitchen is an especially busy location on Thanksgiving, so tidy when you can and stay on top of it. Even the little things like having Maytag fingerprint-resistant stainless steel appliances is a blessing, they really do handle anything you throw at them – including all the hands. Mid-day it’s a good idea to wash a load of dishes, so that you have room after the event. Yet we know time is usually of the essence, so it’s great that there’s Maytag dishwashers with the PowerBlast cycle, that removes stuck-on food with high pressure spray jets – they are as on top of their game as you!

Relax and Enjoy – The final step, once each one preceding is followed – is to have fun, relax and enjoy the holiday. Remember to take time to visit with guests and soak in the celebration.


With planning, organization, timing and having the right tools to get the job done – even the hostess can fall into an oversized chair after the meal, and be content with a holiday well executed.

Maytag offers a full range of kitchen appliances built with dependability and power in mind, they are the hostess helper on Thanksgiving through daily life.


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  1. These are some great tips that I will definitely be using this Thanksgiving! Thank you!

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